On December 6th, 2011 in this story, I confirmed that Jak and Daxter would be playable characters in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale but today is the first time that you’re getting to see the duo in action. In addition to the first footage of them is also the official debut of Cole MacGrath from Infamous.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale “Event of the Year” Trailer – SDCC 2012

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale – Jak and Daxter Trailer

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale – Cole MacGrath Trailer

Readers of Paul Gale Network’s recent hint story may not have found Cole’s arrival onto the PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale scene as that much of a surprise (seeing as how many of you were able to decipher the inFAMOUS clues), but I expect that people are still happy nonetheless, to see his moveset and so-on.

There still are more clues present in the hints I provided towards other “content” in the game and of the several characters and few stages remaining that I know of, I’m confident that some of the revelations are going to please you very much, whereas others may totally blow you away. 😉 As for my own mission, hopefully I’ll be able to get an update from my source before too long, so that before the game comes out, I’ll know the full roster, full stage setup, DLC plans, and all other details, so that I can continue creating these fun “hint” pictures for you all to decipher.

I could even give one more hint right now, but I’ll save that for another day. A big thank you to SuperBot Enertainment for being understanding and cool with all of this. I respect them and their wishes, am also thankful for my source in providing me these great updates, and of course aim to satisfy the requests of all of you. It’s not the easiest thing to be mindful of all three parties, but hopefully everyone is happy. Until next time!

39 thoughts on “New trailers for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale: Jak and Daxter as well as Cole MacGrath. More clues left.”
    1. Jacks original armor color was silver. hair was yellow. Daxter is orange colors of the car you can also spell duo with the letters in outdoor grill

  1. Hi Paul
    First off, a big thank you for all the hints you have given to us, the fans, over the last year. You have been doing an excellent job. As my username implies, there are 2 characters I would love more than anybody else to be included, however I fear that it will never happen due to the licensing issues. Keep up the good work and I will be looking forward to looking out for the next reveal!

  2. I love to see Jak and Daxter in action and I love the model used 😀 And seeing Daxter hitting Heihachi in the trailer… Lol! 🙂 I’m just not convinced with their expressions… They just not blink or change expression… They are not finished right? Seeing them with a O.O face for all the game is just weird xD
    (Just hope for Crash to make Drake vs. JakandDax vs. Crash OMG so epic! :D)

    1. Actually, I got a question that’s quite unusual.

      As you are aware Paul, for most of the trailers, Justice’s Genesis is used as the trailer music.

      Is that going to be the game’s main theme? Because that would be awesome

  3. I’m really looking forward to finding about more about the game.. it’s too bad it’s a whole month away to more info!
    so i’m depending on your info paul 🙂

    p.s Jak’s eyes look so weird..

  4. “…I’m confident that some of the revelations are going to please you very much, whereas others may totally blow you away.”

    Really, now? Sounds like you think the rest of the content you know of won’t create much disappointment. You best be referring to some of the most wanted characters. 😛

  5. Glad to see that these characters were officially revealed.

    Paul, Do you know when will be the next time that they reveal more characters?

  6. Predictable yet at the same time awesome character choices~.

    This may sound stupid but do the clues relate to a certain wise cracking lizard that goes through TV and has three PS1 games to boot or a Gravity defying girl on a vita? I know you won’t answer it but hey at least I tried XP!!!!

    Anyways can’t wait to hear more from you~!

  7. Heh saving Ratchet and Clank for last I see…

    everyone wants to see them in action and if they aren’t in there, that’s just a big insult to the PlayStation brand.

  8. Paul, I was wondering if you could pass on a message to Superbot for me. A lot of people are complaining that when a character’s attacks connect, the “hits” don’t seem strong enough in the game due to the sound effects. They should consider making the hit sounds a little more dynamic so it actually feels like you are powerful.

  9. What day is that I was wondering because I am involved on the wiki for playstation all-stars battle royale thanx it’s pretty soon right I actually got the Jak and Daxter hints right too

  10. “As for whether the hints are tied together, are individual, represent characters, stages, game modes, music, or something else altogether that no one has even thought about…you’ll know soon enough.” you said this in a previous article, so can you tell us now?

  11. Sweet!! i those two characters are gunna be awesome to play with,
    i still hope we get Cloud to represent the FF series, As 7 is the most successful

    Anyway paul your site is awesome

  12. Both great additons to the roster!

    Thanks again paul for these hints! Most of us would die from anticipation if it were not for these hints. Its really awesome. So there are more things from the previous photo. Gotcha. Gamescom needs to happen now.

