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Since there have been a lot of questions lately about Title Fight, today’s update will be brought to you in Q/A format.

Q1] Will Title Fight have any female characters?
A1] Yes, there currently are two confirmed female characters in the game, one of which was already announced on Paul Gale Network, Fat Princess. The other, isn’t ready to be revealed yet, but if you saw the last article on Title Fight from November 20th, one of the pictures included should give you a small hint as to whose dimensions they belong to.

Q2] Do you think James Bond will make the cut?
A2] I sure “hope” he does because I couldn’t see it more fitting for the next Bond film to come out and with it being hot and all, it’d surely draw some extra traffic from its own fanbase, into buying Title Fight (from purely a strategic marketing standpoint). And as a personal fan of the series myself, I think you could do a lot of cool stuff with the character. From a unique gameplay style of hand to hand combat with stealthy Walther PPK kill shots to extra DLC for the various actors that have played James Bond over the years and everything in between…there’s plenty of good that could come from it.

Q3] Will there be any 3rd party characters in Title Fight?
A3] From the list of fighters so far, there aren’t any 3rd party characters, however it is something that’s being considered. I think it’d be an excellent opportunity to bring in a couple of guys or gals that either 1) has a position in an existing fighting game series that’d make for a logical choice and 2) have someone that though 3rd party, has had a significant roll in the building-up of the PlayStation brand. My example for both would be Ryu from Street Fighter and Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid.

In Snake’s case, he has been on non-PlayStation systems, but does have a big roll in the Sony family. It was Metal Gear Solid after all, that really put the character on the map more than any previous title did. Maybe not exclusive to PlayStation, but still important. Plus, David Hayter (article on him) already did the voice work for Snake in Super Smash Bros. Brawl…so I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t mind doing it again.

David Hayter as Solid Snake possibly in Title Fight on Paul Gale Network
David Hayter has a huge fanbase and loves the character, Solid Snake. Perhaps we’d get Old Snake?

Q4] If you could pick one 3rd party character for the game, who’d it be?
A4] Ryu from Street Fighter. I know that there are some more popular choices amongst you, such as Cloud Strife popping up a lot from Final Fantasy VII, but I really think he’d be an awesome choice. Ryu doesn’t have as much PlayStation clout or allegiance as Snake or Cloud, but he IS the most recognizable fighting game character there is.

There is no doubt that Ryu is one of my favorite characters in all of videogaming, so this really is just a biased opinion, but you asked for it!

Q5] Can you give us an 8th character?
A5] Yes I can: the pair of Jak and Daxter!

Jak and Daxter in Title Fight on Paul Gale Network
Yes, you’ll be playing as Jak and Daxter in Title Fight.

Q6] Can you give us a 3rd stage?
A6] The Bridge of Asylia from Lair is purportedly being in development. The stage is expected to have Lair’s epic score playing, while the Asylians and the Mokai have their battle in the background. One idea is to have a stage-exclusive item be a Sixaxis controller (DualShock 3’s predecessor) and when you pick it up, your character will jump on the back of General Atta-Kai’s Blood Dragon which Rohn is riding, and you’ll have to tilt the actual controller back and forth to unleash a fiery blast on your three opponents below. I can’t wait to see it in action, because it sounds like one awesome stage (and the Sixaxis controller part would be a great homage to Lair).

Q7] Will the game see characters from all eras of PlayStation?
A7] Yes of course, look here at Parappa!

Parappa the Rapper in Title Fight on Paul Gale Network
Here is a picture of a Parappa the Rapper plush doll inside of SuperBot Entertainment’s office. PlayStation: Parappa the Rapper, Sweet Tooth. PlayStation 2: Jak and Daxter, Sly Cooper, Kratos. PlayStation 3: Colonel Mael Radec, Nathan Drake, Fat Princess. That’s pretty even so far, wouldn’t you say?

Q8] Is Title Fight still the name being used?
A8] Yes, Title Fight is still the name of the game, but the logo is entirely different. As mentioned previously, the logo provided was a conceptual one, but it’s not representative of what’s in the game’s menus, etc.

Q9] Are there life bars for the characters?
A9] No, not right now at least. However an indicator of some sort that represents your character’s “life” might be integrated into either the color circle around the person (the one that currently is attached to you so you can keep an eye on your fighter) or as a part of the character icon itself.

