2010’s Spike TV VGA’s Teaser
Recap of 2010’s Spike TV VGA’s

Last year on the eve of the Spike TV Video Game Awards, I put up a story that I knew would excite gamers…especially those thinking that there’d be nothing bigger than the already known Uncharted 3 that’d show up. I was more than happy when I saw the list of games that were going to be shown, two of which for the first time: Skyrim and Mass Effect 3. Now not everyone agreed with my opinion that the two games were bigger than Uncharted 3’s trailer, but I stand by my original statement. Both Skyrim and Mass Effect 3 are two multiplatform titles (Xbox 360, PS3, and PC) thus reaching a greater audience and the former is a 5th entry in a series (The Elder Scrolls).

But that’s old talk. This article on Paul Gale Network today is designed to get you excited for this year’s Spike TV Video Game Awards (5pm PST). For starters, prepare to get pumped to see Alan Wake’s next game, some Metal Gear Solid: Rising talk with Hideo Kojima, and a blockbuster game that BioWare is putting together. You could definitely say that the theme for their title is “trending” in the video game industry today.

But you want to know what’s secretly planned? Like last year, this isn’t something I can reveal prior to the show because it’s not my place to do so. I will tell you that at least one of the currently-unknown titles is in my opinion, spectacular. As with last year’s list, this is again…just a list. I don’t think you’re going to be disappointed though. I can however share a personal opinion and it’s that there is indeed something present for every console owner, but PS3 fans will get the most out of it.

Prithvi Virasinghe, Dan Yang, and Carlos Giffoni on Paul Gale Network
Prithvi Virasinghe, Paul Gale, Dan Yang, and Carlos Giffoni at E3 2011.

Watch if for a special tribute to the 25th Anniversary of The Legend of Zelda, for a certain “very high profile” PlayStation 3 game, and some pretty cool other titles. I’m looking forward to hearing your opinions after the show and whether you thought it was the best Spike TV VGA event yet…or not.

31 thoughts on “Should you be excited for the 2011 Spike TV Video Game Awards? Oh yes…it’s going to deliver!”
  1. why would it be at jump festival? way less people would be there than at the VGAs. plus title fight is way to big an announcement for the jump festa. thats VGA, E3, or PAX news

    1. I think that if you add up all of what the VGA’s are going to show, it’s worth watching. The known games will have some fresh trailers, I would say that BioWare’s title is going to be a big release (though you’ll know when you see it if it’s your kind of game or not, almost immediately), and the PS3 title is pretty damn good. A couple of other first looks make me excited as well.

      Now I am curious, Xino, last year I said that there would be two games bigger than Uncharted 3 that would show up: Skyrim and Mass Effect 3. Those both independently and combined were bigger in my opinion. Do you think you’d agree with my statement in retrospect?

      Because I’ll tell you now, no matter what my opinion is about the show’s list, there’ll still be people that walk away all sad because it’s not what they were hoping for. If you’re in my camp and you see eye to eye with me, chances are you’ll leave the show saying, “hey that was cool”.

      1. as for your listing of games bigger than Uncharted 3.
        I don’t know when you said that, but I agree. Those games are as big as Uncharted 3, mixed with the marketing and promotion. They are big AAA titles.

        Well it all depends on taste for the ones who walk away sad. For an example rAge is an amazing looking game but it doesn’t interest me because of the stupid car racing add on.

  2. I doubt it is Title Fight, since it was revealed by PGN (Paul Gale Network) close to 1 to 2 weeks ago. It very could be God of War 4, although I find that doubtful. Now, note that they say it’s a PS3 exclusive. So, this could be a gameplay video of the long-awaited Agent, or a gameplay video/release date to The Last Guardian, or even a teaser of MGS5, since Kojima-san said that he is working on it. So, it may be GoW 4, but may doubtful, and is unlikely Title Fight.

  3. Ya Paul u pretty much just told us no title fight. U didn’t say it was what we wanted or anything related u avoided the question like a pro n said the VGAs r going to deliver and the ps3 title is damn good. But not title fight

    1. Well in that case, Happy Birthday, Noah! I hope you have an excellent day celebrating however you plan to. Enjoy it!

      (But as for the new details…I’m waiting on something to make the update more than just “ehh” and try to provide something cool).

  4. skyrim is a much better game than uncharted 3 but not mass effect 3,mass effect 2 didn’t come close to mass effect 1 imo anyways.

    but yeah that was last years talk anyways hope to see a multiplat surprise thats on ps3,360 and pc.

  5. I’ll probably just be playing something all night and watch all the trailers the next morning while I eat breakfast. Because honestly, I know what the best games of the year are. I don’t need a group of celebrities who don’t even go hard telling me what’s good.

  6. Ya man that makes total sense in a way. Thanks for the happy bday lol. But u also gotta b strategic about this. If you wait for to long people will stop getting interested. At least try to do a new QnA soon.

  7. Me wants a good ps3 game. boared of Uc3 now need somthing to look forward to and sly cooper 4 good as it is, just dosen’t cut it. Oh Paul PAUL! Any New trailers for sly 4. c’mon if you have the line up. i have to go to a concert i don’t wanna go to that day. plus its hard for me to locate the stream due to being in the gmt. please tells us. even a private email? oh who am i kidding!

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