PlayStation 3’s upcoming competitor for the Super Smash Bros. series, tentatively being called Title Fight, has been getting a lot of attention on the internet since Paul Gale Network broke the story on Halloween day. I’ve read through all of your comments and hundreds of e-mails and will be answering as many questions as I’m allowed to, this Saturday, November 12th. This won’t be a major update, but will address certain questions nonetheless.

Here is the New Q/A for Title Fight, Sony’s Smash Bros. competitor.

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17 thoughts on “Your PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale (Title Fight) aka “Sony Smash Bros.” questions, will be answered November 12th.”
    1. I’m looking through all of the questions that I’ve been receiving via e-mail, comments, etc., and separating them into categories. Between now and Saturday I will petition to answer as much as possible. I may do this in video form as well, but at the very least will provide a written article.

  1. Okay, here’s a few questions:
    * Is there any form of character customization?

    * In terms of vulgarity, blood and gore, etc. what kind of content is it?

    * Lastly, will it be coming out on the Vita? <:D

  2. Well, I might as well add another question to that list of yours 😛

    Seeing how as it hasn’t been asked yet, is there an estimate as to how many characters SONY would like to have? Do they have a goal like Capcom had when it let people know they’d like to have at least 30 characters in Marvel vs Capcom 3?

  3. I have a question:

    Why are you, some random blog that doesn’t seem overly legitimate, the only person with any supposed information about this? Also, why is the only answer you have to questions about that that it’s “exclusive.”

  4. Hey

    i’m wondering about 2 things

    sony owns like a small part of sqaure enix, can we expect characters from there at all?

    Maybe thats a stupid question but heck idk, doesn’t hurt to ask

    and also, is it possible for snake and raiden to be on this game? lol with permission

    oh also Share the full controls at least!!!

  5. oh and maybe you can add these 3 characters =D

    Nariko (Fast version of kratos? lol) “Heavenly sword”

    BloodRayne (But i doubt you guys would go through the trouble of adding her) but why not have an epic vampire girl in a 4 player fighting game

    And Finally Amanda watts “Twister from twisted metal” seriously Tornado in 4 player stage? Yeah thats awesome, She’s needed

    Hey don’t you guys need your fair share of Girl characters any ways?

    1. Oh and amanda watts

      Fastest character in game

      Finally i’m left with my stupidest idea >.> Collaboration with Mortal Kombat……………………… Yeah Dream On lol

      But anyways i’m done with my ranting, i hope you read these

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