I just came back from the UCLA vs. Nebraska college football game at the Rose Bowl and man was it intense! The final score was 36 (UCLA) to 30 (Nebraska) and both teams did a really good job.

UCLA merchandise store on Paul Gale Network
Not a bad new visor.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale at the Rose Bowl on Paul Gale Network
Playing some PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale at the Rose Bowl.

UCLA Bruins warming up for the game on Paul Gale Network
The Bruins warming up.

UCLA football team running out onto the field on Paul Gale Network
Always cool seeing the teams run out.

UCLA vs Nebraska 36 to 30 on Paul Gale Network
Great job to both teams and thanks for the firework display, after the game.

Next week I’ll be back at the Rose Bowl for UCLA Bruins vs. Houston Cougars. May the best team win and here’s hoping it will be as good as the Bruins vs. the Cornhuskers!

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