Nintendo Switch has become the fastest selling home video game system in U.S. history!

Nintendo really is on a roll with their Nintendo Switch and in my opinion, it’s well deserved! Here’s the press release: REDMOND, Wash.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Nintendo Switch has become the fastest-selling home video game system in U.S. history. The home console that players can take wherever they go launched March 3, 2017, and in 10 months has […]

It’s 2018…Happy New Year!

Wow! 2017 went by fast and was filled with a lot of good moments. My daughter, Brooke Zelda Gale was born on March 17th, my son, Bryson Paul Gale turned 3 on November 20th, the Nintendo Switch came out on March 3rd, we got a whole bunch of new and wonderful games, Paul Gale Network […]

Bryson Paul Gale introducing Brooke Zelda Gale to the world…The Legend of Zelda style…only on Paul Gale Network!

Bryson Paul Gale is my 2.5 year old son and it took him no time to become a big Nintendo fan, just like his mom and dad! My wife and I decided for our baby announcement (of child number two), to do a Legend of Zelda themed photo shoot, which we shared last August, right […]

Awesome new Nintendo Switch in Unexpected Places commercial…which includes a few seconds of Paul Gale Network!

Ten days ago, I shared with you the Nintendo Switch John Cena commercial that I was in, right here… and today I’m just as excited to share yet one more commercial I’m in! Check out the 7 second mark and the 10 second mark! That’s me in the red Nintendo Switch shirt. You could also […]

Check out this John Cena playing Nintendo Switch commercial, which even features a few seconds of Paul Gale Network!

On February 23rd, Paul Gale Network had the awesome opportunity to play Nintendo Switch with WWE’s 16 time champion, John Cena! It was an awesome event, titled “Unexpected Places”, and I had a great time. Here is the commercial, in which you can see me, at the 18 second mark! I’m in the brown leather […]

Kong: Skull Island – Rise of the King [Official Final Trailer]. Spectacular! View it now on Paul Gale Network!

Here it is, folks, the final trailer for Kong: Skull Island. Enjoy! Talk about spectacular, right!? What did you think? Here’s to March 10th!

Paul Gale Network attended the Nintendo Switch Unexpected Places event, played 1 – 2 – Switch with John Cena, tried Zelda, and had an absolute blast!

Today I had an absolute blast playing the Nintendo Switch with John Cena at the Unexpected Places event that Nintendo hosted in Santa Clarita, California. I’m really grateful and just want to say thank you to Nintendo and John for making everything really fun. After driving up to the location, we rode in a van […]

First look at Link in his Nintendo Switch t-shirt in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Paul Gale Network is really excited for the upcoming DLC in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and as you can see, my son Bryson Paul Gale was able to provide us today with an exclusive look at the Nintendo Switch shirt wearing Link! How great is it to have even MORE Zelda […]

Special thank you to Kate and the Nintendo Social Media Team for the baby gifts sent for Brooke Zelda Gale!

Last week, Kate from Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda Facebook page, sent me a congratulations on our soon to be daughter, Brooke Zelda Gale, that my wife and I are expecting next month. What caught her attention was the following: (Full article) What was unexpected, but really awesome, was her thoughtfulness and consideration, when she […]

Check out some awesome fan made Nintendo creations by Geeksmithing!

Wes Swain has a YouTube channel called Geeksmithing, where he shares his various creations based off of Nintendo’s most iconic characters and if you’re a Big N fan, you gotta check out some of his efforts! Mario Kart 8 Nursery Hand Carved Mario Themed Bookcase Geeksmithing on YouTube

Nintendo Switch – Shotokan Karate fun on Paul Gale Network.

Here is a short, fun little video that I made today that shows my passion for both Nintendo and martial arts. It’s both Nintendo Switch and Shotokan Karate in one! Enjoy and here’s to Nintendo Switch in just 24 more days…March 3rd!

Nintendo Switch is a sponsor of the 2017 Kids’ Choice Awards and Paul Gale Network says Splatoon 2 should definitely be incorporated!

The 2017 Kids’ Choice Awards is happening on Saturday, March 11th, just slightly after the Nintendo Switch world wide launch on March 3rd and Paul Gale Network really feels like Splatoon 2 would be perfect to have incorporated into the event. With John Cena (16 time WWE Campion) being the host and Nintendo being a […]

Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017 action video on Paul Gale Network.

Here is the Nintendo Switch live presentation reaction video from January 12th, that I made with my son Bryson Paul Gale! As you can see, he is definitely a Nintendo fan! Yup, this is parenting done right. 🙂

Paul Gale Network’s reaction video to the Nintendo Switch Super Bowl LI commercial.

This morning, Nintendo revealed their Nintendo Switch Super Bowl commercial and Paul Gale Network shared it right here, but if you would like to see my own reaction to watching it, here that is below: I was definitely very pleased as you can tell…from the choice of Believer, a brand new song by Imagine Dragons […]

Check out the awesome Nintendo Switch Super Bowl LI commercial!

Nintendo has just revealed its 100 second Nintendo Switch Super Bowl LI commercial and we have it right here on Paul Gale Network for your viewing pleasure! Enjoy! This commercial is the extended cut version, which means that for regular TV usage, we’ll probably get a few broken up 30 second or so commercials. I […]

Check out the nearly 5 minute, epic trailer: “Nintendo Switch – Play anytime, anywhere, with anyone”.

Nintendo UK just put this video up on their YouTube channel and it’s pretty much a 5 minute mega trailer that shows how much versatility you can get out of the Nintendo Switch. Seriously cool, incredibly fun. Nintendo is on a roll with the Nintendo Switch advertising. Keep it up!

Watch the brand new and very cool trailer for Logan, right here!

Check out the awesome new trailer for Logan, hitting theaters this March 1st! What did you think of the trailer? X-23 looks like a great addition to the X-Men movie franchise and may end up taking a lead roll in the future films. Here’s to this also being Hugh Jackman’s best portrayal as Logan/wolverine yet!

Check out the new trailer for Power Rangers, which shows off the suits, Zordon, the Zords, and more!

Last month, Paul Gale Network revealed some behind the scenes details on the new Power Rangers movie. Today I am excited to share the brand-new trailer! Enjoy. What did you think!? The Rangers, Zordon, Zords, and overall direction of the movie is definitely looking good. Here’s to it’s release on March 24th!

Nintendo Switch launches world wide on March 3rd for $300! Watch the amazing one hour presentation right here!

Here it is, folks…the moment we’ve all been waiting for: The Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017! Nintendo really delivered with this presentation. The announced that the Switch is coming out world wide on the same date, March 3rd, 2017, will be releasing for $300, and in the box, includes the Switch console itself, the Dock with […]

Super Nintendo World gets revealed as Nintendo’s first theme park, coming to Universal Studios Japan!

Just moments ago, Nintendo revealed its first theme park, along with the following concept image. Introducing, Super Nintendo World! This 50 billion yen plus park (around $432 million) will be arriving in July of 2020 and by the looks of things, it seems to be everything us video game fans have ever wanted. Paul Gale […]