Not everyone can get to the gym and hit all of the chest building machines nor buy your own bench press equipment for home use, but there is an awful lot you can do with your body itself. I have developed a 64 minute dedicated chest routine without any weights or machines required. This 64 minute workout is for the more advanced crowd, but if you’re new to the world of exercise, I would recommend going through just the first 32 minutes.

Here’s a video I made to help you understand the exercises a little better.

This PGN64 Chest Workout routine is tough, but I guarantee that you’ll feel stronger and better after just a few times of sticking through with it.

In addition to the exercises below, I have some other tricks to make the exercise more difficult (if you’re more experienced) or easier (if you’re just getting into the world of working out).

To make your pushups harder:
1) Instead of looking down while exercising, look straight forward.
2) Lift one leg off the ground while doing your pushups and switch legs every five reps.
3) Make your upper arms go slightly beyond parallel with the ground…go deep.

To make your pushups easier:
1) Get into your normal pushup position and drop to your knees for the exercise.
2) Make your upper arms go parallel and not deeper.

The first 32 minutes:

1) Regular pushups:
Begin the hour by placing your hands directly beneath your elbows, and getting into a pushup position. Do as many as you can, that’s the goal.

3 minute break

2) Narrow pushups:
This time, bring your hands back to approximately the side of your ribs, and keep your arms flush with your body. Your elbows don’t bend laterally (to the side), instead, they bend straight back. Once again, do as many as possible.

3 minute break

3) Regular pushups with chair:
Place your feet on top of a chair, couch, bed, or something that’s going to be approximately parallel in height with the distance between your back and your arms fully extended. Do as many pushups as you can, now with the added difficulty of more weight on your chest.

5 minute break plus drink water (You’re going to get dehydrated, quickly, if you don’t drink water. It’s definitely a must).

4) Wide pushups:
Take the regular pushup position, where your hands are below your elbows, and now spread your hands out farther, changing the 90 degree angle to a wider one (you can decide just how far you’re comfortable going). Do as many as you can.

3 minute break

5) Triangle pushups:
Keep your four fingers tight and close together and your thumbs spread apart to almost 90 degrees. Now, combine your two hands together to make a triangle, and put that triangle right beneath your heart. When doing these pushups, you will find your elbows making their way laterally. Push hard and go for maximum reps.

3 minute break

6) Clapping pushups:
The positioning is the same as regular pushups, but now you’re pushing off the ground with enough elevation, to allow yourself the time to quickly clap your hands together and place them back on the ground. If you’re not powerful enough to do this full on, yet, don’t worry, you can either just get airborne without clapping or drop to your knees and perform the clapping motion. As you guessed…do as many as you can.

3 minute break

7) Narrow pushups with alternating front arm raises:
The name is long, but the exercise is self explanatory. Get into a narrow pushup position, and as you come up each time, raise one arm, completely straight off the ground (it should be parallel with the floor) and bring it down, back into the pushup. Repeat the same process, changing the arm between left and right, each time, and do as many as you can.

5 minute break plus drink water (As I stated earlier, it’s very important to drink water and stay hydrated throughout this routine…especially if you’re going to go all 14 sets).

The last 32 minutes:

So far, that’s a 32 minute, extreme exercise routine. It’s important to take water during those little designated breaks, too. Now it’s time for the Step 2, which is in fact, that same routine you just did. You can expect some fatigue by this point and know that in the next 7 sets, each set’s repetitions will be lower than their Step 1 counterparts.

Paul Gale Network: Paul Gale flexing by the pool
Here’s me flexing by the pool. Keep at it and your chest will begin to feel great.

This PGN64 chest workout plan for beginners should be done once a week. If you’re more advanced, you can attempt it once every 4 days. To go wild, you could do this routine every other day, but make sure you get a lot of protein (I’d recommend at least 60 grams), directly following the exercise. Even if you do it once a week, still make sure to get plenty of protein in, following the routine. I also recommend some bananas throughout the week to help promote muscle recovery. Ok then…it’s time to get strong, look great, and feel amazing. And one last thing…just remember my three rules: Health First, Functionality Second, Looks Third. If you follow my philosophy, you’ll always be happy.

Paul Gale Network: Paul Gale flexing by the pool again.  Motivation!
Stay motivated and you’ll be taking these kind of flexing pictures in no time!

I work out for my health first and foremost, because without a healthy body, life’s no fun. I then train to further improve my martial arts ability, because it’s my greatest and longest physical hobby than I enjoy. Looking good is something that comes by default from putting in hard work. If you train for looks first, you may skip out on your health and that’s not good.

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    1. Hey, you keep up the hard work exercising, eating well, and staying positive, and you’ll be amazed with how much time 9 months can do for you.

  1. *Gustavo, The best way to really get the abs you want is devoted abdominal exercise sessions throughout the week and appropriate eating so that you’re not ruining your work. What kind of tips would you like specifically? I can tell you off the bat that eating carbohydrates before exercising is a good way to go, as it provides you with energy, and that eating protein after your workout is essential to muscle growth. I hope that this gets you started, but feel free to ask more. As for muscle toning belts…the electrical impulses may do something, but always remember this: nothing comes easy. Studying, working out, making money, etc. You have to put in effort to get results in no matter what field in life (unless you’re incredibly lucky).

    1. *Gustavo, I would recommend my chest workout in this article. If it’s a little intense for you to do 64 minutes, do 32. That’ll be a great help in getting your chest toned up. Also, how’s your eating? You might want to start lowering your portions and spreading your meals more evenly throughout the day.

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