Back in 2003, I set the NCAA record for my university’s test of “most amount of push-ups in 60 seconds”, with 119. Now that I’m heading into my tenth year from which I set that record, I have a new number that I’d like to reach: 133. Why 133? Because as of 2009, the world record for most amount of push-ups in 60 seconds is 132 (unless there’s proof that shows otherwise) and I’d like to attempt to beat it.

Military push-ups on Paul Gale Network
Military push-ups

The push-ups that I will be doing for the record are standard push-ups with elbows positioned laterally, but I like to mix up the training beforehand, sometimes with military push-ups…

Supinated knuckle push-ups on Paul Gale Network
Supinated knuckle push-ups

…and sometimes with supinated knuckle push-ups. I don’t have a set date in mind, just yet, but at the latest, I’ll probably go for it by June, 2013. Do any of you have any fitness goals for the end of this year or next?

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  1. i wish you best for your goal but the recored is 139 pushups not 132 but it intresting though 139-119= 20 but 139-133=6 so could you be hinted at 26 characters though good luck paul with your goal though

    1. Thank you very much and if the world record is indeed documented at 139…then I have my work cut out for me. It’s one thing going from 119 to 133 (a difference of 14), but it’s a whole other beast trying to do 20 more than my max. 6 more doesn’t sound like much, but like in a race around the track, those final, little numbers end up being “very” significant. As far as your number idea, interesting thoughts. Care to speculate on anything else in the picture?

      1. i dont know paul but all i do know there something there i that just put my finger around it but the way you doing your pushups your miltary pushup looks kind of crocked but your knuckle pushups look straight

            1. milarty pushups i heard of but the other other supinated never herd that for i heard of regualr knuckle pushups but not supinated knuckle pushups is that the hint

                    1. I think I see it now…

                      That shadow resembles a lightning bolt…

                      133 – 119 = 14 as you said…

                      I believe there is a character that has something to do with “lightning” in Final Fantasy 14…

  2. Good luck with that, 133 is mind boggling to me in terms of keeping form right and doing a full push up everytime. My personal fitness goal is to gain 10-20 lb of muscle by this time next year. I’ve been at it for at least a half a year now, and am doing concentration curls, flys, rows, bench press, lunges, and clap push ups. I have access to very good dumbells, the adjustable ones. Any tips on things I should be doing to gain muscle?

    1. Well bud, you sound like you’re already doing a fine job as is. One important thing to remember, is consume protein after every workout. It’ll truly act like cement being added to a brick wall after being broken down by a sledgehammer. Your muscles get torn apart during the workout and upon their regenerating process, you give them some protein so that they can grow with a bit of an assist. That’s tip #1. Another piece of advice is to keep consistent on your legs. They’re big and can handle weight for a reason: you walk on them every day. Because of this, they can grow fairly quick in terms of size and strength and thus add more overall pounds of muscle on your body. I didn’t see you mention abs, but I’m sure you do them. If not, definitely don’t neglect them in this journey of yours. Finally, if you plateau, change up your routine sooner rather than later. As a matter of fact, it’s not a bad idea to purposely change your routine often so that you never do get to that plateau in the first place. I hope this helped.

    1. It can help, if I dig my hand into the earth and make my push-ups faster than gravity allows, by pulling myself down, in addition to pushing myself up…but that’s not how I train in particular, towards achieving my goal. And that’s because the goal has to be attempted on a flat surface. I do grass training sometimes, however, for the reason that I stated above (getting in a little extra out of my workout) and secondly, because I was already training outside with some martial arts drills, soaking up nature, and getting a little bit of sun. πŸ™‚

  3. While your hints tend to stump me Mr.Gale, let me just say I appreciate them and look forward to learning their meanings, also only 8 more weeks until All-Stars is released I can’t wait to finally get to play it!!!

