My PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale source took this picture for Paul Gale Network
At Santa Monica Pier (Large)

Here’s a picture taken of me a couple weeks ago while I was at the beach. No significance behind the pic and if anything, it caught me a little off guard. That being said, I’m putting it up now for the heck of it.

And speaking of amusement, here’s a little video of me shooting my Springfield 9mm XD Sub-Compact on my birthday.

While I’m having some “blog fun” for a change…here are a couple of other pics taken this summer.

Walking on the sand at Santa Monica Beach on Paul Gale Network

Flexing at Santa Monica Beach on Paul Gale Network

A nod to SuperBot Entertainment and PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale on Paul Gale Network
Paying tribute to the SuperBot Entertainment robot (Large)

SuperBot Entertainment Robot Logo on Paul Gale Network
SuperBot Entertainment’s robot mascot

Original hint for Uncharted's Nathan Drake in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale on Paul Gale Network
Original hint for Uncharted’s Nathan Drake (Large)

Here’s the original picture that was intended to be used for his character hint revealing…back before I actually revealed Title Fight’s (PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale) existence in October, 2011. See, long before I unveiled the game, I knew about it and was planning on doing a series of hints (which is what I’ve been doing more recently), but thought that I’d probably fare better if I just gave a lot of info at once. It was discussed with my friend that that’d be the way to go and so that’s what I did. Still, knowing about the game for over 2 years didn’t stop me from planning hints for everyone ahead of time. But anyways, see if you would have figured out that the above pic was intended to represent Uncharted’s Nathan Drake.

17 thoughts on “Fun at the beach…paying tribute to the Superbot Entertainment robot…my original hint for Nathan Drake in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale…and having fun at the shooting range.”
  1. ignorant fan: “theres orange in his shorts! crash is in this game. i hope that means coco. and dr. cortex. and spyros friend hunter an-” *punched in the face.

      1. It will deliver and meet most people’s expectations…I hope. SuperBot Entertainment worked hard on the game and they deserve some credit for that work…even if not every character that every fan wants doesn’t make the cut.

    1. Ugghhh god no…honestly I know superbot is working hard but if they put lightning in instead of cloud,tidus or any other FF character that 1. Didn’t sell its self out to xbox and 2. Actually has a genuine place in PS history. Then I don’t get what there doing with this game.

      Different note, Paul you know how in smash bros when a character wins they do a vicotory pose and their theme song plays? Does PSA characters bring the personality of their games as well as smash bros characters did?

  2. 1st: thank for being such a reliable & cool person when it comes to an amazing game like PSASBR
    2nd i really want the game to have almost none of the characters unlocked when we first start up the game and have to claw through most of the modes to collect our roster of playable characters for vs.
    3rd are u able to comment/pass on feelings on point number 2

    1. 1) You’re totally welcome, bud. It’s a pleasure to have been a part of this game’s revealing and hints since then…and I will continue to be a supporter of it.

      2) There will be characters you have to unlock to play, so don’t fear too much.

      3) Yes, see above, hah.

  3. Hey paul! So nice to see that you also look over the PSAS forums!

    Does it mean if Heihachi is toros rival, that Heihachis rival is also Toro or could it be like Big Daddy or something. Just curious.

  4. Uhm, i have a particolar question: the European version of the game will be Multi-5 just on words (translations of subtitles and writings in general) or there will be even a voice acting translation for the single states (like France, Italy, Spain, etc.).

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