The SuperBot Entertainment robot as portrayed by Paul Gale Network
SuperBot Entertainment, you’ve been great. I pose here to salute your logo!

First of all, due to a discussion that I had with my friend over the weekend, I had to refrain from sending SuperBot any e-mail until today. That being said, here’s what I sent them.


**** *********** Division:

*** *********** Division:

*** *********** Division:

That rounded out the complete list that I was given, tallying XX characters for the game in total. It was not mentioned to me whom from that list would be available on the disc, as is, whom might be unlockable if you went that route, or whom would me made available exclusively as DLC. Furthermore, it was being speculated that your team was in a negotiation state with *******, in determining whether to use ******, ****, or ******. ****** was said to be the most likely ********** ***** candidate, as it would correlate with *** *** ****** release. Finally, ***** inclusion was unknown, but being considered after SuperBot began to read fans’ own wishlists across the internet…but unknown as to whether or not *** made it in. That’s what I was given. With those last two, IF they made it, and IF all information that was provided to me was as correct as the first batch of 20 that I received periodically, the complete roster of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale would equal ** when all DLC was complete.

I really don’t want to put this story up if it’s going to spoil anything for you. I know you all worked hard and believe me, for one single person to come from one relatively small site in comparison to what’s out there and to be the “voice” behind this game for a year now, it’s been a great experience affecting millions world wide, all the while building up hype for your game, creating early talk, pre-orders, a hopeful increase in sales, and a linkage and story unlike any other in this industry before. It’s been an honor, being chosen and given the information by my friend, to promote the game and even know about it for as long as I have.

Unless you tell me not to put up the aforementioned list, I will put up the information by October 10th. You don’t have to confirm or deny anyone to me. I will abide by your rules if you respond, even with a quote that I would turn into an article, saying that SuperBot told me, “**Here goes what you’d address my audience with**.” Nothing will get out (whether the information I have remaining is accurate or not) and your fans will respect that move by both you and see that I have to remain silent, simultaneously understanding my decision to comply.

Thank you for your time as usual.
Best regards,
Paul Gale
Paul Gale Network


I sent that exact e-mail a little while ago, of course…without the *’s throughout it. What happens next is completely up to SuperBot. All that I’ve ever shared from the beginning was information that I’ve believed to be accurate. My hints were structured a certain way all this time and with each reveal that passed, they proved to make sense. What is yet to be revealed by me, apparently may or may not be what’s left in the game, but unless SuperBot tells me not to reveal that final list (or share the alleged “final poster” which I still have not seen…assuming I do eventually get it), I will share what remaining information I have with you, by October 10th. Thank you…all of you.

Paul Gale Network was happy to SuperBot Entertainment make PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, something big
A smile from ear to ear. Yes, this is the best way to represent the final chapter in this saga. Stay tuned…for more is on its way. 🙂

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  1. when do u think ull be able to see the alleged poster with the rest pf the roster and if u do, can u post a picture of it on october 10th, or when do u think ull see it? plz reply and let me know

  2. Paul, did you receive any reply from SB or any sign of life from them as yet?

    By the term “20 launch lineup of characters” almost everyone is mentioning nowadays from officials at Sony/SB – do they mean there’s 20 initial available characters from the beginning and that there’ll be other unlockable characters as you play along in the game, as it’s confusing how one should interpret it?

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