LA Fitness' free half hour training session with Paul Gale.
Come by and get a free 30 minute session. Larger picture available.

As part of a promotional idea that I came up with for LA Fitness a couple weeks ago, starting now, for any member of the gym, you’ll get one free, no strings attached 30 minute, individualized Pro Results training session with me. I’ll cater to whatever goals you wish to achieve. If you have some extra fat you want to lose, are trying to build some muscle, learn self defense, pick up a martial, fight osteoperosis, have an injury you’re trying to recooperate from, or anything else you can think of, I’m a very qualified personal trainer, martial artist, and health nutritionist.

This website gets seen by people all around the world, so this specific deal may be unrealistic to most, but the offer stands to everyone…even though it’s most likely to be taken advantage by California’s own. Perhaps this idea of getting one free training session by a highly experienced trainer at this specific location will catch on and become a standard across all LA Fitness facilities, if not branching out to even every gym in the world! It’s a deal that everyone can take advantage of, too, because everyone has a birthday once a year, and this specific deal runs all year round. You just have to show up within one week of your birthday. See, a free present! I hope to see some of you eventually in the gym, but more realistically, I’m offering all of you online the chance to ask any question and I’ll get back to you on it. Just leave a comment or write an e-mail. Thanks for your time.

7 thoughts on “If you’re a member of LA Fitness, come by and get a free half hour personal training session with me.”
  1. Ahh, I should go there lol. Too bad I’m not a member, but it’s a nice promotion for those who are and have their birthdays coming up. Nice idea and promotion. I’m sure it will be a big hit.

    1. People have already been taking advantage (in a good way) of the offer and since everyone has a birthday, once a year, I don’t see why everyone at the gym wouldn’t want something free. All I know is that I’m happy to give people a boost.

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