A week ago I was able to answer a lot of your questions regarding Title Fight and today I’ll will be providing some new answers. The one question that has popped up the most however, is “Who is the game’s developer”? This isn’t information that I can simply put up when I feel like, because there are a lot of things to consider. For one, privacy to the development team until they’re ready and remember folks, they are a video game company, there are stocks attached, investors involved, etc. This is why I have refrained from revealing all. However, I will be e-mailing the team tonight and ask when I can share with all of you, who they are and start showing off actual content. For now, here are some minor updates that I can talk about out:

Q1] What buttons represent what actions?
A1] Left Analog = move, X = jump, Square = attack, Triangle = attack, Circle = attack, R2 = super move.

Q2] How do you perform special moves and other such attacks?
A2] The way you pull off moves is similar to Super Smash Bros. Brawl, in that you can press any of the attack buttons and do a basic move, but when pressed simultaneously with up, left/right, or down, you will pull off a more special attack.

Q3] You mentioned that Sweet Tooth is a “slow moving character”. What are the different weight classes?
A3] Lighter characters = Parappa, Kratos, Sly Cooper, Nathan Drake. Heavier characters = Sweet Tooth, Colonel Mael Radec, Fat Princess.

Q4] Does the game have a story mode?
A4] There isn’t any information on that at this time.

Q5] Is the game’s camera system stationary or not?
A5] No, Title Fight’s camera system is not stationary. It moves around and follows the action like in the Smash Bros. series. Furthermore, if characters move too far from one another, the camera will indeed zoom (and vice versa is true when the characters are closer together).

Q6] Is it difficult to keep an eye on your character amongst the mayhem?
A6] No, not really. As previously stated, there are different colored bands that each character has affixed.

Q7] When are you going to share who the developer is?
A7] As of this evening, I am going to e-mail them and ask when is it ok.

This update is short but hopefully soon I will be able to reveal the developer and more. Thank you for your patience, everyone.

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  1. I’m wondering is Jumping Flash, ANY of the Bust-A-Groove character (Gas-O and Striker to be exact), Arc the Lad and a few others are going to be in this?

    Scenic backdrops and at LEAST 50 tracks or THREE kicking sound tracks for each stage.

    Night and Day stages? Online Only Stages? Exclusive date stages?

    Just wondering.

  2. First off, love what you’re doing here Paul. I appreciate the time you are taking out to give us hints of this incredible sounding game. I do have one question. As a huge Final Fantasy/ Kingdom Hearts fan, would it be safe to assume there will be at least one Square Enix character? I know I am seeing countless requests for Cloud, Yuna, Sora, ect on various sites. Thank you for your time! I absolutely cannot wait for the next update.

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