Hello everyone, what you’re about to see are two videos that should be used as motivation in your own exercise goals. Whether you’re trying to loose fat, gain muscle, learn a martial art, are recooperating from an accident or surgery, or anything else fitness related, just know that you can truly achieve your goals if you stick with it.

My client Linda suffered from two brain anneurisms and was left in a coma for several months, in 2005. After being virtually paralyzed, she was able to regain some mobility by going through physical therapy at the Brown Center at California State University of Northridge. Here she was not able to achieve her number one goal, which was to walk again, but did get movement back.

Flash forward to April 21st, 2010 and that’s when we started training together. The first exercises were of her simply raising her knees, the left, the right, sometimes alternating, sometimes just one at a time, over and over again. We then evolved into leg lifts and ultimately, kicking; a combination of knee lifts and leg lifts/leg extensions.


We went from no weights to 2.5 and 5 pound weights, attached to her ankles. We also worked out her biceps and shoulders, with those same weights. Using a cable, Linda did pec flys and rear deltoid flys, we used a lower back pressing machine to strengthen her core muscles and improve her posture, all the while, staying motivated.

The next big step was standing up for the first time. In the beginning, the balance wasn’t quite there, but once we got many repetitions in, Linda was able to do knee lifts, pull herself up with one arm only (while the other arm pushed off the chair), standing with only one hand holding onto the bar and the other floating in front of her, and ultimately, standing on her own with no assistance whatsoever, for 90 seconds plus, at a time.

Last week we achieved a great breakthrough, and that was walking for the first time in years, with a walker. We set up the scenario so that a wall was to her left, I was to her right, and her assistant was following her with a wheelchair, just in case.


My client was able to walk 12, 16, then 18 feet on the first day we tried this new routine. The second day, she walked 24, 36, then 42 feet. Today, what you’re going to see in the video, is her walking for 42 feet, without any help…including a corner turn (something pretty difficult to achieve). What you won’t see is the video of her walking 40 feet today and then a whopping 60 feet!

Now I hope to come back on or around July 28th, after a month’s more worth of training has occurred and provide you all with more, positive feedback. I hope that what these videos have done for you, is inspire you to achieve your own fitness desires. Go out there and get a personal trainer, work out at home, go with a buddy to the gym, buy Wii Fit with a Balance Board, hit up a karate or personal defense class, or anything else fitness related, because you will overcome all obstacles and get your desired results if you stick with it. Thank you for your time.

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