What an ordeal it’s been to provide any type of update after I suggested a week ago that I wanted to share something currently unknown about PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. First and foremost, I did e-mail SuperBot Entertainment and did not receive a response back, so I’ve nothing to report on, on that part of this story. Next up is the fact that while at the UCLA vs. Nebraska college football game that I went to yesterday at the Rose Bowl, I did happen to play the game and got a text from my source about what the next official comment will be from SuperBot and found it interesting. This brings me to today, in which I got a text back from one SuperBot rep, some advice from my source, and a request from another individual. Here’s what I can say:

– What I wanted to share was either one new “character-driven” picture hint (the kind that is clearly decipherable) or two new “non-obvious” picture hints (the kind that have appeared more frequently as of late, on Paul Gale Network). Since for the former, I already created every character-driven hint for his or her respective character, it’d be a cinch to just upload it and let you all have fun…but I unfortunately won’t be sharing that today.

– The SuperBot rep that texted me back said the following, “Hey Paul. I don’t have authority to say whether something can or can’t be unveiled. You would need to go through Sony PR. Thanks.”

– After trying to get something, I got a separate text from a different individual, saying, “Paul. You know what you can and can’t say. I’ve read the forums and your site and see what people are asking. Please nothing new.”

– My main source in all of this then told me that if I want to satisfy the fans and respect SuperBot’s wishes, “be clever”.

That being said, here’s me being clever:

* Everything in thiS article was intended as iS.

* There’s still something satisfying in this article, that’s yet to be officially revealed.

* Do you remember this story? Good.

Ok there, I didn’t reveal anything new. I merely suggested looking at old articles for more information. And with that being said, here are the pictures of my text conversations, to prove that they do in fact, exist.

SuperBot Entertainment response about a NEW hint for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale on Paul Gale Network (Large)
Talk with SuperBot Rep.

Hint discussion about PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale on Paul Gale Network (Large)
Talk with Separate Individual.

I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to provide any new character reveals, today. All I can really say for now is, “stay tuned”.

127 thoughts on “PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale update: Old hints become New again…”stay tuned” for more.”
  1. you have said multiple times that most ppl will like the final results of the roster, but do you acknowledged that most ppl would actually not be satisfied if crash is not included in the final roster?

  2. Paul, I figured out the Goku hint. It’s Cloud isn’t it? Because when Goku goes Super Saiyan his hair turns blonde and spiky. Cloud’s hair is also blonde and spiky. BAM!

  3. I think it would be cool if they included someone from Kingdom Hearts or Final Fantasy. given the SE Logo its a given we will get an SE Character, who it is we dont know.

    thanks for the info though dude. is uber cool of you to provide it for us.

    : )

  4. Paul, since you’re restricted in giving out any new information/hints regards who’s going to be in the game, could you at least tell us if the final roster count is going to be over 26 or under 26? Pretty please? 😉

        1. People can rest, knowing that there are over 22 characters in total for the game. Why would they worry about things like disk based vs. downloadable? If it’s because of money, that’s understandable…but really, no need to worry. Most people will find the complete roster well worth it.

          1. 1. there not day 1 characters
            2. they cost money
            3. there should be more then 22 on disk characters in a game this generation
            4. plus if there is only 22, omar said crash will be a free character so if he is not part of the inital roster it means one of the most demanded characters for this game literally is not in.

          2. Well. We can assume in today’s digital age that there will be DLC, particularly for a big game like this. With your available knowledge on the complete roster, can you say as to when the full roster will be available (excluding possible unlock characters on-disc)? The end of this year; fiscal year; immediately at release?

  5. Well i can see that this may be a revealing a bit more on stages, but less on character (at least 1 drop making it to 3 characters revealed), an since it’s from TGS.. I’m sticking on that it could either be a 3 character, and 2 stage reveal!

    #1. I’m guessing it’s going to majorly be a stage based on Shadow of the Colossus pairing with something unknown (rumored to be with LocoRoco), it’s unlikely to be a character of the franchise, since some people believe it’s ICO who may appear!

    #2. I think it’s a two-way clue (not only one clue), one of the reveals being a Resistance stage.. and the other being Crash (although, it’s a wild guess if there’s two.. and that i kinda hope Crash is in the game.)

    #3. The same Cat Picture is likely going to be Kat (Gravity Rush), and considering the Super Saiyan picture (i do not know, but i’m sticking with the Cloud predicition)

    #4. The final clue i’m presuming is a reveal on a Square-Enix’s IP possibly hinting to be a Final Fantasy Rep?

    The only reason i’m guessing your only saying on the stage of Resistance is because it’s one of the leaked stages mentioned. meaning this could be some very big announcment at this week’s event! I can mostly guess it’s 26-28 by the most.

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