    1. I guess now is as good of a time as any to say it, but the same source that I’ve had for these past couple of years has acquired a PlayStation All-Stars splash page with all of the characters on it. I haven’t seen it yet, but have been told that the page has 2X characters on it (which include the ones I’ve already been told are in the game). I want to see it myself! Of the X more characters left, I haven’t seen the polygonal in-game models for most, so knowing is half of it. Seeing them myself will be great. And perhaps then, with that poster, I’ll have some fun update or hint, PGN style. πŸ™‚ In the mean time, I don’t know if this means anything to you or not, but my friend read my “proposed” Street Fighter V article and liked it a lot. Said I should get a job at Capcom for stage design in fighting games. Wow…that’s one compliment I’m happy to share!

      1. Man, that splash page with all the characters would be the perfect background for my laptop. I’ve had the same one since the Beta leak. Any chance you can hook me up with the splash screen once ALL the characters have been revealed? (Don’t want it just yet. Going to Eurogamer as there may be reveals there! Not to mention future reveals)

        Btw, how come you’re using 2X characters instead of 20+ nowadays? Seems very odd.

        Anywho! Good luck in your attempt Paul! I tend to fail at push ups so good luck in doing tons of them!

      2. Oh wow that’s really cool! I can’t wait for the ‘fun update or hint’, while I must say for awhile I didn’t want the reamining ‘X’ characters spoiled,but now I am really curious to find out who they are. I have a personal wishlist of 10ish characters I want to be in the game and have my fingers crossed they make up the remaining ‘X’ characters. Maybe I can get a sneak peak at that spalsh poster πŸ˜‰ Just kidding though, i know you probably can’t do that. And that Capcom thing is really interesting, your certainly making a name for yourself in the gaming world πŸ™‚

        1. Regarding the Capcom Street Fighter V pitch? Thanks. PGN definitely plans to go all out with this project and basically provide the internet and Capcom alike, a full lineup of stages, characters, gameplay innovations, and other fun tricks that I have yet to share (that will pop up in the stage following my next update). As for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale’s new poster…I’m dying to see it.

          1. Well Mr.Gale, you have certainly helped increase the hype for Playstation All-Stars, I think your almost doing a better job than Superbot it at making hype for this game!! Do you know when you will see Playstation All-Stars new poster?? I just hope I don’t have to wait too much longer to learn what these hints mean!

      3. Maybe I’m just grasping here…but 2X sounds like another sneaky hint. You also capitalized “X” when you said “X more characters left.”

        Megaman X took place in the year 21XX while the original took place in 20XX (similar to how you said there will be 2X characters rather than saying 22+ characters as you previously have).

        If I’m just grasping at straws here, just say so, but this occurs to me as a potential hint at Megaman X (or someone like Zero).

  4. Hey Paul, at first I thought people thinking this was a hint was nonsense, but the way you are responding might suggest otherwise, is this actually a hint? Im confused.

    1. The only time something doesn’t have any “deeper” meaning, is if I deliberately say so. Like in today’s “pig saves a baby goat’s life” article, I said that it’s just something fun. For most other things, I work with what I’m asked to do and not to do, and just leave it up to the internet to decipher.

    1. You’re welcome about the protein tip. And are you asking about your lower obliques? There’s a great exercise I do, in which I lie down on my back, place my hands flush with the sides of my body, lift my butt about 6″ off the floor, and proceed to make a move that resembles the line in a happy face’s smile, repetitively. For most people, it’s hard enough to keep their butt up in the air for more than a few seconds. You overcome that, while keeping your knees bent (and not your legs extended), and then do that rocking lateral motion in the line of a happy face’s smile…and man, you’ll get tremendous lower abs and lower obliques. That’s one of mine that’ll push you hard.

  5. so to sum up, the guesses for these pictures are street fighter, solid snake, shadow of the colossus, final fantasy, and gravity rush. they all seem plausible to me, but one of them has gotta be correct, right?

    1. I can never make a post too obvious, but the internet has been successful at deciphering all past clues I put up. I’m sure that of what I’ve shared more recently, there are people that cracked the code as well.

