Ryu vs. Ken in Ryu’s stage

Rainbow Mika vs. Zangief in Zangief’s stage

Remy vs. Guile in Ken’s stage

For those that are seeing Paul Gale Network’s Street Fighter V project for the first time, take a peak at the three links up above, for in addition to being original takes excellently illustrated by Joe Danos, the articles also shed light on some gameplay ideas that I’ve developed.

Q vs. Akuma in Street Fighter V on Paul Gale Network
Street Fighter V: Q vs. Akuma (Large)

That being said, Joe (The GreenKnight24) just finished the latest addition to this SFV effort and it’s of Q vs. Akuma in Q’s stage.

– Q is a mysterious character that first made his presence in Street Fighter III and though we don’t know much about him, we know that he’s a bit of a detective for the cause of good, so we made his stage a lair/monitoring station where he keeps tabs on different events that have taken place/taking place in the Street Fighter universe.

– As your match goes on, different screens light up and show short clips of some of the most pivotal events in Street Fighter history. For instance, you’ll see M. Bison killing Charlie, Chun Li’s father (Dorai) in peril at Shadoloo’s hands, Dan’s father (Go Hibiki) fighting Sagat until the former’s death, and even Guile holding an almost 3 year old Remy in his arms (since PGN has now officially made him, Guile’s son from a previous relationship he had while in France). The idea here is to show that Q has been around for years, trying to help and piece together certain puzzles.

– If you look closely, in perhaps the larger version of this image, you’ll see that we made Akuma have a grey streak in his hair that goes from above the ear to the top. Yes, he’s still the same demonic badass you’ve come to know and love (as you can see that he’s still capable of pulling off the Raging Demon), but is naturally getting older.

– Another fine attention to detail that Mr. Danos was able to highlight is the ground’s granite-like reflective properties. As with all of the other subtle features that make Street Fighter V show off its graphical prowess, this element is also an impressive one, that reflects the characters and their movements.

– Finally, a question that many people have been asking, and that’s whether or not a parrying system can exist yet again in a Street Fighter game. And the answer to that is yes, but it’s got a twist to it. You can parry but have to have on hand, one filed up circle in the Ultra Custom Combo Meter and one filled up block in the Super Combo Meter. You press two punch and one kick button or two kick and one punch button and forward at the same time, which allows you parry one move or one second’s worth of attacks. If you’re successful (and with each followed parry, it’s only a push forward and not the three buttons every time), you not only take no damage, but also receive a little bit of life back.

You can then see that if you have 4 or 5 full circles filled up in the UCCM and all 4 blocks filled in the SCM, then if you’re low on life and are quick enough to react, you can save yourself by deflecting 4 or 5 seconds (respectively) worth of a combo, super move, etc., from your opponent, and get back a decent amount of life for parrying each hit. This makes the game complex enough for masters to truly excel at, but not something that lesser skilled Street Fighter players have to become proficient in, in order to play and have fun.

It’s my attempt at the perfect balance between old and new, what gamers loved about Street Fighter Alpha, Street Fighter III, and Street Fighter IV. Write your comments below on the art that Joe created, my ideas, and anything you want to talk about. Your opinion is appreciated. And just know that more stages are on their way! Thank you. Hadouken!

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  1. As always, excellent artwork (great coloring) from Joe and great ideas from Paul.

    Very detailed with the stage and clarification. Thanks for all the work you both are doing. I look forward to seeing more stages in the near future. Shoryuken!

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