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Update: First gameplay details.

Hello everyone and thank you for being patient during these past two weeks since Paul Gale Network revealed Title Fight, PlayStation 3’s own competitor to Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. series. There have been thousands of questions that have come my way during this short amount of time with the most popular being to some extent, “can you show us some pictures/video”? Unfortunate as it may be, it’s not the time to reveal either of those requests and it certainly isn’t my desire to break the rules. That being said, there’ll be a percentage of you that understand and respect that I can only provide so much and a percentage that will be severely disappointed. I promise this to you, Title Fight is alive, is in development, and if you like Smash Bros., you’re probably going to like it. Now onto the questions I can answer.

Q1] How many characters will be playable?
A1] This was previously mentioned, but the development team is looking at approximately 20 with the number looking more likely now than two weeks ago, to be slightly higher. It could be less though, initially, with room for an expanded roster via DLC, but these types of things are still being considered. The developer primarily wants to have as well varied a cast as possible, made of stars from lots of PlayStation exclusive titles.

Q2] How violent is the game?
A2] I’m not the ESRB, but the game definitely has “T” written all over it up this point.

Q3] Do the characters talk?
A3] The most notable voice heard in the current build is by far Parappa the Rappa. Whereas most characters have grunts at this point (that sound like their selves), Parappa is on the mic a lot. From busting out moves to his super to respawning. But yes, there is voice acting in the game.

Q4] Any plans for a PlayStation Vita version?
A4] There could be, but this is not information that I know one way or another.

Title Fight aka Sony Smash Bros. conceptual logo on Paul Gale Network

Q5] Is Title Fight really the name of “Sony Smash Bros.”?
A5] Yes, Title Fight is currently the tentative title being used for this game, as it is in the title’s on screen menus, etc. There have been multiple other potential title candidates aside from Title Fight (with my own recommendation being PlayStation Title Fight), as well as an equal amount of logos. The logo that’s in game now is different than the recently shared conceptual artwork.

Q6] Who is the developer?
A6] I have to be respectful and continue to keep that TBA.

Q7] What else will we see in Sandover Village?
A7] The Sandover Village stage itself is a fairly small island with multiple other islands in the background. As I mentioned before, there is a giant fish that swims around the bottom of the screen and you if fall into the water, it’ll eat you. The way you get back onto the island itself is by the waterwheel off to the side. It spins around and if you get to it fast enough, you can hop up it and resume the fight on the ground. If you stick around in the water for too long, the fish will KO you with ease. Also remember that this stage like others, has an arena-specific item: golf flag. When you pick it up, the camera will zoom in on the Hot Shots Golf characters in the background and they’ll begin to swing flaming golf balls at your foes.

Q8] What else will we see in the LittleBigPlanet stage?
A8] LittleBigPlanet’s stage has the best music of any arena yet at this point. That could also be a matter of opinion, but when it’s common for levels to eventually restart their musical score (sometimes more on the too noticeable and distracting side), the LittleBigPlanet stage seems to continue sounding pleasant all 3 minutes of the fight. I mentioned before that if you pick up a Buzz! remote, Buzz! himself will come on stage and ask you different trivia questions. Two examples I can give you that show the difference between “easy” and “hard” questions that the dev team is having fun with: 1) What game series is Kratos from? 2) What was LittleBigPlanet’s name while in development? Once again, jump on the platform with the correct answer and you’re safe. Answer incorrectly, and a pie coming from the screen (your perspective) will hit your character and KO him or her.

Title Fight aka Sony Smash Bros. James Bond is possible on Paul Gale Network

Q9] Which James Bond actor is being considered for the game and why the character at all?
A9] Part one of the question, Daniel Craig. Before going into part two, my recommendation is to have multiple skins that represent the other James Bond actors including Pierce Brosnan, Timothy Dalton, Roger Moore, George Lazenby, and Sean Connery. As for why, as you may know, Sony is helping MGM make the next James Bond film which is expected to see release in 2012. Similar to God of War 4 possibly debuting in 2012 as well, wouldn’t you want to time a game of this magnitude just right, to mesh well with your other properties? You can hopefully start to see the brilliance in how things come together.

