A lot of people ask why don’t I share all of the information I have remaining on PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale and further prove my credibility, get a tremendous amount of hits, etc., and so I thought I’d provide a little explanation as to why I’m keeping certain things close to the chest.

I stopped with the big reveals before E3, because with the revelation to me of Big Daddy and some other characters, I didn’t want to cause harm to SuperBot, yet still be the source that could build hype for the game as my own contact requested me do. At E3, over a couple of great discussions with Omar and the rest of the SuperBot team, I gave them my word on being very selective on what I’d say from then on out, they said thanks for not revealing Big Daddy (which I actually did have a hint for that I could have dropped a bit prior to the show), and told me to keep in contact with them if I was going to share anything truly big…aside from vague clues.

Law-wise, there’s nothing stopping me at all from blowing the lid off of the rest of the game. But there are things above the law, one of which being the word and respect that one man gives to a whole group that’s put years of time into a project this big. Some of these people had kids born during PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale’s development, some had personal issues going on in their lives, and yet all of them on board continued to pour their efforts into making this game to the best of their ability and to blow everything wouldn’t be cool in my book.

I did enough from the get-go to launch this game, which will be the biggest PlayStation 3 exclusive to date, and build up a 6 month hype-train that millions of gamers world wide hopped on to. Daniel Maniago, Omar Kendall, Dean Rymer, and the other SuperBot members told me that what I did, did in fact help the game gain a tremendous amount of hype, support, and general interest.

From E3 on out, however, my role has changed into one that can still help the team out and be involved with the community of fans that it has built up, but also be mindful of the creator’s wishes, the stocks involved, other investors, and so on. I only aim to deliver good and that’s why leading up to the game’s launch, the articles on Paul Gale Network that have something to do with this project will be handled the way I’m doing so now. Thank you for understanding and with Gamescom, you’ll all have a few more reasons to be very pleased with the direction that this game is heading. 🙂 Oh yes…believe it!

Hint: I already confirmed one of the four which can be seen as two of five.

16 thoughts on “There will be more hints for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale on Paul Gale Network, but be kept vague.”
  1. Thanks Paul, we understand what you’re doing!
    We’re you’re gonna keep giving us some hints!
    I’d like to ask you a small question though, does Team Ico have any kind of presence in the game? I mean character, stage, music, anything, I just want to know if they’ll be there in some form.

      1. It’s ok, I understand haha
        Byt the way I meant “We’re happy you’re gonna keep…” in my previous comment.
        But Paul, Clockw0rk just said all characters will be unlocked from the get-go, is that true?
        I hope it isn’t, unlocking characters is incredibly fun.

  2. Tbh Paul, I wouldn’t actually approve you spoiling the entire game in one go! I tend to enjoy speculating about the hints far more than when you confirmed Ratchet or Jak!

    Keep up the good work Paul!

    Though could you do a favour? When a character is officially revealed which you’ve given hints for, could you give us the answer to the hints? Like how it was Night/Day for Cole.

    I’m sure alot of us would appreciate it 🙂

  3. Keep up the good work Paul! We fully understand why and respect it!

    If I may, I’d prefer to speculate about the hints more than you just saying out right who the characters are. Makes the time pass faster don’t you think?

  4. Hey Paul since Dante was officially revealed today, can you shed some light on one of your hints? The hint was a 3rd party hero that has a strong affiliation with the Playstation brand. Was that hint for Dante? Just curious to know if it was. Thanks

  5. U have already Confirmed one of four which can be seen as two of five. I’m thinking that means there are two of the same character. Or at least two from the same game. I think it’s either another rachet and clank character (you confirmed him first) or its evil cole. My two cents

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