  6. Defying gravity, check. What else? Muscle? The closest suggestion is probably Kat. She defies gravity. Do I have to go deeper, or is that it? Maybe, you see below you like you’re flying! Like a dragon! That’s what YOU see! ITS SPYRO!

    1. I thought a lot more and I found out another character that fits this description. Ty. Push ups in Ty 3. No shirt. Bush rescue=military. Yellow hair. The wraps on your wrist. So many ways to prove it’s Ty. Please reply Paul. What do you think?

  7. hey paul looking back at your clues could you be hinting a sora from kingdom hearts

    clue 1: the sqare enix card that was on your phone when you got a messages from them yeah i know it could mean ff rep but why do you have two mesages from them

    clue 2: the pic of twitter of you looking at the clouds but you were at the sky sora means sky in japanese so could you be hinting at sora and cloud since they were both in kingdom hearts

    clue 3: your point about destiny confirmed sora was born on destiny island and he had destiny in kingdom hearts

    am i right or am i am stenching and i have to wait

  8. That is awesome that you held such a record, best of luck on your further goals.

    As for the hints, I’m assuming that Kat is in at this point. You also seem to make some Street Fighter hints..Ryu? Honestly if I had to guess at this point from your hints I would say the remaining characters are
    1. Cloud
    2. Crash
    3. Kat
    4. Snake
    5. Ryu
    6. Wander

    That’d make 26, which seems reasonable. Spyro as future DLC maybe? I realize you can’t confirm any of this, but am I anywhere near being correct?

      1. Also a quick “ab workout” question. I have a nice little 4 pack going on, but the bottom two seem to not show up. I hear this is the hardest two toward getting a six pack. Any tips?

        And thanks for the response! I have high hopes for Cloud & Crash being in this game. Thanks for everything you’ve done in keeping the hype up for this game.

        1. Some good exercises for the lower abs are “knees to chest roll-ups”, which involve you lying on your back, keeping your knees bent, and rolling in a slow motion, your knees towards your chest. Another one is getting into this same position and lifting and holding your butt several inches off the ground, and then twisting it in a left to right (happy face smile-like) position, which feels brutal after a while. Then there’s lying down, with your legs straight up in the air and without ever bending your knees, lift your butt off the floor and go back down, up and down, repeat continuously. This in tandem with the other couple I provided are definitely a few good ones that you can add to your ab sessions. And you’re welcome. It’s been my pleasure!

  9. …. Hmmmm…. I’ve got it!! The red and blue shorts? Along with the white hand wraps? You know who wears red and blue? Along with white on their hands?? MARIO!! Mario confirmed for psasbr! lol. Seriously though paul, your an evil genius with these pictures sometimes.

  10. Love the All-Star hints can’t wait to see what you do next!

    I have another question actually that I need some help with. I’m 5’8 125 and I’ve been slacking on my workouts. I used to be in Kung Fu but once I started going towards my bachelors for Law school that pretty much had to stop.

    I’m not too weak, I can usually get up about 140lbs at the bench. The last time I check was about 3 months ago though so who knows.

    I really need help with a good workout routine. I have never been able to think of one on my own or find a good one for my time constraints. Monday I have about an hour to workout, Tues 2hours, Wed 1hr, Thur 2hr, Fri 2hr, weekends are random.

    I’d love it if you could send me a good routine to work all parts of my body. I typically don’t like using weights and would much rather do body resistance but I trust you!

    I need to get looking as good as you for some future Cosplays. So any tips on gaining some actual definition, and mass, would be nice. Sorry for the long post!

