Get ready folks because next week, coming to the Nintendo Prime Podcast are none other than Kit Ellis and Krysta Yang from Kit & Krysta! These two former Nintendo employees of 13 and 14 years respectively, left the company nearly a year ago to the date and shortly after, began their own YouTube Channel, Patreon, and Discord.

As of this writing, these two former Nintendo Minute stars have 50,800 subscribers on their YouTube Channel, have held 49 of their own Podcasts (including a number of entertaining Super Kit & Krysta 64 episodes), and with this me, are helping bring fitness to gamers, courtesy Kit & Krysta: Fitness and Calisthenics with Paul Gale Network.

Here’s to a fun 5-Person Podcast next week on Nintendo Prime!

(Personally…I’m very excited for this because I’m going to see different friends interact for the first time and hope that out of it is a fun time and success for both parties!)