Q10] Will Title Fight be at the 2011 Spike TV Video Game Awards?
A10] I can’t answer this question outright, because the information provided on that particular event comes from another source. So all that I will say is that you should watch it because there will be some surprises, multiplatform fans will get a lot of it, and some of the games are quite big.

Thank you for your questions and support. I hope that I was able to supply a worthy update for you all, despite not answering every single question and having to be wordy in a few of the responses. More info in time, everyone. Enjoy!

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  1. Ok I am pretty happy about this game, all I need is a video to drive it home just to know that there really is something out there. For me personally I think finding that one character is gonna be a hurdle because I never became really attached to many of the sony only characters, but as long as the game play for the game matches smash that is all that matters. I think the key to making this game successful is making it like smash. I like how they have the bars for doing super versions of their moves, I think that’s great and is shows the the game has something different thank smash. But I do think that the game needs to have that damage system instead of a health bar, and everything else that makes smash awesome. I know you mentioned in an article before that the game feels just like it, but I just need to see for myself. Smash had the certain feeling about the game that you knew it was smash. Even though all three smashes play differently you can still tell it was a smash game. This game needs to have that feeling, it is critical to the success. I may be rambling and saying the same thing over again, but its just that important. And thats my opinion.

    1. wow are you people for real? you will buy copy games, buy smash bros if you want to play smash bro, dont buy the ***king clones….and people wonder why everything is going to ***t in the gaming world…..

    1. I think Ratchet is a given at this point 🙂

      All that is missing is Spike from Ape Escape.

      I imagine that since Cole is in SFxT that he will be here too… now the question I want answered Mr. Paul Gale: are Toro and Kuro being considered??

      Please say they are… Sony really needs to promote these two outside of Japan now..

  2. Ok, the game is sounding awesome. I have some pretty freaking amazing ideas myself if I could get in touch with you by email so you may pass them to Superbot. These ideas are more along the lines of stages/mini-games.

    I’m currently working on a dream roster that I think everyone would love, spanning characters across each Playstation platform. They also supply flavorful color and variety in which the players don’t get bored playing as a human with a gun all the time haha I’ll compile them into a video to show you on your youtube page, I will also send the video to SuperBot. I really think my roster will ultimately make this game sell millions!

  3. Do you think there’s any chance of nostalgic names from 3rd parties like Cloud Strife and Crash Bandicoot have a chance to be in the game?

    Activision have sat on Crash Bandicoot for nearly 4 years and their CEO said they need a way to revive it, while everyone is desperate for more FF VII. Is there any chance Sony will take advantage of this and have those two in the game?

  4. Please Paul could you ask them to put
    Alundra at least as an unlockable character
    I searched in the internet and found out that Alundra
    Ip is owned by sony please make it work
    we need a link counterpart

  5. okay with jak in this ratchet and cole are givens. with these two implemented as well all sonys mascots will be in the game. oh and sackboy……..

    1. I’ve known about this game in some capacity for a long time but broke the story in October. I’m just providing info from a source and will hopefully be able to share some more visual proof in time.

    1. @Mark:

      The Crash Bandicoot IP (as well as the Spyro the Dragon IP) have always been owned by Vivendi-Universal, parent company to Activision-Blizzard and Universal Interactive Studios.

      Sony and Universal aren’t best of buds on any given front, and the Crash Bandicoot IP is considered dead. It would be more logical for Sony to avoid bothering with the franchise.

  6. Do you think this will be out in 2012. ALso tell them about adding sackboy in he can be like kirby. Oh and I hope theres no blodd in it. please write back.

  7. can characters use their supers at the same time? are their more characters other than the 8 characters that u announced that have been made but u didnt tell us about yet? is their going to be an official site?

    1. Yes there are three more that I know of/are being considered. Beyond those three additions, I don’t have a clue other than guessing like everyone else.

  8. I would love to see more than 2 female characters, that would be great! Spyro will be pretty cool, Ratchet and Clank, Crash Bandicoot, other characters that are from only of the game’s series should make a appearance too! well i have plenty ideas! like Alison Carroll from Tomb Raider, she would be a awesome choice as well!
    I’ll be sharing lots more on character and stage ideas.:]

  9. Crash and Spyro were great PlayStation games (Crash Bandicoot Warped is still my favourite ame of all time). Too bad that Playstation 2 ruined them. But if Sony have the chance to insert this two awesome character in this game, with old design and moves from Crash bandicoot 3 (Maybe the super powers) and Spyro (he has the same moves in all the PSX games) i’ll buy a PlayStation 3!
    Paul are you in contact with the developers team?

