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Yesterday I introduced you to the very talented Victor Hugo, whom brought us his take on Ryu vs. Hugo, and today I’m featuring another one of his impressive pieces:

Blanka vs. Dhalsim on Paul Gale Network
Blanka vs. Dhalsim (click here for a larger image.

I think that the Blanka vs. Dhalsim fight turned out even better than yesterday’s work and I’m really looking forward to Hugo’s next project, which is Chun Li vs. Vega. The thing I like most about this cgi work of art however, is that it makes me visualize even better how a 3D roaming Street Fighter game “could” work. Sure, adding more than just left, down, up, and right to the gameplay would change things up quite significantly and raise a big question to how effective projectile attacks would be (and for that matter, body “flight” moves), but this is Capcom’s newly resurged prize fighting series…and I think that if they ever attempted this again (something they did with EX and were thinking of doing for SF4), they’d do it right.

And believe me, I love my SF on a 2D plane and don’t mind it staying that way, but one has to wonder. Will we ever see the day of another 3D Street Fighter? What would it take for it to work in your opinion? Perhaps in Street Fighter 5 when the time is right. Could that time be in 2012 for the series’ 25th anniversary?

For now though, I hope you enjoy this art and here’s to Chun Li vs. Vega!

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