I am still waiting for two things to happen before the 10th/11th. The first of which, is an e-mail response from SuperBot, simply telling me whether or not they’d like me to run a new article with the remaining information I have.

However they respond, will be a win win situation for the fans. They don’t have to give me an explanation as to why they wouldn’t want me to run my story…just tell me not to.

By telling me not to, it can be interpreted as, “The final list of characters I have is real, as has been the case for all 20 I received previously, and thus, a reveal now would ruin their final surprise plans.” OR “20 is it, but we’d still prefer the article to not go up because all it will do is cause more chaos and end up disappointing fans, because that final list isn’t real.”

It’s a win win for SuperBot though because at least I’m giving them the most fair option I can possibly present at this point in time and that’s fully controlling what Paul Gale Network does with its proposed final list of characters remaining in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.

The second thing I’m waiting for is that final poster with all characters that my friend and source has received. I have not seen it yet, but personally want to quite so, so that I can be more confident in believing that my final list is in fact, 100% accurate.

You can vote here and/or on twitter for how you want me to handle the story, should SuperBot not reply.

#PaulGaleNetworkFULL will equal me uncovering all *’s, etc., in the e-mail I sent SuperBot Entertainment, all at once.

#PaulGaleNetwork3RD will equal me slowly pulling back the curtain, revealing the final characters, “approximately in 3rds”.

So then, it lies in your hands. Do you want a steady flow of fun in the coming weeks or do you want it all at once? Now I will state one last time, that IF SuperBot writes me back before the 10th/11th, asking me to drop my story, I will have to abide. Thank you.

Paul Gale Network is getting ready for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale and its final character list
What’s it gonna be? Full or Segmented…

205 thoughts on “Vote here for how you want Paul Gale Network to reveal the final characters in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.”
    paul cant answer any of u, but im going to say whats up with paul, so everyone listen.
    1.hes not going answer about ps allstars
    2. hes probably not sure whats up or whether or not he should post his stuff up(if it turns out to be wrong imagine how hurt fans could be, how many trolls hed get, how many people might buy game for characters who arent in, etc.)
    3. as far as i know paul hasnt gotten any new info from superbot or his source
    4.Paul is even less sure in his info since the recent Omar Kendall confirmation of 20 characters…..and unless he knows otherwise, that really may be it…

    If Im wrong Paul can correct me, but otherwise we need to give him time and/or just wait for the game.

    To those who are impatient: would u rather him put up false information then withhold possibly true stuff? are u that obssessed with the game that u would risk pauls reputation and respect?

    To the trolls: . Even if paul puts up the info and it turns out to be correct, ur still trolls. If Paul puts out the info just to appease u and its wrong, ull still troll him, and his reputation and respect would be destroyed. so stop trying cuz paul and the rest of us aint listening. But we will keep disputing u.

    To the fans who have waited as long as i have: Thank you. And keep being patient. If paul cant tell us, no big deal, just wait a month and half, we’re so close…

        1. I don’t really buy the false info thing, why would superbot send out a bunch of false info and generate so much confusion just to eliminate one guy with a source.

          1. I am not trolling you, just stating a what I see could be true. I am not going to say he is correct or a fraud because I don’t know what to trust anymore. I just simply stated that I don’t buy the whole fake roster incident. Also I noticed paul been less vocal recently and not answering a lot of questions.

  2. I am Beginning to Wonder is Crash Bandicoot the Final Boss because the Roster Capped at 20 so Crash Would Either be DLC or Final Boss. I think Final Boss More Because Omar Said Crash Would not be DLC. This is Just a Suggestion.

  3. Another Reason Why i Think Crash is the Final Boss is Because Omar Said about the Final Boss i Would not Really call the Final Boss An Evil Mastermind. Could Crash have used that Dimensions Device in Crash Twinsanity by Mistake or Could it be Doctor Neo Cortex who used it. By the Way Paul i Vote Full Roster Now.

  4. Well, Real info or fake info, I’ll be glad to hear something about the game.

    Real info is good because he/she/it is in!

    Fake info is good because he/she/it was considered for the game!

    So, either way, for those who believe Paul, they get something to help hype the game for them. For those who don’t believe Paul, they get something to try to have their cake and eat it.

      1. You were waiting for someone to say that?

        Still, about the info, I wouldn’t worry. You haven’t lied before, and I believe that you would never lie to fans.

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