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Bench press goal for 2012 met: 335 pounds, 3.5 reps!

This afternoon I achieved my bench press goal for 2012. My previous record was 330 pounds, three years ago, while weighing 160 pounds. I won’t stop here! Now benching 330 pounds when I was 160, meant that I was lifting 206.25% of my body weight. Fast forward to May 18th this year, and I got […]

Fitness goal for 2012: Getting in the best shape, ever!

I have a few goals for 2012…resolutions you can call them, and one is to get into the best shape of my life before my birthday on July 7th.  But this article is half about me and half about you.  Below are two pictures I took on January 1st and in a few months, I’ll […]

What do you want from Paul Gale Network in 2012?

Today is January 1st, 2012 and as I hinted yesterday, I already have something that I’m working on delivering to all of you that visit for the video game news…as soon as possible.  This article right now, however, is my intent to see what you want.  Be it trying to share the Wii U scoop […]

Mt. Baldy season passes are now as low as $79.

Mt. Baldy is a blast. Trust me. Hey everyone, one hobby that I’m really into is snowboarding. My main ride nowadays is an Atomic Pivot 156 and let me tell you, I’m really looking forward to hitting the slopes once again, this Fall and Winter. One of the problems with having snowboarding as a hobby, […]

Attention video gamers. Do you want to get in shape? Now’s your chance.

For years I’ve been a few things…specifically, a martial artist, a video gamer, and an exercise enthusiast. What I’m doing now with the Paul Gale Network, is providing what I can (be it entertainment, video game news, martial arts tutorial, health tips, etc.) to the world. How does this work? All you have to do […]

If you’re a member of LA Fitness, come by and get a free half hour personal training session with me.

Come by and get a free 30 minute session. Larger picture available. As part of a promotional idea that I came up with for LA Fitness a couple weeks ago, starting now, for any member of the gym, you’ll get one free, no strings attached 30 minute, individualized Pro Results training session with me. I’ll […]

Personal Training: The PGN64 Chest Workout

Not everyone can get to the gym and hit all of the chest building machines nor buy your own bench press equipment for home use, but there is an awful lot you can do with your body itself. I have developed a 64 minute dedicated chest routine without any weights or machines required. This 64 […]

Health and Nutrition: The Banana Benefits

In order to have a full, well balanced diet, it involves getting an appropriate amount of different food types, each day, one of which comes from the fruit family.  The banana is an excellent fruit with many positive aspects that will help you in more ways than you probably knew. A typical 7-8” long banana […]

Personal Training: Walking Once Again

Hello everyone, what you’re about to see are two videos that should be used as motivation in your own exercise goals. Whether you’re trying to loose fat, gain muscle, learn a martial art, are recooperating from an accident or surgery, or anything else fitness related, just know that you can truly achieve your goals if […]