On December 20th, 2013, I took my 3rd Degree Black belt exam in Shotokan Karate and now have the video to share. Thank you to my wife Kim and fellow dojo member, Ken, for filming the test, Saad for being my Kumite partner, and PGN’s own David Razavi for editing everything together…including adding in some very fine audio.

If you have any other martial arts related questions or requests for future video demonstrations/tutorials, let me know. Thank you and Oss!

One thought on “Paul Gale’s 3rd Degree Black Belt (Sandan) exam in Shotokan Karate.”
  1. highest ranking in Shotokan.
    Here’s some comments:
    Study in Japan if you can.
    Study under Naka sensei/JKA
    Keep training – more sparring practice
    shifting and more kicking when attacked.

    Start investing/saving now.
    Only eat very healthy foods the rest of your life.
    Sleep 8 hours per day.
    Help others whenever you can.


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