New Street Fighter live action project in the works

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You know, one of my favorite movies is Capcom‘s Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie, which first came out in 1994. It’s such a well done film in many aspects, including the animation, quality of drawings, the choice of music, personality of its characters, and even story. Why hasn’t a Hollywood developer been able to capture the magic of this anime is beyond me, but in my opinion, it’s such a good piece that all a director would have to do to make a great live-action Street Fighter movie is copy and paste what’s here without changing anything. Easy as that.

That’s not why we’re here though. We’re here to discuss why the same team that made that classic movie should get together what’s now 17 years later, and make Street Fighter III: The Animated Movie. Perhaps better would be the awesome folks at Udon (who handle many of Capcom’s properties…including its excellent Street Fighter in comic book form) and let them come up with a full 2 hour epic film. Since Udon probably doesn’t have the resources to part ways with their comics to make such a project on the side, they could partner with an animation house and oversee them, while they provide the story, basic storyboard, etc. Erik Ko and the gang are great at what they do and I think that with their talent, mixed with some more SF expertise from Seth Killian, would be bring great justice to fans.

I would love to see Ryu training with Oro, Ken teaching Mel and Sean some Shotokan, Yun and Yang interacting with Chun Li, and some awesome background on Alex, Ibuki, Makoto, Elena, and the rest of the gang. A full on comic series from Udon could be released one issue at a time, to fully flesh out all of their characters and backgrounds, but a movie done similarly to Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie would be just what long time Street Fighter fans need.

In case you’re wondering why I picked SF3 and not SF4, it’s because we got a little dose of SF4 in anime form when Street Fighter IV came out. The Street Fighter 3 series is also the least ” well known” one amongst the masses and so it’d be nice to have those people learn what’s so cool about this very different cast. What do you all say…isn’t it time?

Live action Ryu on Paul Gale Network
This is a picture from the upcoming Street Fighter fan project. It’s set to release within the next two weeks.

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