Bryson Paul Gale Day 1 baby boy on Paul Gale Network
After a smooth 7 hours of labor, our son Bryson Paul Gale was born on November 20th, 2014 at 10:28pm.

Bryson Paul Gale Day 1 newborn on Paul Gale Network
We are very grateful for this healthy little guy.

Bryson Paul Gale Day 1 happy parents on Paul Gale Network
Our lives as parents will hold so much love for him.

Bryson Paul Gale Day 1 with his proud father on Paul Gale Network
Not only am I a new dad, but I have a new best friend.

Thank you Kim, my wife and my soul mate for being so amazing (Happy Birthday, tomorrow!)…and thank you Bryson, my son and greatest accomplishment. Bryson, you are the most important thing to ever happen to me and give me so much meaning in life. I promise to be the best dad I can be! We will definitely have a lot of fun over the years…from playing video games and enjoying the great world of Nintendo together to training you in Shotokan and MMA…from reading my book Lisek’s Great Adventure to you and helping make education and learning an easy process in life to yelling HaDouKen when we jump in the pool…from being there every day, always caring to raising you up to be a happy, good person…and everything in between. Here’s to the future!

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