  13. So when do we get new hints? And you said that people figured out the hints for Cole, can you clarify them for everyone? I’m assuming it was the day and night scenes with the cars?

    Every time a character is revealed that has something to do with the characters you hinted with, you should tell us what exactly part of the clue pertains to said character.

  14. Oh cool Jak and Cole. Thanks Paul for uploading this didn’t know about it until I got to your website. And nice cliffhanger ” I could even give you one more hint right now, but I’ll save that for another day”. I really want to know. It has somethin’ to do with Ratchet and Clank right, or snake.

  15. One question Paul, do you know if you preorder the game you get alternate costumes for all of the characters in the game? I’m confused because on the Playstation blog they said you get them for all the characters in the game, but they have not showed the costumes for Cole and Jak.

  16. Hey Paul

    First off thanks for all the info on PSAS it’s brought back those memories of trying to find out who was gonna be in Super Smash. Anyways I’ll get to my question normally I would “Hey will Sora and Cloud be in the game” but, I thought this was a more logical question.

    If a series is not represented by a character like let’s say Sir Dan doesn’t get in will that franchise be mentioned at least or referenced in the form of a stage/item?

    Also do you think that each “era” is represented well?

    Again thanks!

  17. For all the people that think they are bigshots and tell me that Cole was not , Guess what… F##K YOU! I been trying tell everyone in playstation communty forums its cole. I was saying that night day represents infamous like good or evil. You guys think im kissing ass because its release then find my name in comments.

  18. Hey Paul. First, I would like to thank you for all the leaks and hints you gave. It helps keep excitement. Do you know of any other modes in this game? Im probably in the minority, but when it comes to fighting games, I love all the extra modes and unlockables in them. For example, costumes and character stories, endings, stock matches, etc are confirmed, which I am excited about. Smash had modes like break the target, home run, assist trophies, etc. Tekken has modes like survival, time attack, etc. Mortal kombat had krypt unlockables, challenge tower, puzzle kombat, etc. Also, something where you can view character bios, art,etc. Sorry for the long post, but do you know if PSAS will have any extra modes? I know it sounds stupid because its a fighting game lol but I think its just a nice bonus. (which is one reason I hate soulcalibur v, but anyway…)

    P.S. Also, please tell me Ape Escape is represented 🙂 Ok once again, sorry for the long post, but im just excited for this game. Thanks for your time Paul

  19. Are you sure that u didn’t give us the hint now, maybe cloud will be in it, or even snake, Don’t think that i forgot the voice of snake commenting of the game!!!!!!! 🙂

  20. I’m with Dmonzy here about the “hit” sound effects sounding rather weak, and I’m wondering if they’ve readressed the “issue”.
    And another thing, I’m probably worrying for nothing and this will most likely be fixed, but man do Jak & Dax’s eyes look freaky and expressionless. Lack of voices in the trailers as well…

  21. Well in my opinion I think Paul just gave us a hint e didnt look at close enough here…..one “revelations” he could be referring to someone in white we all known. And he Also said they would “blow” our mind im thinking maybe that means Cloud Strife but dont get me wrong this is just an opinion from me. I would like to See sephiroth, Dante, and Sora into this game.(im a Huge FF fanboy). But i would like to see more female characters, such as lighting and Nariko. these would be a great addiction to this game but his hints does lead towards Snake MGS. and those hints for cole were 1. the grill restaurant all grills have Coal “cole” and there was a dodge “charger” there

  22. Well, both Jak & Daxter and Cole were somehow needed for a game like this. The only character left that you specifically named on was Nariko from Heavenly Sword, correct Paul?

  23. i heard that crash and spyro might not be in the game because of activision please answer me i really need to no that answer please or just email it to me tell me if ur going to email it to me PLEASE :,(

  24. Hey Paul, thanks for all the hints. I have a really important question to ask you so please write me back and I will ask you my super important question.

  25. hey PAUL could you pretty plz pass on a concern of mine for psasbr to either omar or chan and either u or one of them could either comment back to me on here, message me on my psn account (prefered) my account name is creeper43. my email is mcconnellc43@yahoo.com, or email me but i never really ever check my email. could you PLEASE get back to me becuase this could be a really big deal and i want to address it as soon as possible.

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