Day Three:

Begin with a warmup as usual for 15 minutes.

1) Lie down on the floor and keep your legs straight up in the air, now lift your arms up straight towards the ceiling. This is the starting position. Now for the exercise: crunch up towards the ceiling (straight up), lifting your head and shoulders off the ground. Try to get in 30, pausing at every 10 and holding for 10 seconds (that’s pausing while you’re up off the ground, flexing your abs).
2) Grab onto something stretched behind you, again while lying on your back, and keeping your legs straight, lift them up and down 30 times. You should be making your body a letter L, with your legs being straight up and down…think 90 degree angle.
3) Stand up and put both hands behind your head, now alternate your elbows to your knees, 20 times each (40 movements total).
4) Back on the floor, put your left ankle on your right knee and put your right hand behind your head. Cross over, bringing your elbow to your knee. As for the leg that’s being the base, you could either keep it bent so your foot is on the ground, or straight up and out (which is considerably harder since it works out your lower abs too). 30x
5) Do the opposite by bringing your left elbow to your right knee, once again, for 30 repetitions.
6) Stand up and grab a weight (if you don’t have one, get creative and fill a backpack up with some books), probably 20-50 pounds will do, but adjust accordingly. Put one hand behind your head, while the other is holding the weight as it hangs by your side. In the direction that the weight is behind held, bend to that side and come up. Now you’re working out your obliques, and you can do this 30 times.
7) Switch hands so you’re now holding the weight with your right hand, and bend in that direction, each time coming straight up.
8-14) Do the same as steps 2-7. Work out your abs hard like this and you’ll get in over 400 movements in your whole abdominal region.
15) Cool down with some easy cardio for 15 minutes.

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