Q10] Can you confirm or deny Sackboy, Spyro, Crash, Solid Snake or any other PS related characters as being playable?
A10] No for two reasons. The developer doesn’t know the final roster themselves just yet. I don’t want to spoil any of the currently considered possibilities, yet I will say that it’s pretty obvious to imagine certain other, first party heroes making the cut.

Q11] How long has Title Fight been in development?
A11] I’ll say this, it most certainly began development before E3 2011 and to be a little more precise, 2010.

Q12] How about more info on certain characters that were only briefly talked about?
A12] Ok, let’s talk about Sweet Tooth. I didn’t specify before, but you play Sweeth Tooth in his human form, with clown face, and hair flaming about. He happens to be a slow moving character that hits hard, which makes up for his lack of speed. The game is being well balanced to have slow, medium, and fast paced characters. I’d compare him to Ganondorf from Super Smash Bros. Brawl if I had to in terms of speed. In terms of him having nasty moves, I don’t mean provocative, but rather “brutal”. And his transforming sequence into the mecha ice cream truck is cool, heightened only when the fireworks fly.

Q13] Only Nintendo has nailed the Smash Bros. formula, so will this be any good?
A13] This game is so long overdo for PlayStation fans that trust me: a lot of time, effort, and studying has gone into the development. The game will not be rushed, which is why it wasn’t shown at E3 this past June, nor has it been officially revealed to the major media outlets. This is an important game for the PlayStation 3 to have as it will help fill in that gap of “exclusive fighting game” in the system’s library. The fighting genre is one of my specialties and developers know this. This game is necessary for the PS3 and will for its demographic, hopefully deliver big time.

Q14] Are the three leveled energy bars all different in their effects?
A14] The way things are being positioned right now are as follows: the first bar pulls off a character-specific special attack (think Shinku Hadouken level one in Street Fighter Alpha 2), the second bar delivers a more powerful, flashier version of the first bar attack (like a Shinku Hadouken level two which looks similar but hits harder), and it’s really the third bar that’s its own entity…comparable to a Final Smash attack in Super Smash Bros. Brawl (or IF Ryu had a giant fireball that’d trump the other two, looking more like Samus’ arm cannon from Brawl).

Q15] How come Paul Gale Network has been the ONLY site to post ANY information on “Title Fight” aka Sony Smash Bros., without anyone else even having a teardrop, and though an ocean is desirable, you seemingly have a swimming pool full of facts?
A15] I have been sitting on this information for so long, keeping it nice and warm, protecting it like the golden egg it is without mentioning a peep to anyone which is a part of my loyalty that I always have given and ensure my sources, and just recently was happy to finally be able to share it with all of you. My quiet time was lifted and that’s why I’ve been able to entertain you with certain pieces of the puzzle. Yes, it’s probable that other people outside of those involved with the project know of its existence, but perhaps none as much as me (though that is simply an assumption). I can say that I talk to everyone in this biz (ok not literally, but an awful lot) and make a lot of recommendations along the way, including anything from as big as games that should be developed that a company has access to making and my own intellectual properties as a pitch to as simple as how environmental damage should function in a level’s warehouse filled with crates and how a boss character can get more powerful based off of the incorrect techniques you’re using against him (all four of these examples are real ones amongst countless others). Basically, this is my exclusive for now. In time, a full reveal will happen and every news outlet will be talking about it, but none will accurately be able to say, “you heard it here first” except for Paul Gale Network.

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79 thoughts on “Answers to some of the most asked questions regarding PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale (Title Fight), Sony’s Smash Bros. competitor.”
    1. He actually is not a character in it yet, nor will he even necessarily make the final cut, but at least some involved in the game’s development are thinking about Bond as a potential 3rd party character to put in. Heck, they don’t even know the final lineup of PS brand exclusive characters, let alone IF any 3rd party peeps will show up. All at this point that can be said is that his name has popped up as a possibility.

