Day Two:

(First get in 15 minutes of cardio as a warmup)

1) Begin by standing with your left foot forward and right back, with your feet approximately shoulder width apart and length apart (from front to back), long enough so when you drop your back knee to the floor, your front quadricep should become parallel with the floor, all the while keeping your knee behind your toes. Do 20.
2) Do the same exercise as above but with your right foot forward and left foot back. Do 20.
3) Hop on the floor in a pushup position and bring your right foot forward while your left foot is back, and hop to switch the placement of your feet. This is a quick cardio exercise and you should do 30. (Note that each time one foot is forward, that only counts for half a rep).
4) Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, knees behind your toes, butt back, and back straight. Squat down to a parallel position and jump up, then land softly…15 times (just jump 4″ or so off the floor when doing these). Do that set 3 times. Each time you finish a set, get into that squat position and just hold it steady for 20 seconds.
5) Stand on one leg and lift the other, knee bent, as high as it’ll go. With that one knee raised up, lift it up and down (about 5″ pulses) 30 times. Do it 3 times total (that is the amount of sets). And do so with both legs.
7) During each little break of these sets (after doing both knee’s pulses), do 30 alternating lunges. You can just stand in place for this one, and each time bring one leg back and lunge out, and just keep trading off. (15 lunges per leg).
8) Follow all of this by more cardio (again, about 15 minutes). If your legs are done at this point and you can’t jog, you can walk.

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