The following is an e-mail that I just sent to SuperBot Entertainment, word for word…with the exception of a few names that I removed. The reason why I sent it is because I’m contemplating what’s the best way to address the final content yet to be seen in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. I want to respect them because I believe in being fair and they have treated me very well, use the goods that my source has provided me with, for it’s not every day you get to sit on this much information, and to adhere to all of the fans that make up this game, because I know how passionate of a bunch you all are.

That being said, the decision will be up to SuperBot and I feel that this is the right thing to do. I hope the majority of you agree.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale logo on Paul Gale Network

Hello (a few names), and to all at SuperBot Entertainment, it’s been a long time since I first revealed “Title Fight” to the internet and as we discussed in person on the few occasions we met, I never intended to cause any harm to SuperBot Entertainment, Sony, or any of its affiliated partners. I truly appreciate the professional, respectful understanding that you’ve all shown me and hope you know that I am honestly a really big fan of your work and sincerely wish you the very best of success with PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale and all future projects you take on. I made it my own decision to lay low even before we officially met at E3 for the first time, by not spoiling anything for the event, and ever since that show, have officially agreed to not reveal anything else too dramatic out of respect and understanding…in which I have so much of, for all of you.

In the months since E3, you’ve acknowledged and appreciated the continued efforts of me promoting the game and said that it was all helpful at the end of the day. I thank you for that and just want you to know that with the hints I’ve put up so far, I did my best to respect our agreement, make something out of the continued updates that my source gave me, and still be a source of entertainment that fans of the game can go to, to learn just that “little bit more” of your game.

That brings me up to this moment, in which I was wondering how you’d feel about me providing any further hints or information regarding the “unknown” characters in the game that are set in. I will be respectful of your decision and will wait for a reply before taking any action. I’m letting you know now that whatever your response is, will be kept private. However this e-mail that I’m sending you now, will be made into an article on my site, just so that all of the readers out there can see the thought that goes into making such a reveal and be satisfied with the outcome based off of the company’s hard work behind the game and what you ultimately wish to happen.

Thank you so much for your time.
Best regards,

Paul Gale Network with SuperBot Entertainment and PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale decisions to make (Large)

97 thoughts on “Paul Gale Network sends an e-mail to SuperBot Entertainment regarding “revealing final content” in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.”
  1. Well whatever they let you do, I’m looking forward to it! I’m easy to please, hell I’d be happy with just the roster count, but your hints are really fun to read theories on.

  2. Shadow of the Colossus. Is that at all related to your picture? Haha. Are there any clues at all in this? Or will you not reveal anything until you get a reply from Superbot?

  3. Hey Paul,

    I think it’s best to reveal the final roster count only for now and leave us speculating till TGS for who specifically is going to be in for then.

    Maybe confirming the final roster count AND that Crash Bandicoot will be in for now will be more than enough.

    Otherwise, all the hype for the game will die down till its Nov release.


  4. I like to apologize paul ik you prob hate my guts with my constant posting and messages, I know a lot of people may think I am a hater but the truth is that I want this to be the best game that it can be so I am little more concerned with the outcome.

    People that replied to my last comment thought I am a crash fanboy, and I do admit he played a large part up there with sonic and mario in entertaining me when I was younger. I just think he is a big part of what made the playstation the playstation and you can base that on the overwhelming players that request him for the game ( not being baised but even you and superbot has to admit he is defiantly the most wanted character). so hoping you know where I come from.

    I am going to write an article on the roster as of now which will review the minks possible roster and go into more in-depth on why I think characters such as crash, spyro, cloud, and snake are the most request and deserved reps and I hope you will read it when it’s posted.

  5. Info about the remaining All-Stars would be great! Maybe you could reveal at least one for us if possible, but hints would be good too. According to your Twitter, you said SuperBot will be at TGS? Awesome! ^^

    I’ve discovered your site late last year when the game was under the name “Title Fight.” Keep up the excellent work Paul! ^_^

  6. hey Paul, if Superbot allow you to reveal hints, personally I’d rather just learn how many roster spots there are, rather than what characters are in the game. What the Mink has been revealing on NeoGAF is destroying a lot of my hype for this game, I would really like there to be more characters than what he’s telling everyone. So please if you reveal something please just keep it to the number of roster spots. I still want some genuine surprises for this game.

  7. So if they say you can’t give any further info to the public, will you at least let us know that you can’t show us anything else? I don’t want you to disappear after this article, having the fans waiting for weeks for a response.

    1. If their answer is a flat out “no”, at the very least I’ll tell you all so you don’t have to wait on pins and needles for an update that’s not happening. Hopefully though, something will be ok.

