Last week, Paul Gale Network shared with you Heihachi and Toro as the two newest characters to join the PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale roster. Before officially revealing them, however, I did provide two hints in this article.

How did those two hints play out? The first one was of a martial artist with exaggerated hair (Heihachi Mishima) and the second, of a cat (Toro Inoue). As I previously stated, throughout this summer, SuperBot Entertainment would be revealing several new characters, periodically, and the next two happen to be coming this weekend at the San Diego Comic Con.

Would you like similar hints beforehand of who they might be?

173 thoughts on “Two new character reveals coming this weekend, for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.”
  1. 1. Will the game support multiple PSN logins on the PS3?
    2. Will this game have an online pass? (please say no)
    3. Leaderboards?
    4. Stats – W/L ratio; K/D ratio; amount time used x character etc.
    5. Will there be an option to filter matches online so that we can choose to ONLY play with PS3 players or ONLY Vita players?
    6. Will there be challenge modes/Mini games?
    7. Which forums/message boards do they read?

    1. 1) I believe so, 2) Not that I’m aware of, 3) Yes, 4) Yes, 5) I’m not sure, 6) There will be more than just arcade and versus, 7) I send my source, Sony, and the SuperBot team an e-mail update periodically with the link to my “share your ideas with them” article on the top left of my site.

  2. I know that I might seem new to this but, is there any chance you have seen any sack creatures or mysterious robed chirping people in this game?

  3. When the devs were choosing the characters, did they pick by gens? Like ps1, ps2, ps3, psp, psvita?

    Are there any PSP exclusive characters? Or PS vita exclusive characters?

  4. I have another questions Paul! (Thanks for the latest answers ^^)

    1-are in the roster a “horror” character?
    2-are in the roster a spearman? (fight with a spear 🙂
    3-who is the “yes” on my other 3 questions? hahaha 😀
    Thanks for all Paul, you are great!

  5. Paul, I know people asking you for hints gets annoying, but is there a possibility that a pink-haired heroine, that shares my username could possibly maybe be in this game over a spiky haired overrated little crossdresser, any small wink or a “maybe we’ll see” would be appreciated.

    1. I think Arkham Asylum/City Batman would make a great addition to the game. Sorry for the multiple posts, I meant to put this in the above post.

  6. Hey Paul,
    So if the hint for Heihachi was meant for another character also, did he/she start on the PS1, PS2, or PS3? And could the upcoming hints be pictures please? It’s fun guessing those. (:

    1. Well in regards to Omar and the SuperBot team, I met them at E3 this past June…but for my particular source that has been supplying me information on this game for nearly 2 years, we’ve known each other for a while. Living in southern California has really allowed me to meet many people from different industries. Some that have become friends thanks to a first introduction at an event like E3 and others by recognition while doing outside projects.

      1. /smirk

        I think that it shows just how little you know Omar that you keep claiming that he’s a friend of yours and that you’re in contact with him about the game.

        As for all of your other “friends”, it’s not exactly hard to snap photos of yourself with various industry devs. Photos are only proof that you asked them to pose for one with you.

        If you really are chummy with the Superbot team (and as someone who is, I know you aren’t), how about sharing some photos of you hanging out at their office? Or at a restaurant with them?

        1. I’ve met Omar and the SuperBot team on two separate occassions and that’s at E3 2012 Day 2 and Day 3. I don’t claim to know Omar very well, but will say that him and everyone else that I was introduced to are very nice and understanding of this situation. I do however know one particular person that’s tied to the development of this game in some capacity, and it is that individual that has provided me information on this game since its Title Fight origins for close to 2 years now. That’s all.

  7. Paul, I have a question- the stages we have seen so far are all really cool, but they’re all fairly small. Will we see any bigger maps (and I hate to invite the comparison, but like “Temple” in SSBM?)

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