First of all, between all of the comments and e-mails being sent to Paul Gale Network directly and what I’ve read on forums across the internet, I’ll say that no one yet has completely figured it out…but there are a few that are on the right track. As for whether the hints are tied together, are individual, represent characters, stages, game modes, music, or something else altogether that no one has even thought about…you’ll know soon enough.

When you go back to my very first trio of hints: James Bond, Tron, and Martial Artist…they clearly make sense in retrospect, yet I believe that only one person on the internet that I personally came across (amongst the thousands that I’ve read) actually figured it with 95-100% accuracy.

Then, with the Cat and Flexing hints, people guessed the former all to easily, but were tossed about what the other one was…that is, until they started looking deeper, for things like the angle of the flex itself, character hair, background image used, and so on. And that’s not even to say that that particular photo isn’t designed to have further implications.

With this batch of 4 pictures, yes, I made it hard. Whether you think it’s hard or obvious is up to you, but I’ll be happy to share the method behind them when the time is right. With that being said, I might put up another hint or two before Sunday, but I think this should do for now.

Just know that more PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale info is on its way, but first I’ll wait until someone completely figures these 4 clues out before giving more. 🙂 Thank you.

Finally: The cars, location, placement of, timing, guns, bullets, and overall layout of everything in all 4 pictures is for a reason and thus was intentional.

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  1. so the first two photos allude to a Gran Turismo stage then?

    it resembles one of the locations in Photo Mode, and overall it resembles Photo Mode.

  2. Hey paul i read everything 0_0 boy i was stupid,but since you tell me about the gamemodes, anything. then i guess the second clue picture from the 2 cars represent tag team because that didnt show yet ,but i think it will shown at comic con, am im right?

  3. New Stages:
    -Playstation Home/Midnight Club/Grand Tourismo mash up.
    -Empire City (iNFAMOUS 2)

    – Claire “Lightning” Farron (Final Fantasy 13)
    – Solid Snake/Big Boss (Metal Gear Solid)
    – Cole McGrath

    All I got from the clues so far. :/

  4. If they reveal the Crash, Ratchet and Clank, Sackboy, Snake at once… GOD DAMN!!! This game would blow up in anticipation. I’m still just hoping the Journey guy will be in it even though he’s barley requested..but who would of said Fat Princess?? I’m worried…

  5. I have some suggestions :

    * For the first photo:
    -Looks like a line of arrival / departure (for racing), with stakes, a flag in the middle, and the line on the ground …
    -The light at the top and between the two stakes, is green, as if to announce the start of a race.
    -To return to the flag, it looks like he is down
    -In the bottom left of the image, it says MG on the sidewalk (Metal Gear?)

    * For the Second photo:
    -Looks like a rivalry, a confrontation, a duel, etc. …
    -It can make us think about Ratchet & Clank, but also Cloud & Sephiroth (Yellow and gray hair) …

    * For the Third photo:
    -I have nothing to say except this picture I made,

    * For the Fourth photo:
    I do not learn anything to anyone:

    By-cons, I feel I have discovered a face!

    That if his can give ideas to some people …

  6. May aswell try myself then, hopefully I am right if it gets clues quicker.

    1. One car in the colour of Crash Bandicoot, simple enough.

    2. Two cars in the colours of Ratchet and Clank.

    1+2. Both car themed, so likely a Gran Turismo stage, also there’s a restaurant in the background that looks western themed, so I’m going to go out on a limb here and say Red Dead Redemption, with John Marston maybe playable. Lastly, there’s night and day, this could mean two things. It could be reffering to the RDR Undead Nightmare Expansion, meaning that there would be 2 versions of a RDR stage one as standard and another with Zombies, or it could mean you could set the time of day for the stage, so you can choose between daytime or nighttime lighting, it may even be both.

    3. 2 Guns, one little and one big, giving a hint to LittleBigPlanet, there’s already a stage so Sackboy as playable. Also the rifle may be another hint to RDR.

    4. We all know the hidden Patriots code, so Solid Snake. Also, the way the bullets are laid out it looks quite specific. I looked and there’s no Country or State that looks like that, so my guess is that it is a hairstyle, most likely Final Fantasy, my guess is Cloud Strife.

