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Wii 2 at E3 2011 on Paul Gale Network
Wii 2 will show up at E3 2011 in some capacity.

I’ve recently been speaking with several contacts in different 3rd party companies (both Japanese and American) to see if I can get any morsel of news of their plans for E3 and fortunately…have been somewhat successful. More happy than just hearing about some projects in development, I also learned that they have received “Wii 2” development kits and aim to reveal some of their work at E3. According to these different sources, Nintendo will also be showing their own goods off at E3 in a demo reel that’s comparable to “when GameCube was finally shown at SpaceWorld 2000”.

If you don’t remember the SpaceWorld 2000 demo reel of GameCube, it was pretty cool stuff, showing off Samus running, Link fighting Ganondorf, Luigi’s Mansion, Wave Race, and a polygon model of Joanna Dark. I think what one of my sources meant was that we’re going to get an early glimpse of some games in development (whether or not they represent the final approach is a different story). I asked if anything will be playable but got a “can’t say”. In fact, each person said that they couldn’t answer that one question.

Perhaps they can’t say because Nintendo is actually going to have playable units and wants to shock people or 3rd parties are waiting approval from Nintendo to have their games playable (based off the quality and advancement of the title). Regardless, this is truly exciting and excellent news. Now I really can’t wait til E3.

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