  1. is there going to be a story to the game like the subspace emissary in Super Smash Bros Brawl that explains how the characters from different games are meeting up?

  2. damn it I double osted again, srry it keeps happening ause ween I post it sometimes doesntt show right away, anyway I hope u will see my questions to be able to answer them

  3. can u ask the developers if they can consider scaler the shape shifting chameleon as a playable character cause he isnt very well known and adding him in the game will boost his popularity plus he is a very unique char.?

    1. @ jordan1996a:

      You have to think about the question you are asking before asking it.

      First of all, Scaler was developed by Globalstar Software and A2M, and the intellectual property rights to the game’s assets are owned by Take-Two Interactive.

      Second of all, there has only been ONE Scaler game and it came out for Nintendo GameCube, Microsoft Xbox, and Sony PlayStation 2.

      Both of these points are reason enough for the character to not make it into ANY all-star game.

  4. he wud be great cause first offhe isntvery wellknown so bringing him in the game wud boost his popularity and he is a very unique character, so could u please ask thedevelopers if they can consider scalerfor the roster because he will bring something new to the game?

    1. @ jordan1996a:

      “Not being very well-known” is reason enough for Sony to not include a character that they don’t even own in the first place.

      If you look at all of the all-star games such as Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing, Marvel vs. Capcom, and Super Smash Bros. Brawl, there is a reason why any video game character isn’t just thrown in these games.

      Characters from game series that these companies actually OWN take precedent over anything else. Whenever a 3rd party character does make it in, it’s always a character from a high-tier series from a high-tier publishing house.

      For example, Solid Snake was in Super Smash Bros. Brawl because he’s a character owned by KONAMI, a 3rd party company with a great relationship with Nintendo and makes high-tier titles in the video game industry such as Castlevania and Contra.

      Since Scaler is “not very well-known” and is only from 1 game that was developed by what’s considered a budget studio, and it is owned by Take-Two Interactive who have no discernible mascots, it’s safe to say he’ll never be in any all-star game.

      What you are doing is no different than asking for a Super Mario game to be on a PlayStation platform, which is pipedreaming without using rational thought. Normal people understand that Mario is owned by Nintendo that competes with Sony as a 1st party and therefore it’s an impossibility.

  5. I think you completely forgot the question of that… well, let me phrase it better.

    Look, I’ll be blunt: Not too many people have heard of you BEFORE this Title Fight thing. Just because you call yourself a news source, doesnt mean everything you say should be taken as truth. What a lot of people want is word from an OFFICIAL SOURCE for it to even be CONSIDERED as truthful. Hell, games like SSB4 were only ‘announced’ in a quick sentence or two and they already have their own GameFAQS/Gamespot boards, because they’ve been proven to be legit. Now tell me, If a giant community doesnt think any of this is real, How exactly is anyone else here going to trust you? And please, Dont be like most other outlets and completely ignore the question or dont even let it go public. I want an answer from a man, not a reporter.

    1. You know, Kips, the way you questioned me right now is really appreciated…specifically with how you addressed your concern without being immature. I completely understand where you’re coming from and can actually relate, because first and foremost, I’m a great video game fan and secondly, a journalist.

      I happen to actually be like a lot of you, I imagine, coming from a normal background, going to school, graduating university, and so forth. I play games, I read forums, I participate in different threads that interest me, and I go to midnight launch parties.

      The part that’s given me this story and others in the past, comes from a very grateful introduction to becoming a part of the video game industry on the other side of the fence.

      I was invited to attend my first E3 in May, 2000 (I was only 16) and from then to June, 2011, have gone to 10 Electronic Entertainment Expositions and for the two years in ’07/’08 that I didn’t go to E3, I still attended E for All Expo. It’s not just E3’s though, because I also live in Los Angeles, California so I’m in a very video game oriented state as well as a high profile city with dozens of entertainment studios all within a 40 mile radius from one another.

