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Title Fight

It’s now time for the revealing of what this PS3 fighter is tentatively being called, and it’s “Title Fight”. Thank you to my source for the information and graphic, as well as for this exclusive scoop. And as I told you prior, what I personally am recommending the development team to consider as a possible name for the game is: PlayStation Title Fight.

To me, Title Fight seems like it could be confused as a “title” for a boxing game, whereas PlayStation Title Fight has that ring to it that lets people know, “this game is only on PlayStation 3, because it uses the Sony branded characters”. That’s just my opinion though, but as for now, Title Fight is what the game is being called and is in the current build. All might change in time.

Once again, thank you to my source for giving Paul Gale Network this exclusive before anyone else and a very big thank you to all of you readers across the entire world wide web for your time.

Gameplay details article

Your questions, answered on November 12th.

Here is the New Q/A for Title Fight, Sony’s Smash Bros. competitor.

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57 thoughts on “(PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale is official) “Title Fight” is the tentative name for PlayStation 3’s upcoming Smash Bros. fighter.”
  1. So all we have is a title and the graphic for it? Yeah, If you dont mind, I’m just going to stop paying attention to you as you cant cite a source and you give us an image that can easily be made in any image-program, even MSPaint.

  2. not that i want to sound like a raging nutball but is this all? a title is nice to know but come on, people want to see at least a screenshot or gameplay.

  3. I bet the developer is Nihilistic because they developed that PlayStation Move Heroes game. It probably did well enough for Sony to give them the rights to make another collaborative title.

      1. I think they need to remove the “title” from the title 🙂 It needs to sound cool like a real brand new IP.
        Some suggestions: Battle Warriors, World of Battles, Modnation Battle 🙂

    1. Yes, this is 100% happening. Everything I put up either comes from first hand accounts or a highly trusted source. In the couple of rare circumstances, I note things as being a very heavy “rumor”, when I don’t know more about them. Title Fight is real, but as for when you’ll see footage, that decision is up to the development team and the rest involved with the project. And you’re welcome! 🙂

  4. Hey i was wondering if you have the info and are just told when to release it. cause I really really REALLY wanna believe you but im still scepticle. im following this but if its not happening ill be sad and will have to kill stuff.

    1. Hey Michael, no need to be sad or kill stuff. 🙂 This game is happening and it’s just one of those things that only a little information was able to be shared at first…but there’ll be more to come. And when the game does finally ship, you’ll be happy to know that you followed it from the very beginning.

      1. emm paul can i still kill stuff? also could you give us all your info in one big scoop then tell the dev. team to announce it already. i have a friend in norway who wants to kill some…. wait that already happened ohh thats bad. either way could you still give out more info im an impatient people person

  5. “this game is only on PlayStation 3, because it uses the Sony branded characters”.

    Me again, with yet another question again. I have to ask about certain characters due to not having much knowledge in the field.

    Is Crash and Spyro still considered SONY brand characters? Also, for many people, Solid Snake is considered a SONY character. Although, I know he’s really more of Konami *even more so now Kojima Productions*. Has SONY mentioned anything about “surprises” as far as characters are concerned?

      1. If James Bond is being considered as a 3rd party playable character by at least some involved in the game’s development, I wouldn’t be too surprised if a few other non-Sony-yet-still-PlayStation-related characters show up.

    1. We’re looking at a guaranteed lineup of PlayStation’s biggest names, exclusive to the system. With some of the characters that you mentioned, it is possible that one or two would show up…but I have no idea yet, who if any 3rd party icon will make the “final” cut.

  6. this is just meh to me. I prefer an already well establish Super Smash Bros from Nintendo. Sony can try but it will not do it for me.
    One question since when did they start developing it if late 2011?

    1. No doubt about it that Smash Bros. is an excellent series and that most likely, Smash Bros. 4 for Wii U and 3DS will be amazing. Still, Title Fight is a game that’s been just asking to be made for years by the PlayStation community and now they’re finally getting it.

      As for when it began development, I can’t give you the start date, but I’ll say that it was certainly pre-E3.

    1. No worries on the double post. And as for Sackboy, all I can say is that the development team is still working on a well-balanced roster and that no one at this point knows 100% what the final list will be. Other information coming from me will be when my source says it’s ok to put up. I’ll be sure to update when I know I can. Thanks!

  7. thx for the reply, this game sound awesome, even though im not entirely sure this is real, i have a feeling in my gut that ur telling the truth so im so excited for it, and for sweet tooth u said he has nasty attacks, wat did u mean by that?, and how does he fight cause he is always in his truck in his games, but now he isn’t, also which character would u say he is like in the real super smash bros? u said fat princess is like olimar, how?

  8. I read on smash forums that the fans of smash bros r saying thaat this game won’t do well becaause all smash bros imitators don’t do one thing that smash bros does do, which is tight controls and fast paced action, wat imitators usually do is focus on char. Designs and how cool an attack looks instead of how affective it is, while smash bros does do those things, so can u please tell me if this game is doing all these things right and if the developers have actually played smash bros before to understand this and do wat smash bros did?

  9. Here’s my most wanted list:
    Jak and Daxter
    Ratchet and Clank
    Duke Nukem
    Crash Bandicoot
    Sir Daniel Fortesque

    Okay, for the most part, they’re really unlikely, but a man can dream can’t he? 😀

  10. So do you think this game will be rated T or M? Also, will it come out on the Vita? I really, really wanna believe you on this, but I’m still skeptical…
    Despite this I’m still eager to see the Duke in a Smash Bros. type of game so I’m just going to pretend he’s in…

  11. As everyone questions the characters of the “Dream Roster” I would like to contribute my question about some of the characters. Like even though you stated that Crash Bandicoot and Spyro The Dragon weren’t owned by Sony they were still on the Playstation console, so my opinion would be could they comeback for a fighting chance?

  12. I am a very skeptical guy, but I’m not saying this can’t be real. Paul, my friend, as much as people have asked you, you have failed to show or present any source of information you’ve found. When asked that question, you would refer to it as your “source”. Please, if you can, point us to an idea or tell us who or what your source is. If you can’t, at least give us the source of the picture of Sweet Tooth. All I ask is for you to be a little more concrete with your evidence. You haven’t showed any.

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