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Since there have been a lot of questions lately about Title Fight, today’s update will be brought to you in Q/A format.

Q1] Will Title Fight have any female characters?
A1] Yes, there currently are two confirmed female characters in the game, one of which was already announced on Paul Gale Network, Fat Princess. The other, isn’t ready to be revealed yet, but if you saw the last article on Title Fight from November 20th, one of the pictures included should give you a small hint as to whose dimensions they belong to.

Q2] Do you think James Bond will make the cut?
A2] I sure “hope” he does because I couldn’t see it more fitting for the next Bond film to come out and with it being hot and all, it’d surely draw some extra traffic from its own fanbase, into buying Title Fight (from purely a strategic marketing standpoint). And as a personal fan of the series myself, I think you could do a lot of cool stuff with the character. From a unique gameplay style of hand to hand combat with stealthy Walther PPK kill shots to extra DLC for the various actors that have played James Bond over the years and everything in between…there’s plenty of good that could come from it.

Q3] Will there be any 3rd party characters in Title Fight?
A3] From the list of fighters so far, there aren’t any 3rd party characters, however it is something that’s being considered. I think it’d be an excellent opportunity to bring in a couple of guys or gals that either 1) has a position in an existing fighting game series that’d make for a logical choice and 2) have someone that though 3rd party, has had a significant roll in the building-up of the PlayStation brand. My example for both would be Ryu from Street Fighter and Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid.

In Snake’s case, he has been on non-PlayStation systems, but does have a big roll in the Sony family. It was Metal Gear Solid after all, that really put the character on the map more than any previous title did. Maybe not exclusive to PlayStation, but still important. Plus, David Hayter (article on him) already did the voice work for Snake in Super Smash Bros. Brawl…so I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t mind doing it again.

David Hayter as Solid Snake possibly in Title Fight on Paul Gale Network
David Hayter has a huge fanbase and loves the character, Solid Snake. Perhaps we’d get Old Snake?

Q4] If you could pick one 3rd party character for the game, who’d it be?
A4] Ryu from Street Fighter. I know that there are some more popular choices amongst you, such as Cloud Strife popping up a lot from Final Fantasy VII, but I really think he’d be an awesome choice. Ryu doesn’t have as much PlayStation clout or allegiance as Snake or Cloud, but he IS the most recognizable fighting game character there is.

There is no doubt that Ryu is one of my favorite characters in all of videogaming, so this really is just a biased opinion, but you asked for it!

Q5] Can you give us an 8th character?
A5] Yes I can: the pair of Jak and Daxter!

Jak and Daxter in Title Fight on Paul Gale Network
Yes, you’ll be playing as Jak and Daxter in Title Fight.

Q6] Can you give us a 3rd stage?
A6] The Bridge of Asylia from Lair is purportedly being in development. The stage is expected to have Lair’s epic score playing, while the Asylians and the Mokai have their battle in the background. One idea is to have a stage-exclusive item be a Sixaxis controller (DualShock 3’s predecessor) and when you pick it up, your character will jump on the back of General Atta-Kai’s Blood Dragon which Rohn is riding, and you’ll have to tilt the actual controller back and forth to unleash a fiery blast on your three opponents below. I can’t wait to see it in action, because it sounds like one awesome stage (and the Sixaxis controller part would be a great homage to Lair).

Q7] Will the game see characters from all eras of PlayStation?
A7] Yes of course, look here at Parappa!

Parappa the Rapper in Title Fight on Paul Gale Network
Here is a picture of a Parappa the Rapper plush doll inside of SuperBot Entertainment’s office. PlayStation: Parappa the Rapper, Sweet Tooth. PlayStation 2: Jak and Daxter, Sly Cooper, Kratos. PlayStation 3: Colonel Mael Radec, Nathan Drake, Fat Princess. That’s pretty even so far, wouldn’t you say?

Q8] Is Title Fight still the name being used?
A8] Yes, Title Fight is still the name of the game, but the logo is entirely different. As mentioned previously, the logo provided was a conceptual one, but it’s not representative of what’s in the game’s menus, etc.

Q9] Are there life bars for the characters?
A9] No, not right now at least. However an indicator of some sort that represents your character’s “life” might be integrated into either the color circle around the person (the one that currently is attached to you so you can keep an eye on your fighter) or as a part of the character icon itself.

Q10] Will Title Fight be at the 2011 Spike TV Video Game Awards?
A10] I can’t answer this question outright, because the information provided on that particular event comes from another source. So all that I will say is that you should watch it because there will be some surprises, multiplatform fans will get a lot of it, and some of the games are quite big.

Thank you for your questions and support. I hope that I was able to supply a worthy update for you all, despite not answering every single question and having to be wordy in a few of the responses. More info in time, everyone. Enjoy!

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