Paul Gale Network first showed you what Ryu and Ken could look like in Street Fighter V, if Capcom went back to its 2D roots, in Ryu’s stage right here. And in this follow up article, we gave you a look at Rainbow Mika vs. Zangief in the latter’s stage. Today, thanks once again to the great artwork of Joe Danos, my vision of Ken’s stage and Remy vs. Guile in it, are realized.

Street Fighter V: Remy vs. Guile on Paul Gale Network
Street Fighter V: Remy vs. Guile (Large)

There’s a lot going on in this image, so here’s the breakdown:

– We wanted to preserve Remy’s look, but update him slightly, so his hair is a bit shorter and his sleeves are rolled up. Though cosmetic, since the game does take place roughly five years after 3rd Strike, it’s fairly commonplace for age to bring change and in this case, our young French fighter has matured a bit.

– With Guile, much of what made him the classic American hero is the same, but he’s sporting a bit of a 5 o’clock shadow and his flat top is just slightly less groomed to reflect that he too is getting a little older.

– The background is a very important part to piece, beginning with a now 10 year old Mel that’s training with his mom and Ken’s wife, Eliza. If you look closely, Mel’s got the same headband coloring that he had in SF3’s ending, but now bandanna style like Ryu’s and his gi is orange, to reflect the orange shirt we’ve seen him in, in the past (wants to be like dad, but a little different).

Off to the right we have a now 18 year old Amy (Guile’s daughter) and next to her in the pink, Guile’s wife Julia. As for why are they in this stage, it’s because Ken’s wife and Guile’s wife are sisters and this is Ken and Eliza’s 10th Wedding Anniversary Party, as can be seen by the banner hanging from Ken’s mansion.

Another bit of fun that we included, was that Ken is actually in his own stage, next to a statue of himself, when not fighting. And thanks to the way that Joe drew the walkway from the pool to the dojo, a fun thought is that when Ken actually is chosen as a playable character in his own stage, a quick few second introduction will take place in which he runs down the path, toward the screen, and jumps into fighting frame. Street Fighter is known for characters having cool actions before a fight, sometimes opponent-specific, and I thought it’d be time for something fresh like this to take place.

– And now it’s time to make something official. In Paul Gale Network’s vision of Street Fighter V, Capcom has agreed to make Remy, Guile’s son. In the ending of Street Fighter II, we saw an approximately aged, 8 year Amy with mom, welcoming back their dad and husband (respectively). Since we know that Guile left them to take on M. Bison and avenge Charlie’s death, the story with Remy and his deceased sister, is that while Guile was on Air Force duty, for a mission in France, 8 years before marrying Julia (yet still seeing her off and on), he met a woman, had a relationship with her, and had a son in Remy. The story I’m writing is that he stayed active with this woman and Remy, for about 3 years, and it was on his last visit to them, that the woman became pregnant, and that child eventually became Remy’s younger sister (that we know has been dead on ice thanks to Remy’s ending in Street Fighter III).

During one of Guile’s missions after that last visit to France, he suffered massive head trauma, erasing what he had known for the past three years. His friend and mentor, Charlie, didn’t know about this relationship in France either, so Remy was now fatherless and his younger sister never even met her dad. Guile’s only knowledge of love then, would be Julia, so they got married and in 5 years’ time, had Amy. That takes us up to Street Fighter II with Amy being 8, Guile’s unknown other daughter being 13, and Remy, the forgotten son being 16. This now fits particularly well with Street Fighter III, because Remy looks like he’s about 21. And with Street Fighter V taking place 5 years after Street Fighter III (because remember, SFIV actually happens between II and III), Guile’s daughter Amy is 18 and Remy, who’s an active participant in the tournament, trying to find Guile and get answers, is 26.

Guile skipped the SF3 tournament because after SF2 ended, he went back to being a family man. However, him getting involved with this new battle is because of an interaction he had with Rose. She met him once and opened his mind into seeing that he had another family and that his son actually was in the last tournament and is in this one as well, trying to find him.

Next time:

That wraps up this week’s Street Fighter V project, but know that there’s definitely a whole lot more to come. Check out Joe Danos‘ DeviantArt profile for more of what this great artist is capable of, for he will be responsible for future installments of my vision as well. What did you think of Ken’s stage, the art, the fighters, and the story development that I added to the mix? I hope to make Street Fighter fans the world over and Capcom, proud! Hadouken…err…Sonic Boom!

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