Here’s what Paul Gale Network’s 30 character dream roster was for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale (plus my support for Crash Bandicoot).

ByPaul Gale

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How it all began on October 30th, 2011

The latest “cool” from PGN.

This article is just a list that shows you what my dream roster was for SuperBot Entertainment and Sony, for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. This was my own personal wishlist that I shared with my friend and both of the aforementioned. My limit was 30, it didn’t matter who or how many would be on disc vs. dlc, my choice was to have a 50-50 split between first and third party characters, my idea was to have the rivalry system set up to put those groups against one another, obey the “1 character per franchise rule”, fully acknowledge and respect PlayStation’s past, present, and future, and have a fair ratio of male to female characters. Here it is…

First party:

1] Ratchet and Clank
2] Wander
3] Nathan Drake
4] Sweet Tooth
5] Parappa the Rapper
6] Sackboy
7] Ico
8] Kat
9] Sly Cooper
10] Kratos
11] Nariko
12] Jak and Daxter
13] Cole MacGrath
14] Colonel Mael Radec
15] Ellie (The Last of Us) [Thought it’d be cool to have a character that you can play in this game that you can’t play in her own title and it be of a property that’s yet to come.]

Third party:

1] Crash
2] Cloud
3] Ryu (Street Fighter) [Favorite third party character in all of gaming.]
4] Tommy Vercetti
5] Mega Man
6] Alucard
7] Snake
8] Lara Croft
9] Dante
10] The Prince (Katamari)
11] Leon Kennedy
12] Pyramid Head
13] Scorpion
14] Spyro

What I just gave you was my list of 30 and of those, 28 are pretty self explanatory. Well, maybe probably 29…just ruling out Ellie, which is why I gave her an explanation. I found out about The Last of Us roughly two weeks before it was revealed, but did not have a whole lot of information just yet. As more developed, it became clear that Ellie would be my #30. Everyone else on the list seemed logical to me and I think would make most people happy. (Feel free…in fact, please do let me know what you personally thought of my list).

And one other thing…there should honestly be no reason why PlayStation’s first mascot, regardless of where he’s at nowadays, doesn’t make the game. I mean, unless Crash Bandicoot was sold by Activision to Nintendo, he should be in PSASBR in my opinion. And money is no excuse, either. Sony lost $4 billion between Fall ’06 and Fall ’09 because of the PlayStation 3 and they’re still around, doing just fine. So “if” Activision wanted say…a whopping $1 million, are you telling me that Sony wouldn’t buy him for SuperBot’s game? Obviously, if a company wouldn’t “allow” their character to intermingle with other 3rd party characters or be a “fighter”, that’s one thing, but if it was simply a matter of money…to me, Sony’s pockets are deep enough that they more likely than not “could” have made it happen.

Sometimes in the video game industry, you have something “silly” happen, like Square-Enix not allowing Tommy Tallarico to use video footage from their games in his Video Games Live events. But sometimes you have something that you have to say, “yeah, I can see where they’re coming from”, such is the case why certain high profile car companies don’t want their vehicles to be able to get smashed up in racing games, because it’d possibly hurt the car’s image.

It’s all a matter of perspective…a bucket of opinions, really, but honestly, some opinions are more valid and hold more weight than others and those are the opinions that in my opinion occur when a majority agrees. Everyone has a right to think what they wish, but if 51-99% of a group has an opinion that reflects A, it’s my own thought that their collective thought is more valid than the 1-49% group.

But anyways, that’s opening up a whole other box. Getting back to Crash, I’ve never had a reason to doubt my friend…not once. So for what it’s worth, I still believe in the word given to me, but if Mr. Bandicoot and the other three shared with me aren’t in the game, I’d be surprised. Disappointed? Yeah…like most of you. But I’d still support and buy the game, regardless.

Thank you all for your continued support. And just for fun, here’s a look back, 2 weeks shy of being a year to the date, of the first 3 pics that would be the start of hints for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale (then known as Title Fight). 🙂 Some of you might not have ever seen the pics and for those that have…well…what’d you think when you first saw them? Finally…here’s to me finding out the truth about the Final 4!

