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PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale (Title Fight) update: Paul Gale Network brings your voices to SuperBot Entertainment and Sony!

December 16, 2011

Title Fight on Paul Gale Network

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale idea article on Paul Gale Network

It’s been a good 10 days since Paul Gale Network provided you with an update on Title Fight, but do know that I have been working behind the scenes to try and do something special for you…and now’s the time to share it.  I contacted my source with the following proposal:

“What do you think about PaulGaleNetwork.com having a continuously updating article that isn’t used as a gateway for me to share information with my readers, but rather one that’d be a designated place on the web where the legions of fans that are so passionate about Title Fight can share their thoughts…ranging from concerns about the game, to voices of thank you’s, to real suggestions for the development team for Sony first party characters that HAVE to make it/recommended 3rd party characters, stages, items, music, and any other possible idea imaginable.”

I went on further with the pitch, saying that there are so many creative ideas that get shared online in the form of comment sections attached to articles and message board forums, but it’d be too difficult for a developer/publisher to sift through everything and pick the best of the bunch (especially with there being thousands of websites to gather information from).  This idea of mine was an effort to really try and attach the development team of Title Fight with the people that will be the cause of the game’s success: YOU.

My source was all aboard with the idea, but I also contacted both Sony and SuperBot Entertainment’s PR team to get their “ok” and thus have this idea be officially sanctioned.  Though at the time of this writing, SBE did not get back, Sony did and was optimistic.  So that being said, here’s how it will work.

From now on, if you have any idea about a character roster that you would like to see in the game, made up of either all Sony first party characters or with the inclusion of a few key 3rd party characters, share it here.  If you’ve got ideas of stages that you feel could truly work and have conceptualized every last detail, share it here.  If there’s a list of songs, items, ideas for a story mode, whole movesets for the fighters, different titles for the game to don, release date recommendations, etc…share it here.

What I will do in return is once a week, submit all new entries that Paul Gale Network receives from all of you, to Sony and/or SuperBot Entertainment (with my specific source receiving everything).  I can’t guarantee a response from them back to you, but at least you’ll know that everything you have to share, even if it’s a “thanks for making this game finally happen”, will make its way to someone that’ll actually read it.

I’m looking forward to seeing what you all have to say .  Also, this story will have a permanent spot in the upper left hand corner of PGN’s main page, alongside the currently featured article, Street Fighter Legends: Ryu (my fan made video project for Capcom).  Thank you all!

Street Fighter Legends: Ryu in Title Fight on Paul Gale Network 
Now you see why I want Street Fighter’s Ryu in Title Fight! 

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