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E3 2011: I’m bringing it to you.

We’re just two months away from the 2011 Electronic Entertainment Exposition and this being my 10th time attending the event, I’m going all out with my Official E3 Q/A. For the record, I’ve attended years 2000 through 2006, ’09 and ’10. Regarding this tradition of answering every single question that comes my way from gamers across the world, that began in 2002 for Gamers.com and since then I’ve done it for 1up and Bitmob.

What you can expect is for me to answer every single question you ask me. What booth was the coolest looking? How did the new Sony NGP feel in my hands…can it handle doing Hadoukens? Which company had the hottest booth babes? What was Nintendo’s Super Mario 3D like? (I hope you get the picture). You can literally ask anything and I guarantee you that I will answer it.

What this does for you the fan, is bring you closer to the event than any site will. All media outlets will post news and and their points of view on each game and so on, but only at Paul Gale Network will you get each of your very specific questions, answered. Is it a big task? You bet it is. In the past, people were still writing in questions for two months following the show and I’d still be answering them.

What you can do now is begin writing your specific questions below and come E3, I’ll answer them in the new, Official Q/A article. If you wish to wait until E3 to start asking questions, feel free to come back then…it’s really up to you. I just do it because prior to the year 2000, when I wasn’t in the industry yet, I held on to every morsel of news like it was gold and would have loved to get some of my special questions answered. I want to do that for you. So then, ask away!

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  1. all I want to know is:
    How does Ninja Gaiden 3 feel?
    if you can’t answer that question that you claim you’ll answer all question then I’ll black site your site:)

    1. *xino, thank you for continuing to be a supporter of my site and just know that I really appreciate it. Ninja Gaiden 3 felt very quick and responsive from a control aspect. The team, even without Tomobobu Itagaki on hand, has done a great job in keeping the game familiar with the series last 3D installments, yet make it feel uniquely different at the same time.

      I know that you already know this (saw your comment on Tecmo Koei’s site), but the game also won my pick for Best Action Game of E3 2011. Featuring very good graphics though some anti-aliasing is needed on far away trucks (only nitpicking), fun combat (I like the way the sword makes contact with enemies), and cool new moves…the game looks like it will deliver.

      Also, a lot of gamers asked questions via e-mail as opposed to posting them on the site itself. Getting through that many takes time, so I’m sorry if my response to you was a little late. I also covered E3 for 1up.com and Bitmob.com, being an expo correspondent and doing similar Q/A’s, so with the addition of those alongside many e-mails specifically to Paul Gale Network, it’s just taking some time. Let me know if you have any other questions.

    1. *Lucio, I tried to do all of the convincing that I could to Sony at E3. 🙂 I told them that people on my site want Legend of Dragoon 2 and at least they were flattered to know people liked it. Will it get done? Sorry, but no word on that.

    1. *John, Nintendo’s next console is officially called the Wii U. The console itself is slightly larger than the Wii and has more smooth edges, but overall looks quite similar. The controller or the “U-control” as I’m calling it is the main new draw of the system. It features a 6.2″ touch screen in the middle, with two circle pads on both sides, a d-pad on the left (below the circle pad) and four face buttons on the right (below the circle pad).

      It’s also got a forward facing camera, two shoulder buttons, two triggers, a mic, speakers, an accelerometer, gyroscope, and sensor bar.

      More importantly is how developers will use it and I’m sure there’ll be some very creative ways as the U-control really allows you to become an extension of world you’re seeing on TV. You can switch the action from the TV to the controller, play with both simultaneously, and even interact with objects behind you by turning around with the U-control and see them on its screen, while the TV depicts the imagery in the same direction you left it.

      The console is capable of producing beautiful graphics. Zelda: HD Experience was a demo that was shown and looked stunning in real time.

      If you have any more questions, ask away. 🙂

  2. If the Wii 2 is set for release in Q4 2012, what all features will it need to have in order to compete with the PS4 & Xbox720 which will likely release by 2013 holiday??

    1. *Eddie, I imagine that at the earliest, we’ll see a July release of Wii U. Why July? For one, we definitely know it’s not coming before April, so scratch out those months. Why not May or June? Nintendo will be going into E3 preparation mode and probably wouldn’t debut a system before people got to be wow’d by them at E3. So then, July (a very off month for a console to come out), could be the Wii U’s month of release, as the gaming press and fans alike would be hot with excitement from what they just soaked in at E3.

      Also, Nintendo opposition will no doubt be more powerful when they debut, so it’ll really be Wii U’s new controller, the U-control/U-tab/U-mote that sets the difference. Thankfully, Nintendo’s baby is a good amount more powerful than PS3 and Xbox 360, so it won’t feel like a “last gen” system when its competition comes out. Nintendo at this point can even throw in an extra half a gig of video RAM without throwing their design for a loop (too much), to help ensure that visually, it’ll still deliver against the other 8th gen consoles.

      And as for when PS4 and Xbox 3 come out, although I see Fall, 2013 being likely, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them arrive in Spring/Fall 2014. The farther their release from Wii U, the more powerful they’ll be. But the longer the time between them and Wii U, will give Nintendo’s system a very big head start…one that might not be so easy to catch up to.

      We’ll see and ask me more if you’d like.

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