  7. For a photo:
    -The starting line (the beginning of the game?)
    ORANGE-car crash bandicoot?

    We start the story mode with Crash Bandicoot?

    For the second photo:
    – Ratchet & Clank? A duel?
    A duel with Ratchet against clank?

  8. Some things are telling me Cloud and/or Sephiroth really are in this game:

    1. Ratchet and Clank have been speculated
    2. The yellow and silver cars are facing each other, something Cloud and Sephiroth always do
    3. Paul said this game would represent an RPG character
    4. Michael commercial was “Vaguely foreshadowing” this games character roster, having Lightning from Final Fantasy 13 being shown
    5. This game was/used to be(?) exclusive to Playstation

    As for the orange car image:

    1. “It’s red on top and orange on the bottom. Crash has a spiky red mohawk and an orange body.” -ScorpionTail
    2. The car looks like a Gran Turismo car, a game series exclusive to Playstation
    3. If you look closing at the sign blowing in the wind, you can see it says “Mobile”, in this case it could stand for vehicles. If you just flip letter “b” without swapping its position, you get “Mod”. The “M” and “o” parts cannot be flipped to make them look any different. So it could be a Modnation and Gran turismo mixed stage…

    In the image with the two guns:

    1. The “Little gun, big gun” statement has already been said.
    2. A gun with a Bayonet, I believe someone called it is in the photo. I didn’t know what it was at the time…A gun blade is also a weapon used in Final Fantasy, as far as I know, both 13 and 8, although I think this time it refers to Lightning and not Leon/Squall, especially due to her appearance in the Michael commercial. So this one could be another indirect hint towards Cloud, or Lightning being hinted…

    And as for the last image with the insane amount of bullets, I think I have more proof of Snake. It looks like a continent upside down..most likely America. And there’s that gun right there at the top. So maybe that image is to represent “MGS4: Guns of the Patriots”, I don’t know exactly, but I’d like to Play as Old Snake.

    By the way you’re really good at photography.

  9. Here’s my guess for image 1. the reveal of single player story mode (and what it’s about). meanwhile, image 2 is the co-op story (maybe lol)
    For image 3, i’m stumped. but i think the bullets above the pistol have been placed in a certain way on purpose.
    image 4, the clue LA LI LU LE LO is there.. and it looks like the bullets are arranged into a kind of animal..with 2 ears?

  10. In the first two hints, the letter I, O, and R are cut out, unscrambling to RIO.
    In RIO, the film, the letter are written with Blue, Yellow, and Orange. The only difference between that and the cars is the blue letter and silver car.

    This could hint to Cloud (blue outfit, silver sword)
    This could hint to Sub-Zero (who’s cyber version is blue and silver)

    Okay, MAYBE I’m looking too much into it, but still.

  11. To be hones I’m completely stumped on these hints, I believe there is something there that I’m missing, I can guess gran turismo is mixed in there as some sort of stage, and the guns having something to do with Solid Snake, but that list hint the 4th one the bullets kind of look like ploygon man, sony’s first attempt at a mascot.

  12. I just wanted to thank you, Paul, for providing us impatient and over-anticipated fans for your hints and such. By giving these to us, we (or at least I) feel that we’re (I’m) learning a lot more about the game daily (even if it is all of the community’s speculations). It gives us a better idea of what to expect.

    So I thank you again, and also commend your photography skills and ability to have us stumped even when we think we’ve outsmarted you 😉

    One last thing (just to try and get some info out of this comment lol), any comment on this image? I made it myself as a byproduct of my anticipation 🙂

      1. thats a cool design and lineup you got there, althought i would change the crash to ps1 era crash (the new one just looks silly) and change Lightning to Cloud. I would be so dissapointed if they put Lightning in instead of Cloud.

        1. Thanks! And I could add Cloud to my roster. Also I couldn’t find a good picture of PS1 Crash, and I have a feeling if he’s put into the game, he’ll wind up looking like the image I put in.

  13. There are 13 larger caliber bullets behind the pistol in the 3rd image. I guess that could mean Lightning? I don’t see the significance of the other rifle and bullets in the photo, but the caliber differences, count, and spread around the pistol stand out to me.