  11. kat-blonde hair.
    Angled picture like defying gravity, shadow(common in gravity rush with enemies and cat)
    military kat outfit,and gravity from push ups? + past hints
    cloud-blonde hair, soldier, Sword+ past hints
    wander/sotc-shadow+sword + past hints
    snake/bb-military,grass, low to the ground.+ past hints

    i see a pattern ;]

  12. can you show the answer to the rest of your old hints that you have not shown the answer yet, and if you can repost what hints are still left in a new article

  13. Well just made a account on here paul gale but ive seen your website almost everyday mainly hopeing for something new on all stars battle royale but i hope you achieve your goal and set a new world record. And as for all stars i see you mention street fighter alot in alot of articles and i think i can remember you saying there was another fighting game character in this game is it safe to assume ryu is in this game?while i know you cant tell me that im hopeing for ryu,2x characters does that mean two times characters you already knew of which you said you can confirm 22+ characters which ment at the very least 23 so 2x 26 characters in total.

    1. Hey there and welcome aboard! Thank you in regards to my push-up goal for 2013. And as for your comments regarding PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, the placeholder of X after the 2, was just me implying that the number of characters is 20-something. I’m still waiting for the new poster. Hopefully I get to see and relay back…

      1. Maybe, if you end up getting this poster, you can take a picture of this poster to show on your site. The catch would be that characters that haven’t been revealed yet can be blocked with something on top of that picture (whatever the object may be could be used as a hint pertaining to that character). Or maybe you can block most of a character while leaving some obscure body part visible. Maybe block multiple characters with a single object in order to hide the roster count as well…

  14. Thanks Paul Gale, so 25 characters and Crash, Kat, and Cloud confirmed.

    Could we get hints at who the boss is?
    Have you already given hints to who the 4th character is and I missed it?

  15. I’ve been a Playstation-fan since the original PS1, and still is. Do you think i will be happy with the final roster that you know of? πŸ™‚

    Also keep up the good job Paul!

      1. Thanks for the answer Paul. I’m pretty happy with the current roster right now. But a few characters like a Final Fantasy character, Snake/Big Boss and maybe hmm Crash would make it perfect haha πŸ™‚ I’ll keep my fingers crossed that make it in the game

  16. Hey Paul, Also hope you can beat this record,
    any chances of a character reveal at the Euro Game Expo?

    Also i have never heard of the supinated Push up, is it better to do it on grass?

    1. Thank you, bud. I don’t know about Euro Game Expo plans, yet. As for the Supinated Push-up, it’s my own thing. I’m not saying that in the history of time, no one did ’em before me, but I am saying that I didn’t learn them from anyone/thought the exercise up, myself. As for grass vs. non-grass, it doesn’t make too much of a difference (though grass is a little softer on your knuckles).

  17. Hey Paul, I love and appreciate that you’ve been trying to keep the hype up for Playstation All-Stars, and I’ve been looking through your stuff for a while now, checking up on hints and all that good stuff ever since post-E3. I have my thoughts about who the last characters could be, but that is not what I’m here for, because I respect that you can’t flat-out tell anyone who they are. All I’m curious about is if Superbot plans on revealing the last characters before the release date of the game, or if they plan to keep them secret. I don’t need to know what conventions they’ll be at or whatever, just the basic concept of if they plan to reveal them at all. Thank you for your time, you’re doing a better job at keeping this game alive than Superbot themselves haha. And though this is irrelevant, my guesses for the last characters are Kat, Cloud, Big Boss/Snake, Crash, and the possibility of the final boss being playable (and of course DLC in the future). It’s okay if I’m not right though, cause I was going to get this game anyways cause of Ratchet and Clank, aka my Sony bros πŸ™‚

    1. I’m glad you’re getting the game anyways, but hopefully the final roster does satisfy you even more than what you’re knowledgeable of, right now. And you’re more than welcome. This approach of mine in being the source behind one of the biggest games of the year was pretty much unheard of before. My mission was simple: introduce, build hype, do what needs to be done to maintain interest, even if it’s not the most desirable of ways. With my new Xbox 360 exclusive that I acquired, I can say that it’s of the same magnitude as PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. As to exactly how am I going to handle it and when, I don’t know just yet. But it is something to look forward to down the road. πŸ™‚ And as of right now, I can only personally “hope” that SuperBot has more reveals pre-launch date, but it looks like info is getting tighter within the company, because my source doesn’t know if/when will they reveal more, and as a result, nor do I.

