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Happy Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping to all of you reading Paul Gale Network. I can not confirm nor deny the different guesses as to who the developer is behind Title Fight just yet. I contacted them and asked if they’re ready to officially reveal their name and when it would be ok to show off pictures or videos, but it’s simply not the time. I do bring some good news…though depending on who you are, it might not make you happy.

Ok…so recently, a few parties involved with Title Fight’s development/production/marketing/etc. have begun to put up external testing sessions with gamers, to gather opinions on the game. The overall response from these sessions has been positive, with the testers saying, “It feels good. It’s like Super Smash Bros. More like Sony Smash Bros.”

Those of you that find this to be good news sit in the camp that think, “At least there are other people out there that have played the game and like it so far…which is certainly a good thing.” But to those of you that are angered right now, you’re probably saying, “How come it wasn’t me that got to play!?” All I can say right now is that these external testing studies are being kept small, as in play groups of 3-4 people here and a few more over there.

I will do my best to keep you as up to date on all things Title Fight as I am allowed to. For now though, it’s at least good hearing that the game is being shown to others that are not affiliated with its creation. Even if these people are sword to secrecy and had to sign papers saying they won’t spill the beans, I’m sure that some out there had to have stumbled upon one of Paul Gale Network’s articles on the subject and are smiling in a big way, because they in fact played it and could at any time help confirm my reveal, but just can’t. And that’s completely respectable by me. Here’s to more on the way and thanks for your support!

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15 thoughts on “External testing has officially begun for PlayStation 3’s PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale (Title Fight), your “Sony Smash Bros.”.”
  1. awesome news 4 the game, im glad it feels like super smash bros, i really hope that u can reveal some screens and videos soon cause i wanna see if my top 3 characters appear in the game, sackboy, spyro(legend of spyro version), and crash bandicoot(crash of the titans version).

  2. Ok well I guess we have to wait on visible proof that’s cool I guess. Can you at least confirm if it will be at E3. I am assuming so since the game is suppose to launch next year.

  3. Thanks for posting this Paul. Do you think you could find out whether the development team is approaching any professional Super Smash Bros. players to get feed back from the game?

    As a huge fan of both Playstation and Super Smash Bros. Melee, I would hate for this game to be nothing more than some cross-marketing promotional strategy for Sony IP’s that it chock full of shallow/casual gameplay. I really hope this team doesn’t screw up this opportunity for a super fun and in-depth Playstation Fighter.

  4. hey paul idk if you can answer this on here or at this time but could i interview you about this game once its 100% revealed and ok with sony/devs? please?

  5. Also, to the posters of NeoGAF who keep asking for Tomba!/Tombi:

    Sadly, the character is currently owned by GungHo Online Entertainment, Inc., and Sony isn’t going to invest in gaining the rights to use the character in a game dedicated to their OWN characters.

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