Day Four:

Warm up for 15 minutes with some jogging.

1) The beauty of this four day workout program is that you don’t need any machine or equipment…for the most part. At this point however, I recommend getting a pull-up bar that you can stick in your doorway. Attempt as many pull-ups as you can. If your number is equaling less than 10, be safe, and put a chair in front of you. Place your feet (or one foot) on top of it, and try to get your total pull-up number (even if it’s assisted), past 10. Keep in mind that the farther away the chair is from you/the bar, the less help it’ll be providing. This will be an exercise that you can stick to for 3 sets total.
2) In between each set of pull-ups, extend out your hands to about elbow level and hop up and down, alternating knees. This is an explosive, tiring, yet very good cardiovascular exercise. Do this until your knees have slapped your hands, 40 times.
3) After that series of switching between your lats and cardio, grab some dumbbells (or improvise with some backpacks filled with books). Regardless of what you use, curl in with both arms each time, breathing out on the way up. If it’s with free weights, try two 20 pound dumbbells. If you’re improvising, get it close…and of course, if it’s too heavy that you can’t pull off, 15 reps of it, 3 times, lighten the weight. On the flip side, if it’s too easy that you’re blasting through it, make it heavier. 15 reps, 3 sets.
4) In between each of the above bicep exercises, do 20 scissor jacks. Instead of your feet moving side to middle, with these your feet alternate from left foot forward and right back, to right forward and left back. Each time your left is forward, it’s half a rep.
6) Now for shoulders, grab those same dumbbells and press upwards 15 times and do it for 3 sets. You want both arms out to the side and pressing up at once. Shoulders are typically weaker than biceps, so if this is tough with the same weight you used earlier, lighten up.
5) In between each of those sets, do 10 four way kicks. 1) left kick forward, left kick to the side, then right kick forward, and right kick to the side. That’s one. Do it 10 times.
6) Get in another 15 minutes of cardio via walking or a light jog, and your’e all done.

What I created here is a 4 day cycle of exercises that targets your whole body. It’s designed to build your core, develop lean muscle, give you strength, balance, speed, and agility. If you do each of the four days’ worth of routines, once a week, every week, then all of the cardio and strength building exercises will no doubt make you lose fat, build up your heart, boost up your lungs’ breathing capacity, and raise your endorphin levels to zones better than ever!

I hope this helps some of you out. 🙂

4 thoughts on “A workout for everyone: Day 4 = Lats, Biceps, Shoulders.”
  1. I’m loving the workout and so glad you could help me. I’m having a few problems though. For some of the workouts I can’t picture in my head what to do and I don’t want to do them wrong.

    Day 1
    8) Lie on your right side and do 15 reps of side tricep raises and then 15 reps on your left side (3 sets on both arms). How you do this move on your right side, is lie down, put your right hand across the left side of your neck, and your left hand beneath your right elbow. Now, with your left hand, push up, so that your body lifts off the floor, and you crunch up at the oblique.

    Day 2
    1) Begin by standing with your left foot forward and right back, with your feet approximately shoulder width apart and length apart (from front to back), long enough so when you drop your back knee to the floor, your front quadricep should become parallel with the floor, all the while keeping your knee behind your toes. Do 20.

    Day 3
    3) Stand up and put both hands behind your head, now alternate your elbows to your knees, 20 times each (40 movements total).
    4) Back on the floor, put your left ankle on your right knee and put your right hand behind your head. Cross over, bringing your elbow to your knee. As for the leg that’s being the base, you could either keep it bent so your foot is on the ground, or straight up and out (which is considerably harder since it works out your lower abs too). 30x

    Those of the workouts I can’t tell if I’m doing right. If you have links to any pictures or videos that’d be great.

    I’m loving it so far it’s a lot more intense than I thought it’d be. I can’t thank you enough!

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