Paul Gale Network original Hint 1 for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale
Hint 1

Paul Gale Network original Hint 2 for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale
Hint 2

Paul Gale Network original Hint 3 for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale
Hint 3

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84 thoughts on “Here’s what Paul Gale Network’s 30 character dream roster was for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale (plus my support for Crash Bandicoot).”
  1. My number one wish was Crash Bandicoot. Too bad I couldn’t even get that… 🙁 Hopefully you’ll find out the truth about “the final 4”. (And reveal it to us!)

  2. waooooo this is one of the best wishlist that i’ve ever read really almost all the characters that i want is there (I would like to play as the onimusha warrior samanosuke akechi) and paul I would like to fight each other in the game and if it happens which character would you use????? 😀

  3. Big Daddy has to be the worst roster choice for this game. He’s the only “lolwut” character in the entire game. It makes me rant everytime I think about it.

  4. @Antispor – I agree, and I could say the same thing for Fat Princess. I seriously don’t think she deserves to be in the game more than other first party characters like Wander or Kat. Not only that, but they smack her at the very front of the box art… Sigh… It could’ve been Crash up there.

  5. Love your 3rd party list paul. Not all my picks, but has variety and very well represents great titles that helped shape Playstation from all genres.

    My only gripe is the lack of Sir Dan and Snake.

    1. Yeah. I mean I did think of Sora in “my list”, but I has Cloud which satisfied my needs for that type of character. Still, I could have always put Sora in and taken out Tommy Vercetti or Scorpion. Heh, I guess if I has to redo my list nowadays, I might alter a few things.

      1. superbot would really be missing out. soras got a decent fanbase, but kh fans are about as ravenous as they come….if sora were in this, the sales for ps3 and vita would skyrocket……like the psp did when birth by sleep came out.

  6. Paul if you had to make a new ’30 character wishlist’ as opposed to now would if change at all

    or better yet, who are the top 15 characters you want in All-Stars not including the 20 already announced??

    1. I would probably make a small change here and there. I wanted equal character representation from a variety of companies, genres, and most importantly, games that have great affiliation with the PlayStation brand. Tommy Vercetti was very valuable in bringing GTA to where it is now, but perhaps I’d remove him and put in Sora. On second thought, between him and Scorpion, Tommy is more PS than our yellow suited ninja, so I’d probably take out the MK rep and put in Sora. You could say, “why not take out Ryu in that case?” But sorry, my favorite 3rd party character in all of gaming HAS to remain.

  7. Playing the beta got me into the game, the only thing i really dislike is how TINY the characters are on screen, it’s very easy to lose track of your character and i totally see why now.

    I played as sly and have only lost one match so far as him!

    oh and from top to bottom

    I though hint 1 was ryu

    hint 2 was gex

    and hint 3 was sora,

    (I instantly thought of tron and how he showed up in kingdom hearts 2)

    And I love sora but I love your roster better than what superbot spend time to add

    And it still frustrates me that they wouldn’t get those characters nailed down before production,

    and WHY chase after characters that are in progression of being released in future games,

    (RADIAN AND NEW DANTE) that’s all they had time to focus on, and making up movesets for characters that never had any to begin with like parappa and fat princess (? for those too)

    wshamless rant done, iv’e played the beta so i’m getting it regardless, i just hope they can at least fix the character size issue (on screen and in roster)

  8. I assume this is the new place to discuss psas lol, anyway can you give us on a scale of 1-10 of the validity of your info. Also you get my email

  9. 15 ideal allstar characters
    1 scorpion/sub zero
    2 spyro
    3 kat
    4 lara croft
    5 crash
    6 abe (odds world)
    7 ryu
    8 sora
    9 xianot (kingdom hearts 2)
    10 jin kazama (tekken)
    11 cloud
    12 snake
    13 tomba
    14 ichigo (bleach)
    15 paul gale

    what do you think of my wish list

  10. Niiiiccceeee i love it, just i don’t see Sir Daniel 😮 other than that i would like to see heather/harry mason, and Isaac from dead space. And you actually mention Pyramid Head 😀 That’s rad dude, they also should throw in nico bellic, Mr.Grimm, Ghost(MW2), Duke Nukem, Grey Fox, Polygon man, Rick from splatterhouse, Nemesis, John Marston From red dead redemption, Max Payne. BUt thats just me being greedy. what do you think pyramid heads moveset would be paul?

