Epic PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale trailer with Polygon Man, New Live action commercial, DLC character and stage confirmation, and one grand poster on Paul Gale Network.

ByPaul Gale

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For PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale fans and fighting enthusiasts!

We’re a mere 12 days away from PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale coming out in the United States, so what better timing than now for some new treats come our way. This Paul Gale Network article is simply highlighting what was said in the subject title…so no need to try and decipher anything. Let’s get started then!

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale PAL TV Spot Director’s cut

This is the newest live action commercial for the game that shows a wide variety of different types of gamers, adopting the roll of their favorite characters. It’s currently airing in Europe and is quite a bit different than the live action trailer we saw previously. Funny though. Your thoughts?

Grand PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale poster on Paul Gale Network
Hilarious PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale poster Presented By: PaulGaleNetwork.com (Large)

Next up is this hilarious poster by NeoGAF user, “corporate cheerleader” that was originally sent to me on twitter. What it shows is a very comical look back on the history of this title, PGN’s involvement, and the rest of the internet coming together, to try and decipher as much as possible in this past year.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Attract Trailer

Now this is something you’re all bound to like, as it not only does a great job with its slick cgi visuals and fight choreography amongst characters, but shows Polygon Man at the end. Readers of this site have known for a while that Polygon Man was a part of the game…

Seth Killian with Polygon Man in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale on Paul Gale Network
Seth Killian and Paul Gale

…but at least now you have a little better look at how he’ll be portrayed. Maybe it’s not in game footage of him, but it’s a bit more than just appearing on a t-shirt.

And finally, much to the delight of many of you I’m sure, is the fact that there will guaranteed be DLC in the game after it launches. What this downloadable content will include, partially consists of new characters and new stages. Paul Gale Network’s Final Four, you know them well: Wander, Old Snake, Cloud Strife, Crash Bandicoot. Will those four make it? We’ll see. Then there’s the other “highly considered” batch: Chun Li or Ryu from Street Fighter, Ico, Spyro the Dragon, Dart Feld. And finally, the original, two proposed DLC characters: Altaïr, Ezio, or Connor from Assassin’s Creed and Kat from Gravity Rush.

Thank you all for your continued passion and support Stay tuned for future updates and here’s to a good launch.

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56 thoughts on “Epic PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale trailer with Polygon Man, New Live action commercial, DLC character and stage confirmation, and one grand poster on Paul Gale Network.”
  1. damn education filter i have to wait till i get home to watch these vids but at least i know that there will be stage AND character dlc.

    its about time iv been telling fighting games directors (such as edd boon) that they need stage dlc not just costume color and characters

  2. stupid education filter i have to wait till i get home to watch these vids but at least i know that there will be stage AND character dlc.

    its about time iv been telling fighting games directors (such as edd boon) that they need stage dlc not just costume color and characters

    1. Education filters? Nooooo! Hey but at least you’re able to visit this site, heh heh. Must be because PGN is considered an education site with its martial arts tutorial, health and fitness advice, etc. 😉

  3. My only wish Paul Gale my only wish for this game…is Crash Bandicoot. PLEASE tell me rather or not him and the other 4 will be DLC. 12 days will be coming up faster than you think and the anticipation is straight killing me!!!

  4. Let’s just hope That Crash and Spyro and Cloud and your favorites PS characters Make in DLC.
    Im Still praying for Activision! 🙂
    Because the trailer is so epic. i just wish the legends join the party too!(like crash and spyro etc)
    Thanks for the Info Paul! 😀

  5. I JUST REALIZED they showed all the rivals in the new video! thx paul my hype for the game in now back to the top. also i hope they add in alot of other characters for dlc and levels too. XD

      1. thanks for uploading all of this info Paul. that was a pretty impressive animated trailer. definitely getting this game though, even if the final four don’t make it in.

  6. I only have one word to describe this…
    I love it jajjja this game going to be awesome thanks paul for everything 😀

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  8. i love to check your site daily at colledge but i think that there is only gunna be 2 dlc if so i want crash and spyro
    if there are more (hope so) then hopefully wander or an mk rep

    1. WIth a game like this, you really think after all the cries about several characters not making it in, all wed get are 2?I predict 5-10 at the most.10 would result in 5 extra rivals and wouldnt take too long to do.So if I only could choose 10 remaining, it would be:

      Pyramid Head
      Scorpion & or Subzero
      Ryu & or Chung Lee
      Shepard from Mass effect
      Assassins Creed Rep & or Rayman

  9. I just realized something. In that funny video where the people are playing as the characters(top video), JUST that still picture where its asking you to press play and they are on the elevator… Nathan Drake looks like Ray Romano!


  10. This Trailer was one of the best fighting videos ever, it brought out a lot of emotion in me seeing some of my favorite characters of all time. Rivalries look great. Polygonman looks like he’s out to get someone. Great Article Paul, can’t wait to see what else Superbot has in store for us.

  11. If I get to make my crossover fighting game in a few years, I’ll be sure to let you know what the characters/stages/modes/ect. are, Paul.

    I know you’d figure out a good way to reveal that stuff to the internet. 🙂

  12. The opening was.. amazing! I kept watching it over and over. I liked the part when Little Sister hugs Sackboy. XD I’m glad DLC has been confirmed. Hopefully “the final four” and the others will be joining the battle after the game’s release.. and that poster is crazy! Kat kissing Miku? Never thought I’d see that pairing. :3 And lol at the Raiden x Cole, Snake’s ass, Dolan Duck, and Fat Princess in a bikini pics! XD

    Also, Lisek needs to be a DLC character! j/k

  13. Love the All-Stars roster and love Polygon man!

    Why no love for Scorpion though? I know he ain’t the most popular choice but he was heavily rumored due to little blurbs between Superbot and Ed Boon on twitter?

    I dunno, it just seems like it’d be a waste for PSAS to ignore how amazing it would be to get Scorpion and Ryu in the same game…

  14. DLC chracters get all features original cast gets including story in adventure.
    Crash……….. CRASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    then spyro,
    then ff rep
    then snake
    then ryu
    then conner
    then kat

    Omar said, “crash will NEVER be dlc, he would be a free character”, I really hope he comes through for us with that free dlc,


  15. I’m soooooo excited about this game, thanks to you paul i’m pre ordering this game. I’m making sure that I get this game. Thanks for your info, can’t wait!!!

  16. Hey Paul! You know if the final version of the game will have voice selector? I’m from Spain and the game will come with Spanish voices here, but I will love to hear the original cast (Nolan North, Eric Ladin etc.). But in some games the only way to do that is changing the language of the PlayStation 3, and is a pain in the *** do this everytime I want to play the game. Also, by doing this we lose the spanish subtitles. 🙁

    Thank you!

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