  14. 1st.Okay so the two letters blocked out by the trees are Oi. Now IO represents the moon!
    2nd.A ps3 exclusive game came out not too long ago called Rainbow Moon.
    3rd. The gameplay has lots of trees that have a similiar setting to this. The setting is at night indiacting the moon is out.
    5th. The car is orange similiar to the color of the moon on their website, and also the shadow is cast indicating the moon shining light.
    6th. The green light is simialer to the color that is cast with speels in this game.
    7th.And lastly this game is a rpg strategy game, Paul said there would be another strategy game character, but this entire thing could also indicate a stage.

      1. I completely disagree the snake picture was very hard so I believe that all the pictures you have to really think about. The fact is that they want to represent as much of sony as possible, and psn exclusive downloads make a huge part of that, and the only nod towards it so far is fat princess, i guarantee they will want to do more. All the clues fit, and its probably just a stage.

  15. So…wow. Lol. These pictures were so vague in concept that it could potentially look like anything…given the right perspective and line of thought. I haven’t dwelled too heavily on them…but I did have a thought process that might have read WAY to into everything. First…I thought Cole Mcgrath from infamous due to the car coloration and the night and day elements. The yellow car represented his neutral alignment…as it’s usually is clothing color option of choice. The night and day represent evil and good…respectively. The orange car emphasizes his Infamous side…as when he becomes more evil his lightning takes on an orange glow instead of blue. Silver is a white-ish color…and as Cole leans more towards the hero side of the spectrum…his clothes become lighter to the point of his shirt turning white. Obviously the last of it has to do with Snake…or just Metal Gear in general. The patriots and all that. 🙂 Then I started thinking…cars…cars…what Sony titles involved cars. I immediately lept to Gran Turismo and Mod nation racers…but it just seemed to darn obvious. But, then I was like…le duh…lol…Twisted Metal. I had almost forgotten about it because Sweet Tooth is old news at this point….but, you know, that doesn’t mean that we’ve seen a twisted metal stage yet. And then I noticed that the yellow and silver car are facing towards each other…as if to duel. Unleashing car dueling mayhem is what Twisted Metal is all about. So…now I’m thinking that we might possibly see a Gran Turismo fused with Twisted Metal Stage coming up soon? It would be super cool to see a regular race start off…only to eventually descend into madness thanks to the raging metal and death battles of Twisted Metal come into play. But…then I thought…what if the entire thing connects together? Ammunition…freakin’ everywhere…plus a potential Twisted Metal theme…plus Snake. And that’s when I decided that it would be equally awesome to see a Twisted Metal Stage fused with a Metal Gear Solid stage. Twisted Metal Gear….if you will. 🙂 I’m sure I’m gonna be happy with whatever it winds up being, though. It’s just fun to Speculate. So…if this does allude to ComicCon reveals…I’m gonna go with Cole being first party, Snake being third, and a possible Twisted metal/Gran tursimo or Twisted Metal Gear stage. 🙂

  16. Hey Paul,
    yeah i’ve noticed that one videos. Looks like you got some troll invasion. Dont worry I gave em all a thumbs up! Well help you battle these trolls!

  17. I remember you saying that the fighter pose picture could be used for another character other than Heihachi. I noticed that the picture is from a video on your YouTube channel about GOKU turning super saiyan. I have a feeling that Goku will be in this game.

  18. the 3rd and 4th clue i think are about raiden from the mgs series i had a whole explaination but when i tried posting it it didnt so this is just my guess im still trying to figure out the character from the first 2 clues

  19. Paul, can you tell us how many characters/levels/modes/etc. each pic represents because we won’t be able to guess if we don’t know how many?

    1. Srry, for posting so much but “ifAs for whether the hints are tied together, are individual, represent characters, stages, game modes, music, or something else altogether that no one has even thought about…you’ll know soon enough.” so when will we know.

  20. So Paul.
    Were Jak, Daxter and Cole anywhere to be seen in your hints? 🙂
    If so please elaborate, because nobody guessed those. Ratchet and Clank on the other hand was a very popular guess for the cars.

  21. Hey Paul. Thanks for all the hints. I have something really important to ask you about Playstation Allstars Battle Royale. Please write me back as soon as possible and I will give ask you my super important question.

  22. hey Paul i like what u have done with theses hints i just like to say do u no wen they will be announcing the new characters
    can u please answer me.

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