There’s a lot of fear from many of you that the final roster in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale won’t be satisfying, but know that even if not every character you want makes an appearance, if you’re a PlayStation gamer, you will support most of the end result…so just breathe and relax.

I’ll also take this opportunity to address another topic. Some people make far too great of an assumption and even try to put words in my mouth by saying, “Paul Gale said that PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale will have more than Heihachi in it from the Tekken universe…and now he’s backing out on it.” First of all, here’s all the proof you need on what I said and what I didn’t say. Secondly, I know 95+% on all there is to know about everything final in this game and don’t make mistakes in my stories. I’m wordy and say things the way I do for a reason and that’s to not spoil anything further. I’m not involved with any leaks (be them real or fake) and simply operate on the one on one information I receive from my own friend. End of story. What I write comes from a real source, so in everything I say, even though sometimes vague, rest assured…it’s legit.

The whole “Tekken talk”:

Two new PlayStation All-Star Battle Royale character hints. (To be fully revealed tonight)

July 6th I gave two character hints that were intended for that night’s EVO reveals and they were for Heihachi and Toro.

New PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale characters revealed: Heihachi Mishima and Toro Inoue, plus release date, and more.

Also on July 6th, I explained why the hints meant what they meant.

Two new character reveals coming this weekend, for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.

On July 10th, in response to DuranLucian, I said, “You did well on guessing Toro. As for the fighter image, perhaps it could be used for more than just Heihachi…”
I never did specify the yes/no and who/who not

And to DevinRobertson, I said “You’ll see eventually!” in regards to what other characters will be in the game.

A little update to the recent PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale hints.

On July 13th, I said that my “flexing picture” may have further implications than just representing Heihachi.
Once again, I didn’t specify beyond that.

Massive, new PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Q/A. Paul Gale Network answers some of your most popular questions…including Ratchet and Clank’s presence, hint talk, what is Lisek’s Great Adventure, and more.

On July 29th I put up my Q/A in which I come forth with new information, that’s supposed to represent the final build of the game, characters and all. Prior to this weekend, I did not know all that there was to the game. It was in this story that I even said things such as “James Bond didn’t make the cut” and “My PlayStation Home Avatar idea didn’t make the cut”. Some of the information that I got also reflected in one way or another, my previous hints.

Clarifying some facts about the most asked question over PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale: Its final roster.

On August 9th, I said “I did state from the beginning that my martial arts picture may not necessarily have been intended for just Heihachi, but I won’t comment beyond that…” in response to RUCussingwithme about other Tekken characters being in the game. That’s all I said.

Basically, don’t put words in my mouth. In time, all will make sense. Thanks for your continued interest.

25 thoughts on “PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale will have a satisfying final roster…just breathe and relax.”
  1. Yeah, some people don’t seem to understand, good thing you explained it to them.
    But hey Paul, some hints for Gamescom would be awesome! =D
    And I don’t know if you’ll be able to answer, but does Team Ico have any kind of presence in the game?
    Thanks for all the info!

  2. I knew from the beginning that the roster was going to be the best that Superbot could do for a 1st game. And so far so good!

    All we need now is Crash, Spyro or Cloud and I’m sure we can all leave with confidence. But I’m positive one of them has made it to the roster.

    Cheers for a reassurance of my thoughts Paul!

  3. Im ok with it so far, after the Ratchet leak you gave us i became more then satisfied but my question im about to ask is for something else. On the website IMDB under the game they have certain actors for character that have not been release or are faked, as in Crash, Spyro, Nariko, and the so called “minions” from their games. The actors are listed as that they are playing those characters in the game. Could i get i comment on this? If not i would like you to know that this roster I’m not worried about. i understand about getting characters from other companies and what not, but im fully confident with
    Superbot’s decisions.

    1. you are referring to the recent image with crash on the profile page right? Hate to break it to you but that one is a fake too…. 🙁
      You can tell from Jak’s profile thumbnail pic that features his appearance from Jak 1; which is odd because the Jak in All-Stars is from Jak 3.
      There are other things in the image that show it’s fake, but I think its best for you to find them yourself. Again, sorry man… 🙁

  4. well honestly I can not relax until crash is confirmed because I can not see me seeing this as a true rep of playstation history without the character that effected and was so involved with the ps1 era.

        1. So your saying have Crash before important characters that actually ARE exclusives? Sweet Tooth has been on all playstation systems, Crash hasn’t.

  5. Oh wow, I feel sorry for you man, from the tone of this article it sounds like you’ve had to deal with a lot. Life on the internet can be cruel. :/ I gotta say though, I am jealous of your knowledge, hopefully it’s not too much longer before I find a home in gaming industry.

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