    1. I do have a source that in some capacity is in affiliation with this game’s development. Sorry for being wordy, but I’m just the messenger that’s keeping the source private.

  10. I have a good suggestion for the topic of discussion regarding two beloved series of Sony’s that I already have seen a lot of love for and it being brought up amongst fans for being in Title Fight:

    The Legend of Dragoon and Wild ARMS.

    Fans have been wanting a new Legend of Dragoon for over 10 years now, and there’s STILL a strong fan base and request for it.
    The game’s battle system was quite ambitious for its time even, to be honest.
    But even moreso, with all the moves characters have on it, it’d be great and kinda easy to carry that over to a game like this. Specifically Dart or Rose to be the one to represent the series. With transformations and flight mode, either of them would stand out dramatically aesthetically, and moveset-wise.

    But to me, from a business standpoint, using someone like Dart or Rose, could renew and open up interest to totally new people drawn to them on Title Fight, so that The Legend of Dragoon II can FINALLY be made. It could work the same way Pit did on Brawl, and Fire Emblem characters opened up interest in the West for that series to finally be brought over and released here.

    Wild ARMS has seen 7 titles and 5 main numbered installations. It even had an anime and manga.
    To me, this is another series that would just feel wrong for Sony to skimp on, ya know?
    I specifically would rather see a character from Wild ARMS 1, 2, or 3 be the representative of the series, but that’s just me. Either way, it’s a series that shouldn’t be neglected, at least in my opinion.

  11. Paul, Could you delve deeper into how Jak will fight and/or utilise Daxter? also i found it unclear if this game is played on a 2d plain similar to SSBB or 3d with a fixed overhead camera like Powerstone? Much appreciated

    1. I mentioned it in one of previous articles (see the links) but don’t mind saying it again. The game plays on a 2D plane with a moving camera that zooms in and out and follows the action very similarly to Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

  12. I wonder how many buttons are used
    and what does the defense actions look like.
    also the music, are they remixed versions of classics or the original versions or a mix (i’m betting on a mix)

    1. In a previous article I mentioned the following: left analog stick to move around, X to jump, other three face buttons to attack, and R2 to pull off your super moves. 🙂

  13. Ryu is very iconic and I hope he gets in even though I am not the biggest fan of Street Fighter.
    James Bond sounds like a great addition to the roster.
    This game makes me want to get a second job to get a Ps3 lol.

    Paul, what character do you want most to be in Title fight if you do not mind me asking?

    1. Hey Bajo, in question #4 I answered Ryu as the character I’d most like to see in Title Fight. 🙂 And yeah, I can think of other choices that would create perhaps a bigger draw to the game/make more sense…but personally, I vote Ryu.

      1. I dunno considering how the new mk was released not to long ago and has already won a few fighting game of the year awards I personally think scorpion would make a better addition especially since mk borrowed Kratos. They would just be returning the favor. Ed boon already tweeted that he would be up for that

  14. Thanks for replying, so can characters do supers at the same time? And wat do those blue orbs that falll off dead characters u previously mentioned in the gameplay article do?

    1. I know that a lot of people were hoping it’d be there, but I got the exclusive from my source tied to the game so I knew it wouldn’t be at the show. That was later confirmed when my other friend showed me the list of games that’d appear that night at the VGAs. It is real though and just take happiness in knowing that…as painful as it is not seeing anything.

      It’s like this, you know…there are a ton of other games in development at many studios in this industry and no one has a clue about them outside of the people working on those games. Is it better to not know at all? Or to know something but have to wait?

  15. Hey paul. so I have some more questions: is this one of those things where you ask people what they would want in this game because if so, I have some suggestions (about stages and there effects at the moment) if not then I just hope whoever is making this game will make it nothing but astonishing. Also do u guys plan on making this better than super smash bros brawl cuz that game is kind of a force to be reckoned with

  16. Hey Paul, I have a few questions for you. One of 99% sure I’m correct about but would like some reassurance on.
    1) Is Cole McGrath from the inFamous franchise in? i’m confident he will be but knowing for sure would be nice.

    2) As of now do you know if there are there any reps from the Resistance franchise, i.e. Nathan Hale, Joseph Capelli or Chimera Hybrid ?

    3) Are there any franchises where you believe more than one character from it will be represented?

    4) Do you know when we can expect this title to be out?