      1. Oh trust me, compared to Super Smash Bros. (which I am a huge fan of as well), I know EVERY character on Playstation All-Stars haha and each is a smart/clever choice for Superbot to make. Even if some are considered “obvious” choices, like Ratchet and Clank or Sly, the way they bring them to life is incredible. When I saw the gameplay video for Ratchet it was awesome! They incorporated the best of his arsenal and were spot on πŸ™‚ as far as I’m concerned, I love every character they’ve chosen, and I don’t think any of the remaining characters could possibly disappoint me at all lol. And I understand it’s a heavy load to carry, being one of the only “inside guys” who has the scoop on what’s happening, and of course that means you may get criticisms, or high praise. When it comes down to it, you can’t reveal EVERYTHING, cause Superbot wouldn’t allow you to, and unlike some people, I understand that you have to have restrictions. Nonetheless you still wow me with what you can get away with in your hints. And I’m excited to hear about this new Xbox exclusive! I know you’ll find the right time and how you will go about handling it, you’re getting a ton of practice from this game lol. I guess time will tell if/when Superbot plans to reveal more info, as you said, it’s getting down to crunch time, so things are getting strict. Info can’t be handed out like nothing anymore, but it’s okay, I can wait. Thanks again Paul πŸ™‚

    1. I don’t know what what their reasoning would be, but I’m sure that superbot has reasons for what their doing. I wish they would reveal more info too, but it’s not going to make me mad or sad if they don’t.

  18. Here are my clues that lead to Crash being released in Playstation All-Stars.

    Clue 1: Shirtless demeanor with short pants and gloves sounds just like Crash Bandicoot.
    Clue 2: The Activi$ion hint on Twitter.
    Clue 3: Omar Kendell said that Crash would never be a DLC but rather on-disk character.

    If that dosen’t signify as a hint, then I dont know what does. Come on Paul help me out here is one of those hints pretaining to Crash Bandicoot? Please Respond!

  19. just wanna say something i noticed: nearly every character leaked before superbot could reveal it. it would have made sense to use tgs since none have really leaked yet (kat and snake are still maybes in my book). so could u please tell them to try to reveal characters before another leak gets out?

  20. The 1st thing i noticed was the blonde hair, and that brought cloud to mind before anyone else. Add to that the squareenix thing before and the mention in the past of an rpg character and it could fit. Having said that the squareenix/rpg hints could refer to so many characters and the blonde hair might not hint to the same character or be a hint at all.
    You said its not about the pushups themselves or what you are wearing, to me that leaves the hair or the shadow. Some people have mentioned shadow of the colossus which would fit the previous hint with the picture of the landscape in the background and the whole ‘s’ and ‘c’ thing.
    Paul are you hinting several seperate things with this picture or one in particular?
    then theres the 1987 hint, final fantasy began that year which is further evidence for cloud or atleast someone from the series. But metal gear, megaman, castlevania, street fighter all released that year too. You said the heihachi hint could hint another character also, so street fighter stands out. You also put up the street fighter concept article recently which may or may not be a hint in itself.
    I rememeber when 12 characters were revealed you had said you knew of 18, and at that same time you said you knew of 3 female characters including fat princess. So with only nariko revealed since you had said that there should be at least 1 more female. This was also when you said of an rpg character which means you knew 6 more character including 2 females and an rpg character which implies several of the 8 we got since then were unknown to you at that time, at least 2.
    I have a feeling that cloud, shadow of the colossus in some manner (wander? a stage?) and chun li are hinted here. Im going to randomly guess at Alucard also just because i think that’d fit nicely for the game, but i dont see much hints for him here, 1987 only. We will see.

  21. Hey Paul Gale, so there is alot of heat from the Gamfaqs board saying that your a liar,
    however is this indeed the final roster because i still thought we are getting a FF rep as well.

    Anyway your images and guessing have been alot of fun.

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