In two more Sundays, after being out on the market for nearly 6 years, Nintendo will be dropping the price of its best selling home console ever, to $129.99. This means that Wii will have a new price just three weeks before Wii U comes out, which should help get rid of some of its inventory…but hopefully “does not” confuse people into thinking that this is “that new Wii U console we heard about”.

The bundle is an attractive one if you’re not ready to put out $300 or $350 for a Wii U, but on October 28th would like to try out some games for a system that you passed up on and didn’t really experience what it had to offer in the last 6 years. You get the Non-GameCube Playing version of the system, Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort on one disc (that’s cool), Wii Remote Plus, and a Nunchuck (black version of peripherals and console).

I’d like to know from you: Do you have a Wii and if not, do you ever plan on getting one/does this deal make you consider the purchase? What an exciting holiday season we’re about to enter!

3 thoughts on “Wii drops price to $129.99…starting October 28th.”
  1. Who doesn’t already have a Wii :D… I see that they took out the compatibility to play GameCube games. I guess to get the price drop, they had to take out something (which is okay). At least, Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resorts are in one disc.

    Those who don’t have it or are thinking about getting it, shouldn’t pass up this offer. Good console w/ great games = a Great Holiday for the Family.

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