I have a few goals for 2012…resolutions you can call them, and one is to get into the best shape of my life before my birthday on July 7th.  But this article is half about me and half about you.  Below are two pictures I took on January 1st and in a few months, I’ll be providing an update to highlight my progress.

Flexing for 2012's New Year on Paul Gale Network
Flexing on the Left 

Flexing again for 2012's New Year on Paul Gale Network
Flexing on the Right

Now for your part.  I’d like to see as many of you out there step up and get in the best shape as possible over the next several months.  There’s no pressure to put your pictures online, but if you would like to, I’ll include you in this story and post your before/after shots.  What’s this for?  A prize?  No, you don’t get anything out of it except for better health, improved balance, strength, muscle mass, greater lung capacity, flexibility, and maybe something that pertains to you specifically.

Now my profession outside of the internet world is training people.  I act as a martial arts instructor, personal trainer, and physical therapist to a wide variety of people across multiple age groups and that come from various backgrounds.  What I’m offering you is free advice, tips, tutorials, etc.  If you don’t have access to a gym, no problem (I’ll get you started).  Ask away and I’ll do what I can.  I believe that everyone benefits from being fit, but it can be costly.  My goal is to make it as affordable for you as possible (no charge from me) and be a place you can turn to for support.  Thanks for your time and here’s to a healthy new year!

4 thoughts on “Fitness goal for 2012: Getting in the best shape, ever!”
  1. Wow! You’re really in shape… I would like to have your muscles… Can you give me a hint? If I want to make visible abs have I got to eliminate all the bellyfat (I’m not fat I’ve only a little strate like most of the people)? And then how could I do? I think that a diet is necessary as well as sport…

    1. Thank you and of course I’ll help. For starters, what’s your height, weight, and age? Depending on what your current shape is, something even small to start off with can begin giving you noticeable results.

      One of the best tips I can provide anyone is constantly keeping your metabolism up. A couple of ways you can do this include 1) getting in even small exercise sessions throughout the day and 2) keeping your food intake regularly spread apart.

      To elaborate a little, when you wake up in the morning, it’s a perfect time to hop on the floor and begin doing pushups. Go for as many as you can and jot the number down. Follow it up by doing crunches for your abs and then a series of jumping jacks or even jogging in place. Repeat and do all three one more time.

      Something as simple as that can be done in 10 minutes, but fire you up a little for the day. If you have an open spot in the afternoon to do that routine again, go for it. But if you don’t, at least try and do it before you go to bed. What you’re accomplishing by doing this is keeping your body’s “furnace” up and it will help gradually burn off some extra fat and put on a little muscle at the same time. Write down your numbers too, and as the days progress, try and push for a higher level.

      With eating, in a perfect world, you’d be asleep for 8 hours a day and be awake for 16. During those 16 awake hours, if you could eat 5 separate “small” meals/snacks every 3 hours and 12 minutes, you’d have a very high metabolism level, thus allowing your body to lose fat more easily. What you don’t want to do is starve yourself, because that feeling of hunger is bad (obviously) and is actually representing your body holding on to fat more than before, out of fear of going into starvation mode.

      Let me know how you do with this little starter and I’ll help you out more along the way if you need it.

      1. Thank you really much for your answer… 🙂 I’m 1,75 m; 80 kg; I’m 18; and I have a tough body structure… I have gone to the gym for the last three years and I’ve also done some “parkour”, but now I’ve stopped both of them because I don’t have so much time to go… I don’t think I’ll be able to do the exercises you described me in the morning, but I can do them in the afternoon and before going to bed… And thanks for the eating tips… I’ll try to do my best… Thank you really much 🙂

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