Here’s the new trailer that shows off Evil Cole McGrath in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, for the first time.

The character was already hinted at and deciphered on Paul Gale Network, but at least now you get to see him in actual action and how he differs from Cole McGrath. Do you like his moves? And for that matter, are you happy that SuperBot Entertainment included him?

22 thoughts on “Check out the first trailer for Evil Cole McGrath in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.”
  1. I’m pretty happy that he was included since I’m huge fan of Infamous and “wasted slots” don’t exist in my opinion. His moveset seems great!
    But hey, could you put up some hints for PAX reveals?

  2. I and a few members have been trying to comment to you about theminks roster and continue to get no reply which worry’s me. is there more character on disk then the leaked roster or when you said there will be more then 20 you just pulled a fast one and counted the dlc

    1. During the weekend before July 29th, it was during that time that I learned of small number of characters beyond the 18 I was already aware of, that would make the complete roster count, over 20. That’s all I can say. I would be very surprised if the game, by the time it’s all said and done, does not exceed 20 and thus, doesn’t include those last several entries. When my source told me that the game would have over 20 characters in the game, the exact quote was, “Paul-PSASBR updated roster in its final form: here’s who’s left to expect”. There are things that my source gave me in the past that changed, such as SuperBot’s updated decision to make everyone available from the start and not have any unlockables. Though I doubt my friend is wrong with the final count given to me, it is possible that final decisions are still being made up to this point. Determining whether or not there should be unlockables, to have DLC or to not, to include which characters in said feature, if any deal fell through, time constraints being a thorn in their side, fan feedback modifying decisions being made, and so on. I haven’t been updated with anything in a while, other than knowing the next batch of characters that will be revealed soon. I hope this answers your question.

      1. can you comment on if themink is credable he is killing a lot of hype and has said the 20 we get is it, with 2 characters already being dlc. The roster will be missing so many fan favorites no crash no spyro, no cloud ect

  3. To be honest I would’ve preferred if he’d been a Zelda type character from Smash Bros, where he could switch between Good and Evil Cole, at least it would’ve allowed for an extra character slot. Can I ask what the hints were?

  4. Also Paul can you clarify what someone who goes by the name of ‘TheMink’ has said? He says he has a source who believes the remaining leaked characters (Raiden, Nariko and Sir Daniel) will make up the final roster once they’re revealed, and that there will be 2 other DLC characters released afterwards? Is this similar to the info you have received? Considering you said the roster consisted of more than 20 characters I’m really hoping that what TheMink has said isn’t true. Something I don’t quite understand from his claim though is that he believes there is a Square-Enix item but there is no Square-Enix character in the actual game, which doesn’t seem to make sense to me. Could you please clarify for me what you can from what I’ve written here? Many, many thanks!

  5. I would’ve preferred if he’d been similar to Zelda in Smash Bros, where he could change between Good and Evil, just would’ve felt like he isn’t a wasted roster spot, in my honest opinion. He does look a lot more fun to play as than Good Cole I have to add.

  6. His level 3 looks beast… but I dunno… 1 character taking up 2 roster spots doesn’t sit well with me. Seems like it would’ve been better if when choosing cole you had an option to pick good or bad cole. I don’t like the idea of seeing 2 of him on the select screen.

  7. Actually, no, I’m not. We don’t need two characters from inFamous when all the other franchises only get one… We don’t need two Coles in general! The spot could’ve been used for something awesome, like Crash, Spyro, Lightning or Rayman.

    Oh well.

  8. i love that superbot did this for cole considering that there is such a big difference between good and evil cole.screw everyone who’s crying that he (MIGHT) be taking another slot away from someone else. Well i highly dought that a second cole (a whole new character mind you) cock blocked anyone else important from getting in to the roster. if the character is important enough trust superbot to do right by sony fans.

  9. also he not just a skin but a completely different character with new melee, specials, and supers. i don’t know if he will take up another slot, but don’t cry over the thought of his taking another spot is stopping your fav. character from getting in.

    Also he the same person just a different completely unique version of the same person so superbot did not go back on there word about only having one character per I.P

  10. when I heard this for the first time I was a little exceptic but now they really surprise me really two cole mcgraths with differents moves thats a good detail lml

  11. Lets put it this way, I would have rather had any other 1st party character than the same character again. I mean, give me Toan, Kat, Blasto, anybody. COle is already generic enough as it is, we didn’t need two of him.

    Its funny how you’re site has fell into obscurity again. Are you sure you don’t want to hint at anymore characters? Roster number? Characters not in the leak? DLC?

  12. All that’s left of the known leaked roster are Nariko of Heavenly Sword and Sir Daniel Fortesque of MediEvil.

    And I’m guessing that 2 of the ??? amount of unleaked characters are Lightning of FF13 because Square Enix is marketing FF13/Lightning and Snake/Big Boss for Metal Gear because Eric Landen tweeted that David Hayter was voicing in PSASBR.

    Am I on the right track?

    Also, according to TheMink’s source, Brave Fencer Musashi is an alternate costume for Spike, that have any bearing? Or do you not know some alternate costumes?

  13. This Snake HAS to be in the game, no confirmation on which Snake it is (Solid Snake or Big Boss), just my theory. But I don’t know if he would be a PAX reveal or not since Raiden was. There are two Coles, why not two MGS characters?

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