Here’s the first gameplay footage of both Nariko from Heavenly Sword and Sir Daniel Fortesque from MediEvil.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale – Nariko Trailer

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale – Sir Daniel Fortesque

There you have it, two days ago in this article, I said that Narkio’s and Sir Daniel Fortesque’s trailers would be coming soon and now you’ve seen the majority of what this game has to offer. There are a couple of surprises left…so be patient. For now, enjoy the roster that you know of. 🙂

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  1. So excited for both of these characters! They are great inclusions and superbot continues to impress with how diverse they are making each fighter’s move set. I complete faith in Superbot at this point, and I am very excited to hear we have some surprises in store Paul. Hopefully people can just let things play out and let Superbot handle the reveals this time…

  2. Paul…can you explain Sackboys moveset a bit more? like tell me if his bouncepads can bounce back projectile attacks back at opponents or If he can use his bouncepad with his other moves, eg. bouncepad+fan+cake making a bouncing fan that makes cakes fly in all directions? is his moveset that deep, and would you say Sackboy is the only character where practically all his moves can be used together? btw his moveset seems to allow you to use creativity (like in LBP) but how creative can you be with his moveset?

    1. and his level 2 super, where he drops fiery blocks…I wanna know if you (like you can do in LBP) tilt it to different angles for you to drop it at? I feel this can offer some more strategy in using this super…tilt it so you can get a character on a platform AND a person on the ground…I also wanna know if when you move the fiery blocks, that if you drop it while still moving it, the momentum from moving it will make the block fly to the side a bit before landing, kinda like throwing em?


    Sir Dan looks AWESOME.

    So Paul, do you have a favorite character the game since you know the rest of the roster?

    Im loving Evil Cole , Sir Dan and Drake!

  4. all thats left now it
    jin kazama (tekken)
    lightning (final fantasy)
    ryu (street fighter)
    crash bandicoot (crash bandicoot)
    and hopefully
    SPYRO (spyro the dragon)
    KAT (gravity rush)

  5. I like this roster… But I’m kinda bummed it don’t look like we’ll be getting a Chimera as a playable character. Is it too scary or something?

    Also, hoping Scorpion and Ryu make DLC. 😉

  6. wow that does not seem encouraging and if this is the roster it’s going to suck, no crash, no spyro, and many other fan favorites are missing. The game needs crash to solidify the roster you can not have a game based on the ps1 history without the character that helped push the ps1 to success. So is there more characters or not?

    ps also can we see what hints are solved with these 2 characters?

    1. uh its not based on PS1 history, its based on ALL PLAYSTATION HISTORY, and this roster won’t suck without Crash…This roster is already great without him.

    2. We already have Jak, Ratchet, Sly, Kratos, Spike, Raiden, Nariko, Sir Dan, Parappa, Sweet Tooth, Sackboy, Big Daddy, Dante, and others.
      If this was the final roster (and it’s not) the game wouldn’t suck, most of the favorites are already here.

      1. crash is on the same level is not more imp. as characters like ratchet, sly, and kratos. If you was around the time the ps1 was big you would realize how big and how much crash was then. Most of there commercials was a guy in a crash suit. an all-stars roster without crash is like telling America’s history and leaving out the declaration of independence or talking about NBA history and not mentioning Micheal Jordon

  7. They look incredible! Great to see Sir Dan back in action! Paul do you know of ANY Team ICO love in the game at all? Not just characters, but stages, items, anything at all. It’d just be nice to at least have their presence within the game, I mean Shadow of the Colossus is one of my all time favourite games, I’d LOVE to see a Colossus walking around trying to take out characters!

  8. Hi Paul,I asked you a while back if you know if the game will be dubbed in other language other than the english one,but you didn’t replied.Please can you tell me what you know about?

  9. Those reveals were awesome! Good to see Sir Dan again and another female in the game. 🙂

    Could we expect more character reveals before the game’s release? You stated in a previous entry that there is more than 20, and that there is an RPG rep and a third female in the roster.

    Anyways, I’m looking forward to buying this game. I’ve been following your posts before I registered. XD

  10. Hey Paul! Thanks for the trailers. But there has been a big issue on the 3 forums (PSAS forums, Faqs, and NeoGaf). On the Neogaf forums, a user named TheMink claims he has a source for a lot of the information in PlayStation All-Stars. He says the 20 revealed characters are the only characters in the game that are on-disc. He also says he knows 2 DLC characters (Believed to be Kat and Ryu Hayabusa). Now the PSAS forums and Faqs are going crazy with arguments about the roster and TheMink. Paul, I know you have to be respectful to Superbot, but we need you more than ever. If you can at least confirm the total amount of characters to be in the game, or to comment on TheMink’s source, all we need is something. I believe you can help us, so please give us something so we can lay our worries to rest. Thank you for your time Paul.

    1. I’ll just say what my source has been telling me since revealing the last batch of characters: I knew of 18 and the new batch put it past 20. I can’t comment on whether or not you’ll have to unlock them on the disc or purchase them via DLC. The game has gone through many changes in the over two years that I’ve been on it. Some stages, some character ideas, and some of my own pitches have come and gone. Even more recently have features such as whether or not the whole roster will be available from the start has been up in the air. I know of over 20 characters and that’s all I can say right now. I would be shocked and honestly disappointed if for some reason the extra characters get pulled, but would overall still be plenty pleased with what SuperBot Entertainment has done. But yeah…even I, as big of a supporter and promoter for Sony and SuperBot in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale as I’ve been…would be a little sad to see some characters planned, not make it.

  11. I hope if there is a Final Fantasy character its Cloud and not Lightning. He’s so much more important to the sony franchise than any other playstation character on the PS1. Final Fantasy 7 is the second most sold playstation 1 game with Gran Turismo being the first.

  12. Hey paul are u really revealing all the characters for all stars, if u are or not, can u at least say yes and how many of these following characters are in the game : Crash,Spyro,Cloud,Snake,Sora,Kat,Lightning, plz let me know the number of the characters i said tht are in the game plz the community needs some clues were going crazy thnks

  13. To provide a breath of fresh air to the questions, I thought I’d ask something that requires opinion instead.

    What are your two cents on Nariko and Sir Daniel? What do you think of them being in the roster?

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