      I hope that people actually read your question and this answer, because it should provide more insight as to who I am. It’s always my intention to treat each person that I meet at an event with professionalism, respect, and intelligence for who they are and what they do. That’s who I am personally and that’s who I am when I talk to anyone. Whether it’s a person with a smaller roll at a lesser known, yet very passionate company like High Voltage Software that’s of a similar age/ethnic demographic as me or a high profile, celebrity-like figure who is twice my age and of a different country from a company such as Nintendo, they all get my devoted attention and gratitude.

      As you attend these events and build these relationships, your network begins to expand and your contacts list increases ten-fold for you eventually get introduced by them, to their colleagues, etc. I have been so appreciative of my 12+ years in this industry and really value and respect each person that has been there for me, supported my ideas, and helped me out/given me opportunities along the way.

      While reading this, I don’t want to give off the wrong idea that just because I know someone like Shigeru Miyamoto, doesn’t mean he comes over to my house and swims in my backyard when I have BBQ parties all throughout the summer, but what should be realized is that the truth is very simple: being around this long and having gone to so many events, private screenings, seeing demos of new titles, having comic book sneak peaks, video game action figure creation processes, and even training (I also teach martial arts and am a personal trainer) people who are sometimes in the TV, movie, or magazine industries…really gets you connected to an amazing amount of content out there.

      With any story that I’ve put up in the past, each comes from a trusted source. In the event that I don’t actually know the source and the “news” came from a “friend of a friend”, I label that strictly as a rumor.

      The #1 rule in journalism is to not care and not read what people think about you, because there’ll always be that skeptical/overly harsh crowd that doesn’t understand you or likes to poke at you for any number of reasons, be them seemingly legit or based off of inner problems manifesting out to you.

      I honestly only put up the truth and I’m confident and secure in myself to do so. Any opinions of me are just that. I simply share what I can, when I can to the public and I will always abide by the rules that my sources have me follow.

      But I am also a man, and am above all else a hardcore video gamer (and martial artist…though unrelated to the topic at this point) and love this industry as a fan does. Because I care for it so much, I do break that #1 rule in journalism, because I’ve always thought that it’s important to do this in order to truly understand your audience and for them to understand you.

      I hope that this answers your question a little. And thank you once again for handling it the way you did.

    1. @ Henrique:

      That is entirely up to Square-Enix, and since they typically have a great hold over their franchises, I’ll have to answer your question with a “no”.

    1. 1) I’ll get to that in a new article update. I guess you could say that you’re the first to know about what the next update will partially be about.

      2) I keep pretty busy as is, but you’re certainly more than welcome to make one if you wish. Aaah time…hah.

    1. @ jordan1996a:

      I’ll save you the trouble of waiting and tell you that it’s going to be a “no” due to all of the reasons that I supplied to each of your comments.

    1. @ braxton:

      You know how teachers always said that there is no such thing as stupid questions? Well, they lied.

      Mario is owned by Nintendo, so do the math.

    1. I was really hoping to see Mega Man or Ryu from Street Fighter in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and since they weren’t, I think if either would make it into Title Fight…if even as a dlc character down the road (pure speculation on my part), it’d be just awesome.

  6. Another question for you *surprise?* There must be characters we can eliminate right? I mean…I can’t see HALO or Nintendo characters being in this…right?

  7. If Sony are considering Bond, what is the chance of them including Ichigo from Bleach considering they hold the license to make Bleach titles on their platforms?

    And ive noticed no mention of either Cole or Toro even though both will be in the SFvT title.

  8. Is Lara Croft being considered or at least being talked about? I wish she would be in since she is a PS exclusive before. And Nathan Drake vs Lara Croft would be a dream match. xD

  9. If snake doesn’t make the final cut, it will be the most ironic thing in the universe 😛
    And i’m surprised about the roster. With the playstation’s hardware and the huge about of exclusive characters, the roster could be bumped up quite a bit.

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