  8. Paul if you can’t tell us the characters could you ask superbot if you can reveal how many characters are on disk and how many dlc characters are planned so far. Thanks again for the info.

  9. Hey Paul, thank you for your work and maybe for your upcoming hints.

    But something made me suspecious.
    I mean, first of all you spelled on your pic Desisions wrong.
    But in the articel you spelled it 3 times right with c. =

    So one time with c, one time with s

    >>> Cloud Strife <<<<

    Meanwhile, your pic shows a deserst and your bracelet, which look out of order from your normal clothes or. Thinking of Cloud it reminds me of Advent children of the desert where the the Buster Sword lies, i guess it was Zacks grave. To the bracelet. Maybe its a hint to the Fenir Bracelet of Cloud.

    😀 guess i put just too much in this. But i like to play with these ideas.

    And even if i am right, you wont awnser me. ;P

  10. Hey Paul. Im just writing to say i don’t wanna know, i wanna be surprised in the reveals, especially if it Crash or Spyro… I just don’t wanna know until I’m meant too.

    Also i think you have misspelled something, “Desisions” you are either making a hint or genuinely misspelled it. Forums are going mental thinking its a hint. They are saying Cloud Strife. I don’t think its a hint.

  11. Superbot’s response: “Hey Paul – yeah, we love having our game leaked, so please reveal all of our future surprises! ^_^”

    i find it hard to believe anything will come of this

  12. Paul, I don’t think you should reveal the final content of the game. Leave it up to Superbot to reveal it. I really want to know the characters but I dont wanna lose hype in the game. And anyways, I don’t see a reason why Superbot would even say yes. :/

  13. And Paul, to add on to my last comment, I for one would rather both of them remain silent. Why be so secretive up until this point only to blurt out the final characters? It would destroy anything left of Superbots reveal tactic which has been quite weak thus far. The game is having enough horrid reviews and skepticism about it. If we the fans know the entire roster and aren’t happy about it, we surely won’t listen much towards other information pertaining to the game while we are upset.

  14. My source crazy Paul?

    Characters Left:

    Rudy Roughknight
    A Yakuza character
    A Disgaea character

    Kratos VS Sweet Tooth
    Fat Princess VS Parappa
    Sly Cooper VS Nathan Drake
    Mael Radec VS Big Daddy
    Toro VS Heihachi
    Cole VS Raiden
    Jak VS Ratchet
    Dante VS Cloud
    Sackboy VS Crash
    Spike VS Connor
    Nariko VS Kat
    Evil Cole VS Scorpion
    Sir Dan VS Ico
    Nightmare VS Wander

  15. This days, the internet is full of chaos reguarding informations about the remaining contents.
    Personally, i can’t wait TGS in hope that all will be cleared and everybody will stop.
    But if SuperBot will say yes, your hints/revelations should speed up the process.
    Hm, the last picture… perhaps it’s an hint?

    1. Looking at it closely… I think we’ve been looking at it wrong. Go look at the official screenshots of Time Station. The unidentified blur is exactly where Specter is! There’s definitely someone there, but I think they’re shorter then we thought…

  16. Lightning? Seems that she’s likely since she’s the face of Square Enix and has Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 to market with her appearance in it.

  17. Anyone in the mood for Fayt Leingod, Felicia, Gene, Grey Fox, and Ico/Yorda?…0.0…1c.LURUWzZXsXk either there is an insane hacker-type guy who did this, or these are some legit and unexpectedcharacter leaks… but THREE Capcom characters? If it WAS Superbot, they spelled “Gear” wrong, that is where I was skeptical.

      1. If it doesn’t work search playstationallstarsbattleroyale on google (no spaces or anything just playstationallstarsbattleroyale), look at the first or second result (the official website), and it should say it.

  18. Hey Paul Gale. I posted earlier but I was thinking. Do you honestly think they would even consider letting you reveal the characters? they probably weren’t even happy about the hints. They wouldn’t be keeping the remaining characters to themselves if they didn’t have reasons. I think you have wasted your time with. Unless ‘Desisions’ and the picture is a hint.

    Off topic but i am gonna be really shocked if they don’t include shadow of the colossus because i doubt there would be a character but i would expect a stage at least. Either fighting on a Colossus or them being in the background.

