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PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale on Paul Gale Network
PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

It was on October 1st, in this article, that I shared with you all an edited version of the e-mail I sent SuperBot Entertainment. After your tweets, e-mails, and comments, I decided to share the whole thing in one go. This story today, however, is coming after Omar Kendall stated that the game will include just the 20 playable characters already revealed. Does that mean that the final information that I’m presenting to you now is not correct? Unfortunately, that might very well be the case.

That being said, however, I never did lie or put up fake news/hints, etc. Over the course of 12 months reporting on PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale (since its Title Fight days), I’ve put up only what I was given. And thus, my hints only reflected the information I had. Take this for what you will:


25th Anniversary Division:
Cloud Strife, Old Solid Snake

PS2 Anniversary Division:

PSX Anniversary Division:
Crash Bandicoot

That rounded out the complete list that I was given, tallying 24 characters for the game in total. It was not mentioned to me whom from that list would be available on the disc, as is, whom might be unlockable if you went that route, or whom would me made available exclusively as DLC. Furthermore, it was being speculated that your team was in a negotiation state with Ubisoft, in determining whether to use Altaïr, Ezio, or Connor. Connor was said to be the most likely Assassin’s Creed candidate, as it would correlate with the new game’s release. Finally, Kat’s inclusion was unknown, but being considered after SuperBot began to read fans’ own wishlists across the internet…but unknown as to whether or not she made it in. That’s what I was given. With those last two, IF they made it, and IF all information that was provided to me was as correct as the first batch of 20 that I received periodically, the complete roster of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale would equal 26 when all DLC was complete.

I really don’t want to put this story up if it’s going to spoil anything for you. I know you all worked hard and believe me, for one single person to come from one relatively small site in comparison to what’s out there and to be the “voice” behind this game for a year now, it’s been a great experience affecting millions world wide, all the while building up hype for your game, creating early talk, pre-orders, a hopeful increase in sales, and a linkage and story unlike any other in this industry before. It’s been an honor, being chosen and given the information by my friend, to promote the game and even know about it for as long as I have.

Unless you tell me not to put up the aforementioned list, I will put up the information by October 10th. You don’t have to confirm or deny anyone to me. I will abide by your rules if you respond, even with a quote that I would turn into an article, saying that SuperBot told me, “**Here goes what you’d address my audience with**.” Nothing will get out (whether the information I have remaining is accurate or not) and your fans will respect that move by both you and see that I have to remain silent, simultaneously understanding my decision to comply.

Thank you for your time as usual.
Best regards,
Paul Gale
Paul Gale Network


The list of remaining characters at one point, got up to 28/30. Though not in the game, the following were considered for inclusion: Chun Li or Ryu from Street Fighter to round out the 25th Anniversary Division, Ico to be a part of the PS2 Division, and both Spyro the Dragon and Dart Feld as part of the PSX Division. Those four did not make the final cut according to my source, but the four included in the article and two potential DLC additions, were apparently part of the poster. I haven’t seen the poster and it may even be moot at this point, because if Omar said the final roster includes 20, then my friend simply might have been thrown off by 4, somewhere down the road.

But now you can see that yes, me on the jet ski was for Crash, dying my hair blonde and looking up at the clouds was for Cloud Strife, the picture of me holding a piece of paper that said 1987 while sporting a beard was Snake, and me on top of a dragon, punching it was for Shadow of the Colossus’ Wander. Likewise, I found the best mountain background/desert region to simulate what I could without saying anything. And though all this time I did take other pictures that weren’t as vague, including being half naked in a hallway for Raiden, urinating on a wall for Big Daddy, and jumping in the air in a burlap sack at the park for Sackboy, I put up hints the best way I could, to try and let SuperBot do their own thing.

In the end, the information that my friend gave me proved true for 20/20 so far, including all stages, modes, rivalries, and so on. Whether these final four are in the game or not and whether or not the DLC will be planned as such (to include the supposed final characters), is something I don’t know…and nor does my contact. If fake info was given out, it worked, because I thought it was real and really had no reason to believe otherwise this entire time. If these final four make the game, then excellent…I was 24/24. Thank you all for your support and if this last bit that I’m sharing with you now proves false, I apologize for getting your hopes up. Here’s to hoping that regardless, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale winds up being one of this holiday’s most successful games for PlayStation 3. I appreciate your time, friendship, and understanding. Here’s to November 20th.

Paul Gale Network with rumored final character list for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale
Thanks, SuperBot.

Update: The order in which the final characters were suppose to be revealed were Cloud and Snake at TGS because of Final Fantasy’s and Metal Ger’s 25th anniversaries being that month, followed by Wander, and ultimately, Crash Bandicoot as the #1 most requested character, pitched to SuperBot, including in my own “Write to SuperBot article“.

