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Just moments after Satoru Iwata officially confirmed that Wii’s successor will be at E3 this year (and playable at that), I texted my good friend at Sony to see what she thought of Wii 2 and it being at the Electronic Entertainment Exposition.

(After all, it’s in my opinion that such a huge reveal will likely overshadow Sony’s NGP).

Sandy’s text back: “We’re not afraid of a little coffee stain.”

Is Sony not afraid of Wii 2 because they're planning a PlayStation 4 for E3?
Now those are some fightin’ words!

Of course I didn’t expect her to say something that’d imply any fear or worry regarding a new Nintendo system popping up at E3, but the choice words of “a little coffee stain” were just too funny for me not to put up. Could there be something more deep to it, however? Has Sony secretly been keeping the lid on a PlayStation 4 better than Nintendo has with its next console and plans an E3 reveal of their own? I don’t know, but one thing I can guarantee is that this year’s event will go down as “unforgettable”. Be sure to come back to my E3 Q/A for some in depth 1 on 1 feedback.

Note: Before people start thinking “who” my friend is, I see her each year at E3 and know her personally, but she’s not in the position of someone like Kaz Hirai. So basically, I can’t say that her words reflect the opinions of Sony as a whole, but I wouldn’t be surprised. That being said, I could totally see a Kevin Butler commercial with him using the line!

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