    1. Their response might be 1) please don’t reveal anything, 2) let’s work together in officially something, or 3) a hint is acceptable, provided we look over it, first. The reason why #3 is possible is because on past occasions in which I spoke with SuperBot Entertainment, I did tell them that I would continue to create new stories and hints on the game, but would never outright reveal anything too dramatic. This was appreciated by both the SuperBot groups that I spoke to at E3 and the group at Street Fighter’s 25th Anniversary Event. We’ll see what happens…

      1. What do u think is the estimated time to get a reply from SuperBot? and what would you do if they dont reply back? cant u just give us more hints or exact character roster number? plz reply

      2. Yeah, in my opinion hints are fine. It gets people speculating and really excited to see if they are correct and gets people hype for the game which keeps them talking about it. I agree with that if SuperBot looks over it. Everything you have done up to now has been fine.

  19. I have another question on themink, what worry’s me about him is he seems to be a nice guy with an established presence of 6k post on neogaf am it seems unlikely he would risk getting banned to troll. So that leaves me with his source. Is it possible someone close to the game like the source claims to be not know all the characters in the game?

      1. basic psychology says not answering may mean this is true which scares me a little, because if it was not true i dont see why you could not comment on it 🙁

  20. Is there ANYTHING Shadow of the Colossus/Ico?

    None of that “Maybe” or “We’ll see” crap, Please.

    I don’t want specifics, just a “Yes” or “No”.

  21. This probably doesn’t mean much, Paul, but I’d asked 36 of my pals at the local college what/who you should reveal.

    The following were the choices in the poll I made, for them to answer:

    -Reveal All characters
    -Show more hints
    -Reveal Crash Bandicoot only
    -Reveal none of the characters at all, leave them for surprises.

    If you get the ‘okay’ to do any of these, I want you to know that (And I’m not kidding here, either) 29 out of 36 said that announcing JUST CRASH BANDICOOT (if he’s in) would be the way to go, and would be what they want =) I hope that influences your decision if SB gives you the ‘okay’.

    The results were:

    -Reveal All characters: 5
    -Show more hints: 0
    -Reveal Crash Bandicoot only: 29
    -Reveal none of the characters at all, leave them for surprises: 2

  22. Hey paul would you be able to tell us if the all characters unlocked from the start is still up in the air. I REALLY don’t want all my characters unlocked from the start.

    If its not to much trouble could you reply to me even if you just say i can’t tell you it would still be very much appreciated.

    thanx for all the psasbr coverage.

    1. The last I heard was that there would be unlockables, but since then it seems that they’ve decided against it. As of right now, I don’t know what the final decision is…or if there even is one for that matter.

      1. i do hope that there are lots of unlockable characters becuase not only am i wanting unlockables, but i havn’t seen any fan posts on,, or anywhere else saying that they just want everything unlocked but hopefully superbot does right buy us.

        thanks for the reply it really means alot when you reply to one of my posts (iv been with the pual gale network for over a year) becuase people like ed boon and david jaffe nearly never reply to me and i don’t think ed’s ever replied to me seriously. so it does mean alot to us people who just are not in the industry (yet)and have the chance to meet and actualy have a conversation with those people

  23. U should just reveal everything. If you can I would like to see a big article revealing all that’s left. And man I hope that guy is right about scorpion being in the game THAT WOULD BE AMAZING

      1. He actually told us it was a hint to cole. It is a charger. “Charge” as in lightning. I think the jetski is definitely crash. More out there thoughts besides the obvious jetski levels in crash. He is doing the Shaka sign with his hand. Shaka is home to hawaii, which is also a home to Tiki’s. Aku Aku and Uka Uka are both tiki masks! His hints generally are pretty out there.

        1. Who do you think has a better chance of getting in? Crash or Spyro? I think its Crash despite Spyro having released a game recently. Paul’s hints have seemed more towards Crash than Spyro. Hope they are both in the game (Crash more than Spyro).

  24. Yo Paul! hows life? So most likely aafter release the roster will continue through dlc rite? if so let them know people want joel from the last of us and one more thing, wutever happened to snake being in? one MORE thing, wuts the deal with thie whole kevin butler thing? I hear hell be playable or a boss but it wasnt really confirmed

  25. Hey Paul, just wanted you to know that I’ m sending an e-mail to SuperBot saying how much you’ve helped create hype around PSASBR. Your hints are very well done and get everybody thinking hard and getting excited. Hope they can let you reveal somebody big like Crash, Snake or Cloud!

  26. Is there any update you can give us Paul? In regards to either recent “leaks” or if there has been any more contact from your source or SB? Where are we at?

  27. If they don’t even reply by midway tomorrow, i say you have done you’re due diligence as a journalist, waiting a whole week without response, and are justified in posting a hint or 2.

    I’m sure everybody would appreciate it.

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