  17. I have a few ideas for this game, Paul dude, could you tell the company about my ideas?

    Hero Cole as a Character, he uses:
    1. Punches
    2. Kicks
    3. Normal Bolts (Blue)
    4. Shatter Blast
    5. Normal Grenades (Blue)
    Block-Kinetic Shield/Frost Shield
    Double Jump- Static Thrusters
    Recovery Attack-Ice Launch
    Special 1-Ionic Storm
    Special 2-Ionic Freeze

    Infamous Cole as a Character, he uses:
    1. Punches
    2. Kicks
    3. Normal Bolts (Red)
    4. Shatter Blast
    5. Gigawatt Blades (Red)
    Block-Oil Shield
    Double Jump- Static Thrusters
    Recovery Attack-Firebird Strike
    Special 1-Ionic Vortex
    Special 2-Ionic Drain

    Ratchet as a Character, he uses:
    1. Wrench Attacks
    2. Combuster
    3. Shock Ravager
    4. Razor Claws
    Double Jump-Jump Flip
    Recovery Attack-Hover Boots/Clank Helipack
    Special 1-Aphelion Gunner
    Special 2-RYNO

    KH2 Sora as a Character, he uses:
    1. Keyblade Attacks
    Block-Keyblade Block
    Double Jump-Glide
    Recovery Attack-Air Recovery
    Special 1-Limit Attack Randomization
    Special 2-Drive Form Randomization

    Alternate Outfits:

    Hero Cole:
    Empire City Cole for Hero Cole

    Infamous Cole:
    Vampire Cole for Infamous Cole

    Basic Drake:
    Heist Drake for Nathan Drake
    Winter Drake for Nathan Drake
    Desert Drake for Nathan Drake

    TOD Ratchet:
    Q4B Ratchet for Ratchet
    ACIT Ratchet for Ratchet

    KH2 Sora:
    Valor Form Sora for Sora
    Wisdom Form Sora for Sora
    Master Form Sora for Sora
    Final Form Sora for Sora

    Fat Princess:
    2nd Fat Princess for Fat Princess

    Stage Ideas:

    Empire City, Night:
    In Ascension Parish, The Behemoth Bertrand in the background attacking the Militia, and Regular Civilians. The Dunbar beams also occasionally is directed at The Behemoth. The Corrupted appear to do damage to the players, and The Behemoth also roars at them.

    Empire City, Red Dawn:
    In the Smut Triangle The Beast can be seen in the background attacking Helicopters, and Militia. A nuke goes off at one point causing the screen to go white for a couple seconds damaging all the players. The Beast also tries to attack the players with his powers occasionally.

    The Rub Al’ Khali:

    Similar to Mushroomy Kingdom, the camera slowly moves from left to right, but does not stop moving. Eventually a familiar plane can be seen crashing into the desert in the background. The sky also changes overtime.

    Drake’s on a Train:

    You are on the train from Uncharted 2 Among Thieves, jumping on different carts as the train continues to move forward. The background also seems to change into different themes from the rail yard, to the jungle, to a bridge over the water, to under a tunnel, to the snow lands just like in the game.

  18. I have some questions about this game.
    1- It uses a new game engine ?
    2- In every Super Smash bros there is an important upgrade respect the previous game, Title Fight is being designed like a new step or like a simply Sony’s Smash Bros Brawl?
    3- There’s any character of a forgotten franchise, like kingsley from kingsley’s adventure?
    4- Ape Escape was a revolutionary game for his gameplay, there’s an Ape Escape character or an piposaru artefact in the game?

    Thank you for the news

  19. HEY IM BACK,
    So, I recently came across a Super Smash bros Mod called Project M. They aim is to make a Brawl that plays more like Melee. They have been coming up with radical changes that actually benefit the game. Definitely check them out and see what they did with Lucario, basically turning him into a BEAST. They included what they called “on hit cancel” which is basically like Street fighters special cancels where you can chain one move to a special move, but they extended it to more moves or specials moves. Definitely check it our so you understand better, and please include that in the game for a character. It would be nice if each individual character had a special asset to them so they play differently, but I know thats asking for alot. I hope you read all of my other posts, and thanks for making AN AWESOME GAME.

  20. Also, this is by far the longest shot i think ill ever post. Do you think its possible to include Brick from Borderlands? I mean that game doesnt lean towards the Sony (or Xbox) side but he would fit in quit snug in a SSB-esque game. Im just tossing out ideas for you guys.

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