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Live action Ryu from Street Fighter on Paul Gale Network

It’s been three months since the last update, so for April 7th, we’ve got something new and that’s the picture of Ryu looking out into the ocean. Unlike the first picture which was directly from the short film itself, this is a still shot from the photographer. It does provide one more “look” that we can expect to see in the video, so regardless of the lack of widescreen in the photo, at least there’s more backup to the original line of “being shot at multiple locations”. The question now is when is it coming out. Probably by May 7th (which is a good guess since it’ll be four months after the first news broke and one month before E3). If people came to the article on April 7th and wondered where was the update, here is what you were suppose to see.

Live action Street Fighter project on Paul Gale Network

There have been many live action takes on the Street Fighter universe over the years, spanning from multi-million dollar theatrical releases to fan made efforts. I wouldn’t be surprised if most gamers agreed that the short fan projects that have popped up here and there paid more respect and authenticity to Capcom’s original source material.

It makes me happy to announce that a new short, live action Street Fighter project is currently being filmed at different locations in the US but will be a little different than what others have created in the past. You can see Ryu in this blurry screenshot, which is from a training sequence in the snow. When more develops, including when the final project is complete, you’ll be able to see it first on Paul Gale Network. Here’s to this video being another cool one for fans to enjoy and Capcom to be proud of!

7 thoughts on “New live action Street Fighter project looks promising.”
  1. nice way of spamming:/

    this was written Jan 6.

    i remember trying to comment on it but comment wouldn’t go through.

    not only did you submitted old news, you have no updates to it:/

    1. xino, yeah this is a bit over 3 months old (though I did write an update and included a new picture).

      Ok, I see that the update didn’t go through…nor did the picture. I am glad that you mentioned something though, because that brought me back to check on it. I’ll get the update back in.

      1. ok…the picture and article is updated now.

        That looks like you man O_o

        Street Fighter A New Beginning was amazing!

        i hope this would blow me away just like New Beginning did.

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