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Hello everyone, do I have a story for you! Paul Gale Network has known about a certain, exclusive PlayStation 3 game in development for a considerable amount of time and will finally get to share it with all of you on Halloween. I’m excited to break the story on this new game that’s sure to be a hit. For now I’m going to keep the title a secret, as well as some other facts about it out of respect for the development team’s wishes. This article does have some hints within…more to come, tomorrow.

Paul Gale's first hint for the big PlayStation 3 game
Hint one.

Paul Gale's second hint for the big PlayStation 3 game
Hint two.

Paul Gale's third hint for the big PlayStation 3 game
Hint three.

Update 1

It’s what you’ve been waiting for!

Click here for the story if you’re having trouble accessing it.

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