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311 thoughts on “Here is the unedited e-mail that Paul Gale Network sent to SuperBot Entertainment regarding the RUMORED final characters in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.”
  1. Paul, I’ve found a very interesting bit of info that I’m surprised isn’t being shouted around by a lot of people. A number of people who attended NYCC say that cl0ckwork and Seth Killian have indeed confirmed DLC, and that they’re very excited to reveal what it is, and they’re apparently going to show them off at the Spike Video Game Awards.

    1. For the last few years, I’ve known the list of titles and basic gist of what’d be at the Spike TV Video Game Awards, a couple weeks before the show itself, aired. That being said, should there be something in the works PSASBR related for the event, there’s a good chance that I’ll know about early by default, because I always get the details on that one. Thanks for posting!

          1. why does little time mean anything I think it th perfect time to release some, with the lack of info/

            sorry If i am seem to be aggravating you not trying to come off that way.

    1. Though the miles apart isn’t an issue, it’s actually finding the appropriate time in each’s schedule to make it work. The chit chat stuff is one thing, but the meat and potatoes business is a lot more seldom and requires care. Don’t have an answer yet, other than, “trying to carefully inquire about the final characters’ validity”. That’s what my friend said, not me.

      1. good luck to you and your source, but dont feel pressured….theres only a month left. if ur right, ull be as right tomorow as you will in a month….but it would be nice….

  2. Hey Guys, isn’t there a way to sign a Petition to Superbot? O.O… not sure if it would change things, specially if the characters will be DLCs, but if they are thinking in leaving them out of the game, then at least Superbot will hear what fans really want 🙂

    And btw Paul, one of your text messages was form a Square Enix representative right?…. he didn’t want you to reveal Cloud yet right?….why would he stop you if there wasnt a chance to have him joining the roster?

  3. paul can u download aim at aim me at sovprnc, I am working on trying something that might interest you, and would like to hear your opinion. Dont want to post it though until I am sure.

  4. Is there any chance that your source will get back to you about this situation? Does he know that Omar has said the “Launch Roster is 20”? Does he know if his info is real or fake? Is there any way he can find out?

      1. Thanks, but will he every get back to you about his info or will we just have to wait for the game to find out? Sorry for all of the questions.

  5. This is a bit of a stretch(and frankly i know t=u might not know the answer) but did u ever hear anything at all regarding sora from kh? anything at all?

    1. My friend told me that nearly everyone was considered or brought up by some member of the team at one point or another. Sora’s name, like many others, was a part of the grand list. But that list had well over a hundred characters. According to my contact, the roster got chipped away over time. Somehow they nailed it to the final 24 that was received to my source (or 20 as it may actually be). I don’t know, however, close was Sora to ever being considered a legitimate possibility.

        1. My friend said that pretty much everyone was considered at one point or another, but how seriously so, as in, the exact pecking order of who would not be in it is not entirely known. Sora’s name was in this “master list” at at least some stage.

          1. how close to superbot is the source, for not working with superbot he/she knows a lot. Also I love to know who gave him that poster and if the revealed characters are supposed to be on disk

  6. paul, did you lately contact your friend on whether or not we’re getting just 20 characters or more? was he right about the final 4 – are we going to get them on disc or did they get scrapped?

    1. Was in contact within the last few weeks. These are the kind of questions I can’t answer thoroughly, however, because (not to sound paranoid or anything) the reality of the situation is, too much revealing on my part could equal the source’s identity being deciphered by process of elimination.

  7. First off, Let me say i appreciate everything you do and have done. you’re pretty much pure awesome bro. I must know Paul Was pyramid Head or any Silent Hill rep on the “Master List” or even considered? Or how about Resident Evil rep? or any survival horror? Isaac from Dead Space maybe? Once again I appreciate it.

    1. I don’t know every character that was on the list, but first of all, know that it’s a pretty safe bet in assuming that anyone shy of being a Nintendo first party character or belonging to Microsoft in some way, was probably thought up of at some point, by someone. That being said, I do recall certain characters and certain franchises more than others and know that reps from Resident Evil and Silent Hill were brought up. Again, the main thing that I don’t know but would sure love to, is this “master list” with how things exactly got chipped away to the final 24 (or quite possibly, 20).

      1. if the had crash, cloud, and snake i doubt they just scrap them there the most highly demanded characters and are prob the most imp characters on the roster plus there the tweet of cole va saying he was doing voice work with david haytor as well. Do you have a theory paul on what could be happening?

          1. Nice, It’s good to hear survival horror was at least thought about. Seeing Harry Mason in this gen graphics along side pyramid head would be amazing. If you can get a hold of this master list to share, i would greatly appreciate it. I wanna see what kind of game this game could’ve been. Also do you plan on giving a hint towards the final boss?

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