Ok…this is just a little joke for you all to start the morning off right. The actor, Jerry Lambert, who plays the character representative for Sony, Kevin Butler, is in a new commercial for Bridgestone Tires and in it, he’s promoting Wii.

No, this isn’t a confirmation or denial of any sorts from Paul Gale Network about Kevin Butler being in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale…this is just an article and video I’m sharing for your own amusement. That being said, I’m still waiting for a response from SuperBot Entertainment regarding me possibly sharing something big with you, within the coming week, so more on that as it happens.

Source: BridgestoneTire.com

34 thoughts on “Will Kevin Butler be in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale? About as likely as him promoting Wii…err Bridgestone Tires.”
  1. hey, I was wondering if there will be anymore info about this game being shared to fans during PAX 2012 or any other big gaming expo. I am very excited about the game, thanks for all the info you’ve given us

      1. I find this funny as both a PS fan and a Nintendo fan. Jeremy Lambert, to the best of my knowledge, isn’t under any contract with Sony, so he’s free to promote for both Nintendo and Microsoft. He’ll still make it funny and memorable regardless of system/company he does a commercial/advertisement for.

  2. Well since you said its about as likely as him promoting wii then I guess it’s pretty likely that he is in PSASBR cuz we just witnessed him promote wii

  3. kevin butler has the best commercials for the ps3 are so hilarius jajjajajja and if he switch of company I will be a little dissapointed but still he’ll be the best

  4. Kevin Noooo!!!

    Lol, yno, regarding what your waiting for…

    It would’ve been really nice if you could have gotten like… And exclusive video or something revealing a character. You’ve done a great job
    Promoting their game and I can’t help but think you’ve earned an exclusive that could actually bring some major traffic to this site. An exclusive video revealing a new character would have been outstanding.

    Maybe you could request a story trailer reveal or something? It may feel like a lot to ask, but worst case scenario, they say sorry they have everything planned already for reveals.

    It’d be awesome though if Superbot could throw you a bigger bone some time as a thank you.

    1. There was some “lightly joking” talk between SuperBot and me about being in the credits of the game when we met up at the Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Event in Los Angeles…so you never know, haha. It would be really awesome, but I honestly don’t know. And I’m sorry if I didn’t get back to you on a former question you posted. I do try and respond to as many as possible…

  5. Ah, gotta love that Kevin Butler. 8D

    I know Lambert isn’t actually suppose to be Butler here. Still interesting to see him promoting a Nintendo console in a commercial though. Would be crazy to see him in All-Stars. XD

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