      1. Let’s go, Basic attacks would obviously be his sword. Range could be the spear or javelin. he could use the curse of silent hill to his advantage, as well as the monsters. Also Alma from F.E.A.R would be amazing for PSASBR.

  11. Hey Paul, this is a dream list i had for the game:
    This includes the 20 characters already listed.
    1. Spyro (First Video game ive ever played)
    4. Cloud
    5. Sephiroth
    6. Lighting
    7. Wander
    8. Tomba
    9. Jersey Devil
    10. Ryu (ninja Gaiden)
    11. Ryu (SF)
    12. Kat
    13. Chimera or Nathan Hale/ Capelli
    14. Snake
    15. Ezio or Connor
    16.Virgil (DMC 3)
    17. Jester (DMC 3)
    19. Auron (FFX)
    20. Darth Vader

    A little unrealistic, but a person can dream, What do you think about my list?

    1. oh yeah and a little surprise of Jodi the character from the upcoming game Beyond:Two Souls, image what powers she could have because of the entity that follows her…

  12. I still think the game needs more female characters.I vote, Lighting, Laura Croft,Kat,Claire Red field & or Jill Valentine, Bayonetta, that one chick from parasite eve & Aveline…

  13. can I ask question by email then, and if i do will you reply dont want to wait for a reply that not going to come.

    also thanks for your dedication to this game

    1. You’re welcome. Thank you for everything, too. Depending what you ask (here or via email), I’ll answer IF it’s something I can. Time-wise, ok, I’ll make it happen. Now it just depends on what the Q is.

  14. Hey Pual, i know ur busy but i hope u can answer this Q/
    did SuperBot have ever mention sora (from kh)? they have talk about crash and cloud so i think they well made it in future but what about sora? i mean there are two collections coming to ps3 plus KHIII for the ps3 (and the first collection’s trailer was in TGS and they were there).
    if they never mention him, can u ask them to include him as future dlc?
    btw i got the beta and it was alot of fun (more than i expected) even tho my best characters isnt there: jak, spike, sackboy, raiden ,ratchet and all others Lol

      1. if SuperBot asked Namura (creater of KH series) he will give them sora for free, i mean Namura himself said he want the new gamer to get a chance to enter KH universe without confuse that what make SE make the collection but i think it would make the collection sell better if sora in psas so i think Namura and Square Enix would give the char for free or cheap price.
        BTW if there ever be an online tournament of psas (beta or actual game) i would be #1 in it 🙂 im aiming to beat you and omar kendell himself in the future 🙂 (im good at this type of games “SSB, DON, tmnt and alot others”) 😀

  15. Paul, I really want this character in PSASBR, and know he won’t get in the final game, but this character is my childhood, and is very important to me…i’ve broken literally 5 versions of that game but kept buying it after it broke, i love this game and character sooo much…Everyone has that 1 character that they loved back in the day and hold dear to their heart…THIS character is that for me…If he made it in as DLC, I would literally cry cause of how happy I am, that’s why i ask if you can send my message to Superbot, asking for Prana Devil as DLC in this game?

      1. Oh i definitely will Paul…Sucks that not many people are suggesting this character though…he’d be so great in this game, a unique character that would bring something fresh to the table

      1. Its not a bad theory,Snake can be seen a bit on the 1080p brightened up image.
        I dont know if it was photoshopped or not.,
        but all people there said it wasnt.

  16. I like your list very much Paul 🙂 specially since you included characters like Alucard and you left out the two Coles thing :).

    I would only insert Ellen from Folklore instead of Ellie IMHO 🙂

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