Nintendo released the 3DS System Update today and all you have to do to receive it, is go to the eShop Channel and click on the Update button. There’s plenty that this update provides, including the addition of a video camera, new puzzles to complete, and Find Mii II.

The video camera itself can record normal 3D video, as well as Interval, Stop Motion and Montage. I’ve tried it out and have already had some good fun with it. I’m looking forward to recording some of my martial arts tutorial videos in 3D and then sharing them online. Especially since you can record 10 minutes worth of footage at a time, I’ll have enough to work with to create some cool (and hopefully useful) segments. The other modes are pretty fun as well and there should be all sorts of neat things that you can do with them.

I’m also happy that there are finally new puzzles to complete. The one in particular that I got was Donkey Kong Country Returns. This time around there are more panels used to make up the puzzle, as well as a few blocks that are in pink (which can only be received from another 3DS owner and not purchased with coins).

The Find Mii II game is cool as you can now hire old Miis from your Plaza. Sweet, now I can have Reggie fight for my rescue on my 3DS! There’s a lot more to it as well, but I’ll let you enjoy some of that for yourself.

The StreetPass Mii Plaza has been updated with a Music section that lets you listen to a variety of tunes, a list of Accomplishments that you’ve unlocked (hopefully Nintendo adds retail games to this list) from your various plays through StreetPass, a Slide Show of your puzzles, and a StreetPass Map that shows you where all of the Miis you’ve encountered come from.

There’s also a System Transfers feature that does just that: transfers all of your data to another 3DS. It’s good for Ambassador Program people too, as it will also transfer over your downloaded NES games and your Ambassador Certificate which signifies your status and eligibility to get the GBA games…whenever they do arrive.

Finally, there’s a new App called Nintendo Zone and from Nintendo:
1) Access Special Content & Offers – Watch 3D videos, explore games, access special offers & promotions, and more!
2) Preview Nintendo 3DS Games – View Nintendo 3DS screenshots, watch 3D videos, download demos, and more!
3) Get Connected – Access Nintendo eShop, play compatible Nintendo 3DS games online, browse the Internet and get surprise SpotPass Content!

You’ll be able to do these from thousands of public locations says the company.

And with that, I’d say that this is the most significant update that the 3DS has yet…perhaps only rivaled by the 10 Free NES Downloadable Games Day. Next up: I’d really like to see at least one Game Boy Advance game be made available through the Ambassador Program by the end of the year. Watch, there’ll probably be 10 ready to download tomorrow morning! Heh, well thanks Nintendo for the good update and I hope you all enjoy it.

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